Honor Killings and Tyranny: Palestinians Execute “Collaborators”

In a double-killing of two alleged collaborators, Palestinians reveal their notions of justice and mercy. (Hat tip: LGF)

May. 30, 2006 18:12 | Updated May. 31, 2006 1:19
Al Aksa kills suspected collaborators

Masked Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades gunmen on Tuesday publicly executed a Palestinian man and woman they suspected of having spied for Israel.

The man was shot dead in the main street of a refugee camp, with a large crowd looking on. The woman was later shot to death by her relatives in the courtyard of the West Bank’s largest hospital.

The Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, an offshoot of Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement, accused Jafal Abu Tzrur, 24, of having informed the IDF where to find three of its members. The three were killed by IDF troops during a raid on the Balata refugee camp near Nablus earlier this year.

Al Aksa gunmen interrogated Abu Tzrur, claimed he confessed and then dragged him into Balata’s main street. As a large crowd looked on, the gunmen threw Abu Tzrur to the ground, witnesses said. When he tried to get up, the gunmen killed him with several shots, the witnesses said.

Note that the very people who claim loud and long that they want justice, execute without trial. There’s no way of knowing whether Abu Tzrur was guilty or not. Clearly his affar with the wife of one of the AMB could explain some of the hostility, regardless of whether he did or did not inform. This is a world of private “self-help” justice, where the affair was reason enough to execute.

The movement said it also killed Odad Abu Mustafa, 27, a Nablus woman. Abu Mustafa was married to one of the Aksa men slain by Israel, and was reportedly having an affair with Abu Tzrur.

Abu Mustafa, a mother of four, was shot by gunmen and male relatives on grounds that she shamed her clan. More than 15 people took part in the execution, witnesses said. It took place in the courtyard of Raffidiyeh Hospital, the West Bank’s largest.

The mob originally planned to kill her in the street but were swayed by a man who pleaded with them not to carry out the killing in the view of little children could. She was then taken into the courtyard of the hospital, said Yousef Mahmoud, 18, who witnessed the killing.

This, of course, corresponds closely to the world of “thriving civil society” that those who profess solidarity with the Palestinians continue to assure us they find when they go to the territories:

Yet scratch the surface just a little deeper and something quite phenomenal is taking place in Palestinian society, despite the photographs and statistics. There is a vibrant, talented, peaceful and very resolute society that is determined, in spite of suffering, to forge a peaceful, democratic and pluralistic state with institutions that are fully prepared for Palestinians to take their rightful place among the society of nations.

That was penned in 2003. Three years later, hospitals are sites of execution, and the best one can do in pleading for mercy is that the woman not be executed in front of children, and no sign of the “forces of order” in sight. This is the cultural underbelly of the civil war that’s breaking out slow-motion in the PA. It’s not “merely” a problem of politics, to be solved by “democratic” elections: democracy is a cultural achievement, and this culture is not ready for it.

“One of the gunmen said ‘where is her brother?’ and when he stepped forward they said to him ‘you know what you need to do,”‘ he said. “The brother took out a gun and shot her in the head with one bullet.”

Mahmoud said the brother then emptied the entire clip into the body of his sister, while the surrounding gunmen fired into the air. He said that the woman remained silent throughout and did not resist her captors.

Neighbors of the woman said she had four children; two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 11 to three and a half.

And who will these children grow up to hate?

And if they do this to their own people for “shaming” them, imagine what they’d do to the Israelis if they had a chance.

But I’m sure Noam Chomsky can find a way to flip the ever-popular moral equivalence and point out how we’re really much worse.

