Pallywood on a Gaza Beach?

Hat tip Judith Klinghoffer:

I’ve now seen the footage of the BBC, Al Jazeera, and CNN. It bears all the marks of Pallywood:
Palestinian contribution: no blood, bad child actors (it takes the girl two tries to throw herself on her father, no signs of damage or crater, hospital chaos with men in doctors’ coats accusing Israel, played over and over again on TV, use of rhetoric of genocide against Israel.
Western media contribution: cutting to make it more believable (take out the girl throwing herself on the sand beside her “father” before “finding him”), cut from action piece to action piece so the audience doesn’t have the time to develop suspicions, accept the Palestinian version (Israeli shells) as reliable (without even presenting it as the Palestinian claim), presenting it with a warning about graphic footage setting up people to believe what they are supposed to be seeing).

I have not seen or heard enough to be certain here. There’s still the possibility that this is real footage, although I’d be surprised. In the meantime, real or not, so much of this footage is questionable, that it illustrates just how unprofessional the media are (BBC are you listening?) that they would play this over and over again, giving their support to yet another Palestinian narrative that will bring misery to the Palestinians. As one Palestinian, interviewed by the BBC put it:

I’ve heard people in the last few hours calling for revenge. If an attack happens inside Israel it will make them a little bit happy. It might also make them reject the referendum planned by [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas.

In other words, once again, a scene that bears many marks of staging, will drive Palestinians to self-destructive choices, while the Western media, in the unprofessional credulity, lend credibility to the unlikely and poisonous footage. Let’s hope this time they’re smarter than they were in 2000.

Update 1: There are four family members badly wounded in an Israeli hospital. A bomb did go off, although it’s not clear where, when, and whose bomb. The Palestinians refuse to give the Israelis any information that might help them understand. The Israelis will not be as easily led to take responsibility this time, despite the international outcry.

A Ha-aretz reporter compares the outrage to Al Durah six years ago, and Jerusalem Post notes that Olmert goes to Europe under a cloud from this incident (just as Barak did to Paris on October 4, 2000, four days after everyone believed Al Durah). Sarah al Deeb, writing for AP, discusses the instant iconic status of the mourning girl.

More details from the blog Israel Matzav, including the claim that it happened in the evening. (Other reports imply late afternoon.)

Kofi Anan has called for an investigation. Note that the language of the UN news release already assumes the conclusion:

9 June 2006 – United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged a probe of reports that civilians were killed by Israeli forces on a beach in Gaza today, and reminded all concerned to exercise restraint and avoid further bloodshed.

If it turns out it’s not Israel, will they cover that as well?

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  1. Atlas Shrugs says:

    Al-Durah? Jenin? More Blood Libel

    The Palestinians eat their own. There is a diabolical complicity between the Jew hating media and the savages that would wipe the Jews off the map. What set off the second intifada ? Al-Dura. The moment that plunged Israel into

  2. quantuum says:

    Does it really matter anymore? I mean, the West is engaged in a WAR against radical Islam. Our squeamishness about “civilian casualties” is being exploited by our enemy. It is time to say, once and for all, that in a war where terrorists hide in civilian areas — itself a war crime — civilian casualties are regrettable but not reason to stop fighting back, as the Israelis did, along with an abject apology.

  3. RL says:

    Well, yes, it matters. Lots of civilians injured on a beach is a matter of concern and regret. Granted if the Palestinians were shooting kassams from the beach, then the opprobrium should fall on them.

    But if this is a Palestinian-caused accident, that they then staged footage to accuse Israel with, then it’s something of great importance. One of the things Palestinians don’t want to think about is how much their own leaders are willing to kill them for tactical purposes. If this is a case of Pallywood staged to blame Israel for an incident that was caused by Palestinians, then the media coverage of it and its destructive dynamics could make a very big difference.

  4. RL says:

    comment by earth2moonbat at LGF:
    Consider this: It would take an ambulence in a civilized country 5 to 10 minutes to get to the scene. Probably longer there. Longer even for the camera crew. This was not the spontaneous reaction to an incident that just happened. At best, it was a reenactment. Watch it with your sound off, and you can see how melodramatic the filming is. This is not the spontaneous reaction captured on video. This is acting.

