Israel feeds anti-Semitism (For UK chaplain)

To Paul Oestreicher, a chaplain at the University of Sussex, many Israelis think of Palestinians as once Nazis thought of the Jews.

But I cannot listen calmly either when a great many citizens of Israel think and speak of Palestinians in the way a great many Germans thought and spoke about Jews when I was one of them and had to flee. If the Christian in me has good reason to be ashamed, so now does the Jew in me. I passionately believe that Israel has the right, and its people have the right, to live in peace and in secure borders. But I know too that modern Israel was born in terror and made possible in its present Zionist form by killing and a measure of ethnic cleansing. That is history. Tell me of a nation with an innocent history. But the Zionism at the heart of Israeli politics is about the present and the future. It makes me fear for the soul of Israel today and the survival of its children tomorrow.

Israeli conscientious objectors are the “new prophets” of Israel:

I say all this despairing of the Israel I love. Its people are my people. The Palestinians are my neighbours. I wish they had stronger and better leaders. I wish their despairing young people had not been driven to violence. Just as I understand Jewish fears, I understand their despair. Only an Israel that understands that too can change it. And there are Jews in Israel and in the diaspora who know it. Most of them, out of a fear of being thought disloyal, are afraid to say what they know to be true. The state of Israel has become a cruel occupying power. Occupations, when they are resisted, are never benevolent. They morally corrupt the occupier. The brave body of Israeli conscientious objectors are the true inheritors of the prophets of Israel. They are the true patriots. What nation has ever loved its prophets?

Finally a “new holocaust” can happen because of Israel’s policies:

But the main objective of my writing today, is to nail the lie that to reject Zionism as it practised today is in effect to be anti-semitic, to be an inheritor of Hitler’s racism. That argument, with the Holocaust in the background, is nothing other than moral blackmail. It is highly effective. It condemns many to silence who fear to be thought anti-semitic. They are often the very opposite. They are often people whose heart bleeds at Israel’s betrayal of its true heritage.

I began with the recognition that the cancer of anti-semitism has not been cured. Tragically, Israel’s policies feed it – and when world Jewry defends Israeli policies right or wrong, then anger turns not only against Israel, but against all Jews. I wish it were mere rhetoric to say that Israeli politics today make a holocaust the day after tomorrow credible. If the whole Muslim world hates Israel, that is no idle speculation. To count on Arab disunity and Muslim sectarian conflict and a permanent American shield is no recipe for long-term security.

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  2. Antidhimmi says:

    I got physically ill when I first read Oestreicher’s screed. However, now that I know that because Jews support Israel they are responsible for AntiSemitism in Europe I’m relieved. We now know how to end 2000 years of Jew hatred. Just refuse to support Israel-If that is not enough actively oppose Israel and if that is not enough put on a suicide belt and blow yourself up in an Israeli restaurant on a holiday. As a Jew you may not get 72 virgins, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve contributed to curing AntiSemitism. You’ll certainly end any hatred directed at you personally.

  3. Mazin says:

    a major reason why anti-semitism thrives in the arab world is because they haven’t gotten over the fact that Israel, a Jewish state, and its Jewish people, a minority, managed to wipe the floor squeaking clean with them.

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