Academic Bill of Rights ?

Interesting article by David Horowitz in the Los Angeles Times regarding the political correctness and indoctrination dominant in US universities.

STEPHEN ZELNICK is a political moderate who has taught in the English department at Temple University for 37 years. He has served as president of the faculty senate, as director of the university’s writing programs and, more recently, was vice provost for undergraduate studies.

On Jan. 10, Zelnick and I testified as witnesses before a Pennsylvania House Committee on Academic Freedom, possibly the first such committee in the history of higher education in America. Zelnick told the legislators that as director of two undergraduate programs, he had observed the classes of more than 100 teachers. He had “seen excellent, indifferent and miserable teaching,” he said. But in all those courses, he added, “I have rarely heard a kind word for the United States, for the riches of our marketplace, for the vast economic and creative opportunities made available for energetic and creative people (that is, for our students); for family life, for marriage, for love, or for religion.”

Horowitz defends an “Academic Bill of Rights” to “protect students from unprofessional political indoctrination by their professors”

The Academic Bill of Rights is a modest attempt to improve a bad and deteriorating situation on our campuses. It would restore the idea of intellectual diversity as a central educational value. It would make students aware that they should be getting more than one side of controversial issues and that they should not be browbeaten (or graded) on the basis of their political opinions.

Opponents of the Academic Bill of Rights — including radicalized organizations that now represent the academic profession, such as the American Assn. of University Professors, American Historical Assn., Modern Language Assn. and American Federation of Teachers — have attempted to block its progress by waging a campaign of gross misrepresentation and falsehood, accusing me of seeking to put the government in control of university curricula, and of trying to have left-wing professors fired.

David Horowitz will have a new book dedicated to the subject soon, called “The Professors,” published by Regnery.

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  1. RL says:

    he didn’t come to my classes. i’ll be sure to ask my students if my class is the only one in which america’s virtues are acknowledged.

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