  5. Solomonia says:

    Gaza Beach Explosions

    I haven’t commented yet on the explosion on the Gaza beach. I’m not inclined to follow early reports with either rely completely on Palestinian Arab testimony (something notorious for being inaccurate and creatively self-serving), or news reports whi…

  6. I am deligted that Richard Landes the man who created Second Draft has begun the analysis of the coverage
    of the Gaza beach tragedy.
    In the meantime, new questions are raised about Haditha, too. We all know how easy it is to manipulate TV footage. We watch it every night Comedy Central and late night TV. We must stand guard.
    A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on, as the old saying goes. At no time was this more accurate or the consequences more far reaching. Hence, we must not only learn to put on our pants much faster but we must do our best to block the roads on which lies travel with as many check points as we can erect.
    This is what I tried to do with my original posts on on Gaza Beach and Haditha. I am glad to see more and more bloggers doing the same.

  7. Skepticism and “News”

    A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth even gets its pants on. – Winston ChurchillI suspect for most of us, the default position in relation to other people is to take what they say at face

  8. tommy says:

    We’ve been discussing this over at Sandmonkey’s blog. In addition to the two videos at LGF, we have found a third. In this third video, you can clearly see that the position of the dead man’s right arm changes during the course of the video. It is possible, but seemingly highly unlikely, that somebody moved the arm. Take a look for yourself. The thread this is discussed on is actually not related to this topic.

  9. Here’s what I saw…with a deveil’s advocate eye, clearly thinking conspiratorially…

    One would presume that the girl was at the same beach with the same picnic as her father.

    Where was she running from? How is it the cameraman was there seemingly instantly?

    Thinking like a human being, if my family was at the beach and I were separated from them, as this girl was, and I heard a loud explosion, I would run directly to them immediately.

    How was a camera there rolling so suddenly?

    Thinking like a cameraman, if I were on the beach rolling tape and heard a loud explosion, I would roll tape directly toward the balst while running towards it.

    Why then is the camera rolling in a tight shot on the girl and not the incident?

    How is it that the cameraman knew precisely where to go to, with his feet at the body and the girl did not recognize her father until after falling down as the camera panned down for a shot of her father’s face?

    Was the camera directing the girl? Was she ten feet of her mark, aided by the camera pointing to it?

    Why is she not hugging her father in grief? A young girl who, as young girls do, surely must be as close to her father as anyone on the planet…why is she feet away from him throwing herself in the sand away from her father? Who knows how one may react in such a time, but the last item does give pause.

    Large blast, no blood, curious shot selection, possible camera direction.

    Where are the rest of the bodies?

    have all of the bodies been removed before the young girl manages to realize her family was at the scene of the blast? Or are they hundreds of yards apart? Thought it was one shell?

    There are many, many questions raised by close observation.

    Thanks for this post and your attention, RL & commenters.

  10. Yochanan says:

    Some thoughts….
    Witnesses talk of a barrage of several explosions 15 mins after the IDF fired its last round.
    The IDF has only one shell unaccounted for.
    Hamas gunmen were first on the scene.
    The injuries and fatalities are real, but the much publicized video was evidently ‘staged’ soon after the event.
    Completely lacking from the video is any sign of an impact crater.
    Those tranferred to Israeli hospitals had been cleaned of shrapnel.
    Hamas had a motive: they were in a fix and needed something to distract attention from pressing domestic issues, rally Palestinians behind them, turn their people against Israel and the planned referendum.
    Those who died were Shaheeds for their cause.
    A barrage of mortars did the trick.

  11. kassaq says:

    This is probably the worst Pallywood production yet: amateurish melodramatic acting and even worse production. Some of the obvious inconsistencies have already been mentioned.

    Do Palestinians usually go on beach picnics with news crews? Itwas quite a coincidence that the news cameras showed up just as the future best-actress nominee was looking for her dead father. When she found his corpse, he was already rolled up in a blanket. Who covered him up.

    Paramedics are seen rummaging through debris without apparent reason. Not sure what they’re looking for.

    Neither the corpses nor the wounded showed any signs of injury. Not a drop of blood despite dozens of people being dismembered by the shelling. The “dead man” on the al Jazeera bite is conveniently shown from the chest up. Again, no blood on his white shirt. Presumably, the fatal injuries occured below the waist (with no splatter).

    Paramedics were running around like chickens without heads. Any amateur could tell you that you don’t drag injured people by the arm to yank them onto their feet.

