Exit Strategy from Iraq: A Suggestion

With the possibility of Iraq melting down into a vicious religious war between Sunnis and Shi’is, I’d like to suggest an exit strategy.

I. Iraq never should have been, nor should it continue to be a country that includes three such radically diverse populations as the Sunnis the Shi’is and the Kurds. The Kurds have shown the greatest propensity towards democratic self-rule and the greatest ability to appreciate the US presence. Therefore, let the US and the Kurds declare an independent nation of Kurdistan, withdraw our troops to there, and let Sunnis and Shi’is tear themselves apart.

II. The major obstacle to this move is the objections of Turkey, which has a long-standing — one might even say tribal — dispute with the Kurds going on. But Turkey wants entry in the EU, and the Europeans rightly have begun to show increasing reluctance to let Turkey in. So let Turkey show its political maturity by getting over its tribal feuds and make peace with the creation of a Kurdistan.

III. Kurdistan has oil, Turkey has Mediterranean outlets. Let the Kurds and Turks cooperate on a pipeline that will bring Kurdish oil to the Mediterranean, thereby showing the world (and themselves) that Muslims do not have to be economic basket cases, but can engage in positive-sum behavior, leaving the onus for self-destructive zero-sum behavior on the most dysfunctional Muslims — the Arabs.

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