8 Responses to Honor Killings and Tyranny: Palestinians Execute “Collaborators”

  1. Al Tira says:

    RL, you’re ruining my ideals with
    such uncomfortable truths, and it is too hard for me
    to peg you into some extremist group and thereby
    discount your opinion. Quite frankly, I cannot live
    with the kind of middle east that you’re describing,
    so I ask you to please focus on more peace-oriented

  2. RL says:

    i’m not sure how to read this request. do you want me to tell you about a “thriving civil society” that doesn’t exist. if you think you can’t live with this kind of a middle east, how do you think it feels for israelis and arabs to live in the area. the israelis protect their civil society and get accused of “apartheid” by the “thriving civil society” types; the arabs learn to live with it.

    i do think there are ways out, and plenty of muslims and arabs who would love to find the ways out. but as long as we tell ourselves comforting tales that aren’t true, we betray everyone but the oppressors.

    can you give me an idea of what kind of thing you’d like to hear about? i’d be happy to post genuinely good news. send it on and i’ll post it.

    and by the way, what kind of ideals do you have, that accounts of human oppression and suffering ruin them?


  3. Cynic says:

    As the Israelis prepare for their “Festival of Weeks” they are also bringing attention to the harvest.
    Imagine, they have found a way to cultivate cherries in a desert region with TV programs celebrating this and other accomplishments.
    And to the East and Southwest of them murder and death are celebrated and greenhouses destroyed.

  4. quantuum says:

    the pluralism awaits!

  5. Al Tira says:

    Sorry, I guess my tongue was not planted firmly
    enough. I was merely expressing the unexpressed
    thoughts of a vast number of PA-sympathizers
    I have met.

  6. RL says:

    Al Tira,

    hope my tone doesn’t sound too harsh. i appreciate your comments and willingness to read me without pigeon-holing me. if you must, consider me a progressive in exile from a progressive community gone mad.

    i must confess, i have a problem with most of the PA sympathizers i’ve met. maybe you know some different ones. my basic gripe is that they prefer demonizing israel to helping the palestinians (actually they think demonizing israel is helping the palestinians.)

    as far as i can make out, there is no population readier to help and more capable of helping the palestinians than a large number of israelis who understand (minimally) that as long as the palestinians are miserable, the israelis will have no peace.

    but, for reasons that i think have to do with honor and shame, the palestinians are too proud to take their help. instead they confide themselves in leadership — religious and “secular” — that thrives on both victimizing them and blaming israel for the suffering they inflict (what i refer to, using their term, as the “palestinian victim narrative”).

    the irony is that to get the sympathy of palestinian sympathizers in the west, they have to play up their victimization, which, from the point of view of an honor-shame warrior culture (that which makes them too proud to accept israeli help) is a terrible humiliation. (warriors show no pain even when hurt.)

    and, to get back to the point of my response, instead of having the nerve to say, “here, you want our sympathy and help? drop the ‘we must destroy israel’ nonsense; stop blaming the israelis for everything and start doing some serious self-criticism (like addressing the problem of honor-killings); and start really building a civil society that will alleviate the suffering you (and all your arab brethren) experience at the hands of your ruling class (regardless of whether the israelis are in the vicinity or not).

    instead, those who loudly proclaim their solidarity with the palestinians (like ISM) merely trumpet the demonizing, scape-goating narratives that the elites who oppress them sell them to distract from the real source of the suffering. result: everyone loses.

    why do they do this? and with such energy and ferocity? i’m not really sure i know. it’s so destructive and self-destructive.

    and don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i think these people are wicked anti-semites or something (altho there are some in there). most of them seem to me like well intentioned people who end up thinking and saying incredibly stupid things, like Cherie Blair and Jenny Tonge saying “gee, if i lived in the same world of desperation and lack of hope, i too might become a suicide bomber…” as if!

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  8. These were not “collaborators”. For those of us with a historical memory in the West that word properly means those who – for whatever motives – chose to cooperate with the Nazi occupation of their countries (or for Jews, with Nazi ghettoization and murder of their countryless people). No, those people recently killed were victims of the twisted Palestinian reality of the starry-eyed “social justice” ideal. If anything, they were “contacts”. Shin Bet or IDF or Israeli police contacts.

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