    Paramedics loaded up corpses in a hurry and ran to the ambulances with the bodies. What’s the hurry? No forensics pictures of the crime scene? Don’t they watch CSI?

    No impact crater anywhere to be seen. Not even near the “dead father” of the hysterical little actress.

    It’s embarrassing that western media are so easily duped by obvious hoaxes. Shouldn’t an inquisitive mind and not complete credulity be a prerequisite for news reporters?

  12. […] e contacted both Second Draft and the Augean Stables noting the familiar elements. And my first view of the evidence certainly gave me that impression, and subsequen […]

  13. The atheist skeptic says:

    As a matter of fact it’s the first time I took to “investigating” such an incident on the web.
    Having watched tons of similar footage and having followed closely the propaganda war waged by the palestinians, it always creeped up my sleeve that not all is pure in the city Sadom.
    We are bombarded with biased foreign media who seem enchanted by the palestinian cause. These people who are shaping public opinion worldwide, are a manifestation of Palestinian propoganda due to their blind acceptance, if not sympathy, of the “oppressed” side.
    Where is that healthy skeptisism? How do these people fail to realise that the Pals will stop at nothing to promote their cause. As a matter of fact, had i been on their side, I would consider establishing a state (Hamas) sponsored media crews made up of proffesional filmmakers, specializing in staging up “Israeli atrocities”, so that it wouldn’t at least look so conspicuous.

    This incident, and it’s footage, do raise a lot more questions then provide answers. Something looks fishy indeed. One thing is for sure: Even if the IDF, after conducting a thorough investigation does conclude that a stray shell might have made landfall at that exact location, thus resulting in the deaths of innocent people, (very unlikely scenario), it is obviously not a delibirate attack on civilians. Contrary to our “peace partners”.
    But I guess an arab is an arab. Even their lies suck.

    P.S. Pardon for my english. I’m not a native speaker.

  14. Soccer Dad says:

    If … you must 06/14/2006

    Zarqawi aftermath If you haven’t read SarcastiPundit’s The War Criminal Career Path; you must. You might also read A Good Career move by Daniel Pipes. If you haven’t read the best Zarqawi headline at OyVay blog; you must. On the…

  15. f says:

    “Palestinian” FAKE Photo & Video Industry


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the power of a FAKE picture from “Palestinian” aggressors playing the “victim” cloth?
    How can any words undue the influence their criminal industry has already done???

    Some samples:

    The infamous FAKE Video of Muhammad Al Dura… that was actually murdered by… Arab “Palestinian” Muslims… (well, it wouldn’t be the first boy murdered by them and blamed on Israel… another (at least known one) is 2 boys in a cave in the Rafah region).
    But the power of the pictures is stronger than the truth.
    Who will see Israel’s true humane image after this immense damage? When Pictures Lie The Fake Video of Muhammad Al Dura

    Some excerpts of “Palestinian” planted videos/photos, including as “journalists” etc. globally.

    See the Fake Funeral in ‘Jenin

    Palestinian staged video: Israeli soldier abuses a Palestinian prisoner. Video

    Palestinians fake evacuation of a “wounded”. (mpg)

    PALESTINIANS ADDING BODIES TO CREATE JENIN MASS GRAVE (that is originally From Israeli lefty Haaretz, not “suspected” of being too pro Israeli actions…)

    Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp are inflating the number of residents killed … by adding bodies from local cemetery to inflate number killed in Jenin.

    Or that dreadful fake video on the terrorists-concentrated area called: Jenin… – Palestinian producer: False film funded by PA
    Documentary claims Israeli army committed war “crimes”

    Big “heores” with stones???

    For CAMERAS only!

    ‘Palestinians’ STAGE “atrocities” by actors dressed in IDF uniform, even one with a head cover…

    What’s BEHIND a picture (about a picture that shook so many hearts…)

    Ohhhh, she’s really really crying, wonder why…

    Oh, That’s it!

