Riots again? France Faces an Apparently Endemic Problem

Hat tip: Antidhimmi.

More trouble starting up in the Parisian banlieu. A long hot summer in store? Note the elements of territoriality involved.

Times Online May 30, 2006

Paris youths clash with police in worst violence since autumn

From Charles Bremner in Paris for Times Online

Police sent reinforcements to the troubled northern Paris suburbs today after a night of rioting revived fear of a return of the violence that raged through France’s immigrant housing estates last autumn.

In another sign of France’s continuing racial tension the Government also ordered a high-level police inquiry into an anti-Semitic black extremist group which staged an aggressive march through the historic Jewish quarter of the capital at the weekend.

Seven policemen were injured in the four hours of fighting last night in the town of Montfermeil which involved some 400 local officers and national riot police. In the fiercest clashes since last autumn, police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades against youths, many masked and wielding baseball bats.

American culture! It’s everywhere.

About 100 youths hurled projectiles and petrol bombs at police and public buildings and attempted to storm the home of Xavier Lemoine, the conservative mayor of the town. The violence was sparked by the arrest of a suspect in the beating of a bus driver earlier this month.

In other words, these “youths” are protecting their territory from police actions. Just like Robin Hood — a refuge from the law.

The Montfermeil violence spread into the edge of neighbouring Clichy-sous-Bois, the flashpoint for last year’s riots. Two youths were electrocuted there in October while hiding from police in an electricity substation.

Dominique Perben, the Transport Minister, called the overnight incident a reminder of last year’s riots, in which 10,000 vehicles and 200 public buildings were torched.

“The question of the suburbs is a question for the entire political class,” said M Perben. We must have the courage to look things in the face.”

Yes, you do. Would that some of your intellectuals had as much courage looking the these things as they do looking at the debased soul of the French intelligentsia.

More than 400 teenagers and young men were sent to jail after the riots, but community leaders have complained that little has been done to answer the grievances of the alienated young in the high-unemployment estates.

Montfermeil has been a focus of tension since Mayor Lemoine decreed a bylaw last month that banned teenagers from circulating in groups of more than three, and required those under 16 to be accompanied by an adult in the centre of the town. A court quashed the bylaws after protests from civil liberties groups.

The Socialist opposition blamed Mayor Lemoine for fostering the violence in his town with his attempt to restrict the movements of youths. “No act of violence can be excused… but the Mayor of Montfermeil has created a local situation which is a factor in the violence,” said Francois Hollande, the Socialist leader.

“If you stigmatise the young to the point of not allowing them to gather in groups of more than three… you have a context which can unfortunately become favourable for this type of rioting.”

Now there’s courage. Define the response as responsible for the riotous behavior, accept as a norm conditions that enable the organization of gangs, and pretend you know the solution. I don’t know if these by-laws are legal, or even effective. But I am willing to say that the response of the Socialist opposition shows little understanding of the nature of the problem.

Politicians and Jewish organisations united today in condemning the acts of the so-called Tribu KA black supremacy group which has come to light this week.

About 30 muscular men in black garb staged a show of force, intimidating passers-by last Sunday in the rue des Rosiers, the Jewish quarter in the Marais district.

“They were all tough guys, wearing black bandannas – it was really organised, they had a camera and were filming everybody,” one witness said.

We have similar behavior among demonstraters here in the US. When the Israeli consul spoke at Boston University some months ago, not only were there raucous protests outside, but among the protesters were people with cameras filming everyone who went in or came out.

For the best post on the Rosiers incident, see Atlas Shrugged.

Members of the group were also reported to have visited sports centres in search of activists in two hardline Jewish youth groups, Betar and the Jewish Defence League.

On its website, which was taken offline today, Tribu K accused the Jewish groups of staging racist attacks against blacks during marches held in tribute to a young Jewish man who was tortured to death on a mainly black housing estate last winter.

Nice demopathic behavior. Play hardball. Adopt a radically racist ideologyy. Then accuse the Jews of being racist and attacking you. This is a group for whom racism is not a bad word… just your racism.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister, today promised tough legal action against the group when he met Roger Cukierman, the head of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRCIF).

This is a serious dilemma for the French. On the one hand, their intellectual and political elite have pontificated in terms that radically misread the situation, so that whatever they do in line with such analyses will only backfire. On the other, they cannot ignore it, because each clash, though not decisive, strikes the rioters as a victory and encourages more. There is nowhere to go but somewhere they have never been. Rather than fascism, they need to think out of the box. Kobayashi Maru.

6 Responses to Riots again? France Faces an Apparently Endemic Problem

  1. OhBloodyHell says:

    > not only were there raucous protests outside, but among the protesters were people with cameras filming everyone who went in or came out.

    Wasn’t there some racist whining going on when this was supposedly being done with regards to certain Islamic groups?

  2. Antidhimmi says:

    It looks like the violence is metastasizing from the suburbs to central Paris. Thats the problem with “youths” today. You simply can’t limit their “protests” to their own suburban neighborhoods. And this violence occurs at the height of the tourist season. No doubt the French will overrespond causing even more violence. Nobody can tamper with the Gallic tourism business without serious consequences.

  3. RL says:

    what’s your evidence for the metastasis to the center? is there rioting there?

    i’m not sure i’d say “no doubt.” but you’re right, antidhimmi, this does get in the way of tourist season, and will cause a crisis. (by the way, the definition of crisis is the point beyond which you cannot put off making a decision.)

    how the french will go on this is not clear. they know that if they make a stand they’re in for real violence, and if they don’t, they’ll die the death of a thousand cuts. not an easy choice to make, especially when your elites are working to paralyze you. (speaking of french elites, the figure of Grima Wormtongue comes to mind.)

  4. Antidhimmi says:

    I believe the Marais district is only a few blocks from the Hotel de Ville and close to several important museums. That’s pretty close to center and very far from the suburbs

  5. RL says:

    as of yet, i don’t know of rioting in the marais. there was the KA tribe walk through, but no rioting. do you know something i don’t?

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