On a Lighter Note …

Hugo Chavez vowed to defeat any US invasion with bows and arrows. From Reuters:

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said he would have a nasty welcome waiting for U.S. forces he insists are preparing to invade his country — arrows laced with Indian poison.

The left-wing former soldier, who has ordered his military to train civilian reserves for a guerrilla war, including the use of bows and arrows, often accuses Washington of planning to invade to control Venezuela’s vast oil reserves …

With an audience of ministers, army officers and local officials chuckling, Chavez remarked on how he would target U.S. soldiers with arrows covered with curare, an Amazon Indian poison made from plants.

“I am going to practice with a bow and arrow. If we have to put a few arrows into any invading gringo, then you’ll be done in 30 seconds, my dear gringo,” Chavez said pointing to his neck during his regular Sunday television broadcast.

2 Responses to On a Lighter Note …

  1. davidka says:

    Hopefully he might first practise on Ken Livingstone on his forthcoming London trip

  2. RL says:

    this is a couple of days early for April Fool, no? is this guy really the bufoon he seems to be. can we chalk this up as a peculiarly virulent case of Bush Derangement Syndrome… he’s got to be kidding, no?

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