    Staged Desperation – Notice the boy on the right hand side can’t stop laughing at actress mom…

    _____________________________________________________________________ GAZA 2006 When “Palestinains” killed their own children and FAKED a video trying to blame Israel

    Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin – June 13,

    Contact details here

    View this bulletin online here

    PMW Archives:

    PA TV falsified Mohammed Al Dura clip as it falsified Gaza beach

    By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
    PMW reported yesterday that Palestinian Authority
    (PA) TV has been broadcasting a falsified video clip of the
    events on the Gaza beach on Friday in an attempt to blame Israel
    for the deaths. [Yesterday’s bulletin is reprinted below.]
    In the new falsification, an unrelated video clip
    of an Israeli missile boat was edited into news footage to make
    it appear as if the Israeli boat intentionally fired on civilians.
    This is the same technique that PA TV used after Muhammad Al-Dura
    was killed in a cross fire in the Gaza Strip in 2000. Subsequent
    analysis of that incident has shown that Palestinian fire likely
    killed the boy. But the PA TV propaganda clip inserted footage
    of an Israeli soldier from a completely different incident to
    make it look as if a soldier deliberately aimed at and shot
    Al-Dura. That doctored video clip was broadcast hundreds of
    times on PA TV.

    Click here to see
    the falsified PA TV broadcast of Al Dura’s death.

    Reprinted PMW June 12, 2006 Bulletin:
    PA TV falsifies video of Gaza deaths
    By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
    Palestinian Authority TV has been
    repeatedly broadcasting a falsified video clip of the events
    surrounding the deaths of seven family members on the Gaza beach on
    Friday. In an attempt to blame Israel’s navy for the deaths, PA TV
    took unrelated video of an Israeli missile boat firing at Gaza
    earlier in the day and edited them into the scenes, creating the
    impression Israeli responsibility.

    The following is the time
    frame of the PA TV editing and falsification:

    PATV clip introduces the scene by showing an
    Israeli missile boat firing on the Gaza coast. Audio of ambulance
    siren is added to visual to create false impression that boat was
    shooting at same time as ambulances were present.

    Scene switches directly to the victims, creating
    a false connection between the events.

    PA TV returns to the naval vessel showing sailor
    with binoculars looking at shore, again creating the false
    impression he is observing the evacuation.

    The evacuation scene continues ending with the
    word “Why” on the screen only in English, indicating a foreign
    target audience, possibly media.
    The video of the Israeli navy was
    unrelated to the deaths, having been filmed earlier in the day and
    had already released to the media and to the internet by the Israeli
    army at 4:00 PM, an hour prior to the deaths.
    Click here to
    see the falsified PA TV broadcast
    of the

    Comment: It should be noted that not
    only is the video falsified, but the beach scene clearly backs the
    Israeli contention that the deaths were not caused by an Israeli
    shell. Any Israeli shell would have left a giant crater and spread
    sand over the entire area, as well as on the victims. There is no
    crater and the beach scene is not disturbed in a way that indicates
    an Israeli shell could have landed nearby.
    Please feel free to forward this
    bulletin, crediting Palestinian Media Watch



    If you haven’t had enough of PALLYWOOD lately, here’s another episode out of the Jenin branch (June 2006)

    All the World’s a Stage

    JENIN, -: A Palestinian woman looks at a militant from the Islamic Jihad as he holds his weapon after an Israeli military incursion in the northern West Bank city of Jenin 01 June 2006. Two soldiers were injured in Jenin, one lightly and the other lightly to moderately, from an explosive charge that was detonated against an IDF jeep according to Israeli radio reports. SAIF DAHLAH/AFP/Getty Images

    After explaining why he believes the gunman was hamming it up for the camera, Zoran Bozicevic, a National Post associate photo editor with combat photography experience discusses an eye-opening problem for photo editors and readers:

    With the rise of digital photography, barriers to entry fell in the profession: Anyone could call himself a photojournalist, pick up a camera, and e-mail photos to editors around the world. The cost-cutting media increasingly relies on these cheap, sometimes unscrupulous, local stringers. In some cases, they flout professional objectivity, and take sides in the conflict they cover. In other cases, they stage pictures to keep employers happy. Or worse, they manipulate digital pictures after the fact, turning a photo into a work of fiction.

    Technorati – Freedom “palestine” Hamas Chemical Weapons Genocide bombing Homicide bombing War on terror “palestinians” Human Shields Israel Israelis Raid War on terror “Palestinian” propaganda “Palestinian” lies Media bias Biased media CNN BBC NGO Anti Zionism Hatred Islamofascism Pallywood “Palestinian” fake Images “Palestinian” lies PA PALLYWOOD

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