Where’s the sense of Balance when you need it?

The folks at Cox and Forkum have hit the nail on the head once again.


I’m not sure I get the logic of the MSM: what inflames Muslims against the West is okay, as long as the target isn’t the MSM?

Discussion of the double standard here at Gateway Pundit. Discussion of the Boston Globe’s handling of the issue at Solomonia.

2 Responses to Where’s the sense of Balance when you need it?

  1. Antidhimmi says:

    The MSM is always “fair and balanced” except when they are fearful of something like the Cartoon Riots of 06. Violence works, threats work, and craven submission is never called that by the people who engage in it. If they also happen to control the media, “craven”, and “submission” never appear as a sequence of words. After repeated instances it is not even considered submission, merely a reflection of the real reality constraints of professional newsgathering. At CNN it is undoubtedly called ‘Easonizing” to commemorate the behavior of their former news director who publicly admitted that they avoided antagonizing authoritarian regimes in order to maintain access. After all- it’s not personal- its just business.

  2. RL says:

    precisely. this is what has the MSM so reluctant to call the Palestinians on Pallywood as well. it’s nice to have Danoongate actually make this clear to those who otherwise don’t really believe that our MSM could be that easily intimidated.

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