People do Change their Minds

I have speculated that one of the roles that the blogosphere plays in the current world crisis is as a refuge for people who, once on the left, have awakened to the growing insanity of not only of the radical left (obvious to some of us since the late 60s) but now, since 2000, of the “decent” left. Indeed Neo’s blog is not only a fine example of this, but a study in the process. For a really nice example of how such a process can actually happen, see Colin Meade’s blog. His personal statement caught my eye for a number of reasons, but especially its mention of the peace rallies of 2003:

Until recently, I was a committed supporter of the Left. For some years before 9/11 I had been studying modern French and German foreign policy, which had led me to ask some hard questions about the real goals of European integration and its relation to the dark side of the European past. I went on the first antiwar demonstrations, but was shocked by the hysterical and obsessive hostility to Israel and the strategic alliance between the Left and Islamists underpinned by that hostility. Things started to come together in my head. A radical rethink was clearly in order….

A French medievalist, who knows about my interest in the Peace of God Movement (980s-1030s) remarked that the rallies of spring 2003 represented the largest peace movement in history, with millions going to the streets. Having seen the role of the anti-Zionist, anti-American left and its allies in the Arab world filling the streets of Paris with hatred, and the way that the supposedly “decent” and peace-loving “left” looked the other way, I expressed my astonishment at his remarks. “This is not a peace movement. It’s not even an anti-war movement. It’s an anti-American war… but the loudest voices are some of the most belligerent I’ve ever run into.”

“That’s just because you’re an American,” was his response. Hélas. Good to know not every European had his critical faculties paralyzed by American Derangement Syndrome. Thank you blogosphere; thank you Colin Meade.

5 Responses to People do Change their Minds

  1. This is an important topic, RL, to which I owe you and the rest of the blogosphere a lengthy reply.

  2. RL says:

    looking forward to your thoughts.

  3. Robert Schwartz says:

    I take it that RL is Richard Landes.

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