Pragmatic Israel?

Israel novelist Amos Oz writes about the rise of what he calls a “pragmatic Israel”:

In Tuesday’s vote, most Israelis – for the first time since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 – indicated their readiness to give up 90% of the occupied territories, including sections of Jerusalem. Their readiness – not their happiness. What they held for years to be unthinkable, even suicidal, for Israel, they have now sadly endorsed.

The reasons are probably not the left’s ethical preachings, but several harsh slaps of reality: violent uprisings in the occupied territories; a sense of international isolation; and the realisation that the demographic balance might change in favour of the Palestinians. There may be an even deeper reason: Israelis have gradually changed their priorities, from territorial appetites to materialistic-hedonistic appetites, from militancy to pragmatism, from selfish nationalism to interdependence …

It is not unthinkable that a deal between the pragmatic Israeli and Arab governments can be reached – and then brought before the Palestinians for a referendum. Considering the fact that no more than 41% of the Palestinian voters actually endorsed Hamas, and that most still tell surveys they are ready for a two-state solution, there is a good chance that an agreement could be adopted by a Palestinian majority.

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  1. MTW says:

    This is a good first step. I don’t hold too much hope for Hamas getting its head screwed on straight, but having to run a government may force their hands on a number of issues. For the better, I mean. Solutions to the conflict writ-large still seem nebulus, but I guess we can be happy with any movement forward.

  2. Hillel Stavis says:

    “no more than 41% of the Palestinian voters actually endorsed Hamas”. Mar Oz, the perennial adapter, should note that in the German Reichstag elections of 1932, the Nazis received 8% fewer votes than Hamas did this year. Moreover, in the second round of voting in November, 1932, the Nazis actually lost ground to serious opponents. Hamas has no serious opponents left to interfere with its explicitly stated eliminationist policy.
    The Oslo Monster strides inexorably to the sea.

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