Harvard says: Leave Me Out Of This!

Remember the Harvard paper by two academics denouncing the “Jewish lobby” in the US? (read here) Well, here’s an interesting update:

WASHINGTON – Harvard University has decided to remove its logo from a study that denounces the pro-Israel lobby’s impact on American foreign policy, in order to distance itself from the study’s conclusions.

The university also appended a more strongly worded disclaimer to the study, stating that it reflects the views of its authors only. The former disclaimer said merely that the study “does not necessarily” reflect the university’s views.

The controversial study, published this week, was authored by Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago. It charged that American foreign policy has been subordinated to Israeli interests and accused the pro-Israel lobby of responsibility for America’s invasion of Iraq.

Maybe its authors will blame this on the Jewish lobby ….

One Response to Harvard says: Leave Me Out Of This!

  1. RL says:

    like, no duh. it’s sure the not result of CAIR’s ministrations.

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