The Germans do the work

Pallywood Investigation German-style:
(from German newspaper Sued Deutsche)

German daily Sued Deutsche, said pictures taken by Zakaria Abu Irbad, 36, a cameramen with the Palestinian independent news agency Ramattan, contradict Palestinian claims that an IDF shell killed the Ghalia family and point to the possibility that the event was staged to hold Israel responsible. Irbad was the first journalist to arrive at the s cene after the attack and Ramattan sold footage of Hadil weeping on the beach by her dead father to all major news broadcasters. The newspaper said in footage of the beach taken by an IDF drone at the time of the attack, five craters left by IDF artillery shells could be seen, but that 250 meters away people could also be seen. The paper said it is strange that although shells exploded 250 meters away from a beach site where Palestinian families congregated, no one was seen running away or panicking. Irbad told the newspaper he was told of the attack by paramedics who guided him to the scene. But no paramedics are seen until later in the footage, raising suspicions that he was first to reach the scene. Moreover, if Irbad was the first to get to the scene, why were most bodies covered by sheets? Who was there first to cover the bodies? The newspaper asked.

‘Did girl give instructions to cameraman?’

The newspaper also doubts Irbad’s claim that Hadil was not injured because she was in the water when the shell exploded. His footage show her dry and fully clothed. Another question raised by the newspaper is a shot of a man carrying a rifle next to the dead body of Hadil’s father. The newspaper said in earlier footage, the same man was seen lying on the beach among the injured.

And this:

The footage also shows paramedics in green clothes and a dozen of bearded men looking for evidence. The newspaper asks whether the men are Hamas affiliates and wonders why they were preoccupied with collecting evidence rather than helping the injured.

Did Hamas men hide evidence from the scene, as claimed by eyewitnesses interviewed by Israeli broadcasters?

The newspaper said Irbad evaded most of the questions addressed to him.

Asked why he didn’t try to calm Hadil instead of filming her he said: “She asked me to film her. She wanted to be seen next to her father to show the world the crimes that Israel is committing.”

The newspaper finally asks: “Did the shocked 10-year-old girl, who had lost her father minutes earlier, give the cameraman direction instructions?”

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  1. no one says:

    once again the palestinians proove they have no problem hiding behind children, or using them for acts of violence. problem is, the mainstream media publishes these videos as facts, rather than questioning it. and even after proven to be fake, they dont even mention it.

  2. Actually, Richard, you and your readers did the work. It was a good idea of Thorsten Schmitz from the Suddeutsche to have thought to call the Ramattan agency and speak with the Palestinian cameraman. But otherwise his piece largely rehashes points made – and often made more clearly – on your and other websites. See, for instance, the point about the girl being dry and fully clothed. There’s every reason to believe that Schmitz knows your work and consulted your sites. He finishes his piece by discussing “Pallywood”. He ought to have given credit where credit is due.

    that’s kind of you, John. at this point i kind of get a kick out of having “Pallywood” become a new addition to the lexicon, even without a footnote to me. maybe soon “demopath” will make it too… as in “dupes of demopaths believe Pallywood is real.” :-)

  3. Eliyahu says:

    as I pointed out in an earlier comment, it is bizarre to me that anyone would have gone for a picnic to that particular area. It is in the northern Gaza Strip at the ruined Jewish settlement of Dugit [wrecked last summer]. For months, terrorists have been shooting rockets from there towards Ashqelon –to which they can now approach much more closely because of the retreat from northern Gaza by the Israeli army– and Israel has been sending artillery barrages at the same area in an attempt [not very effective] to prevent the rocket firing.

    Now why would any sane person, Arab or otherwise, go there for a picnic, given the conditions of combat on the ground???? This leads to the thought that the very presence of “picnickers” in that area is very fishy and suspect.

  4. RL says:

    lots of good material here. sure sounds like pallywood.

    The newspaper finally asks: “Did the shocked 10-year-old girl, who had lost her father minutes earlier, give the cameraman direction instructions?”

    this is amazing stuff. it explains why she is standing still before the actual scene.

  5. See on my site am email from an Israeli surgeon who claims he removed Hamas shrapnel from an injured victim.

  6. RL says:

    Response to Eliyahu:

    i saw some footage of a farmer working in his field about a hundred yards from where the Israelis were laying down a round of shells. he was not even nervous. i actually think that the Palestinians are so used to Israeli accuracy and unwillingness to fire on civilians, that they permit themselves to get quite close to firing zones without fear.

    (that’s something you can also see in the Pallywood footage: they show no fear of Israeli soldiers even as they evacuate people supposedly wounded by Israeli fire.)

    so it may be that they really were at the beach. but to be honest, i just don’t know enough of what’s going on here to make any kind of judgment beyond what i can see in the tapes — which sure look staged to me.

  7. Eliyahu says:

    The fake pathos so often expressed in “reports” from the palestinian authority zones is amazing. Or maybe I should say that its acceptance by media throughout the world, as you point out, is amazing, or more amazing.

  8. Garlasco admits he cannot disprove Israeli findings. See my site for additional info.
    Now let’s see how much publicity his “double negative” gets!

  9. idf_sergeant says:

    In the video, as Zakaria Abu Irbad scans his camera around onto the debris in the sand, a landmine is visible.
    This short piece of footage was shown on Al_Jazeera TV broadcasts on June 9th, but later removed from the film.
    Look at this report, (which shows naval patrol boats firing, although at the time of the filming, they were NOT).

    (look closely at the segment, runtime 1:06 – 1:11 and right before the cutaway to the fabricated edit of the IDF naval vessel firing, that landmine is visible in the sand).

    This is clear and undeniable evidence and the media is failing to investigate properly.

  10. RL says:

    Answer to idf sergeant:
    not being a military expert, i hadn’t noticed. but who would imagine that there’d be a mine where it should be a frizbee? what on earth would an unburied land mine just sitting in the sand be doing there?

  11. idf_sergeant says:

    RL — a frizbee? You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re kidding.
    Here is what a standard landmine (bottom view) appears like.

    A series of mines was apparently laid on that beach as a booby-trap against IDF commandos (we’re not talking about just a single mine here). This entire daisy-chain IAD (Improvised Antipersonnel Device) had only moments before exploded all along this section of beach, and what you are seeing in the picture is the bottom of one mine that has already been detonated. This is for sure a mine housing, and the deadly top part with the munition and shrapnel has blown off already and what you’re seeing here is the casing lying flipped on its back.

    It has been reported by several sources that HAMAS men were running all over the scene immediately after the blast, picking ‘unidentified’ things up from the sand (and these actions can even be viewed in the video, as guys are running around carrying off mysterious baskets and bundles from the area).

    Frisbee? I challenge you to find a single frisbee in gaza.

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