Moral Narcissism in “High” Places: Professors Protest Condi

Here you have it. Boston College Professors using the motto of moral narcissism to protest the granting of a degree to Condoleeza Rice.

BC profs protest condi

What’s a level-headed undergrad to think?

Update: Solomonia also found this picture comical, but it produced a far lengthier and more interesting post, including a link to a speech by a student named Jean Rohe which epitomizes the combination of flakey utopianism and self-righteousness that constitute a fine illustration of moral narcissism, and a response from John McCain’s speechwriter Mark Salter (in the comment section to the post at Huffington). Read it and the links, as well as the comments… all of which suggest that, as the culture wars go, we are in trouble.
to a student criticizing John McCain

3 Responses to Moral Narcissism in “High” Places: Professors Protest Condi

  1. Robert Schwartz says:

    “What’s a level-headed undergrad to think?”

    That he just flushed $150K and four years of his life listening to complete yutzes?

  2. RL says:

    but they all look so smart and well-educated…

  3. Robert Schwartz says:

    Clothing maketh the man.

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