The Gaza Beachgate Tarbaby: All the Usual Suspects Get Stuck

The Gaza Beach Affair has netted a whole string of the usual suspects whose actions contribute so much to our inability to understand what’s happening in our troubled world. The list is actually quite long, and very revealing.

1. Palestinian forces (militants/activists/freedom fighters) whose use of weapons is so stunningly reckless that they regularly kill their own people. In this case they seem to have buried a bomb on a beach (to prevent Israeli invasion?), and never bothered to tell families at the beach about the danger. (I’d rather risk the great white sharks off the beach in South Africa.)

2. Pallywood cameramen, working with fancy equipment, taking pictures that they stage in order to get their “message” out, their “victim narrative.” In this case, the cameraman’s work is about as fishy as you can get, and his rather unself-conscious interview with Thorsten Schmitz is quite revealing. (It’s almost as if he doesn’t know that there are certain things he shouldn’t be saying.)

3. Palestinian children, brainwashed to hate Israel, ready to perform for the cameras in order to “show the world Israeli crimes.” In this case, little Houda Ghoury, whose happy awareness of the camera is scary for someone so young and so tragically afflicted with the deaths in her family.

4. Western media ready to mainstream Pallywood. Perhaps the best example is CNN, with their warning to the viewer: “This report includes graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.” This was exactly what happened with Al Durah. Once the audience has been primed to believe that they are seeing a terrible thing, they see it. So we have the media full of stories about the “heart-rending pictures of Houda Ghalia.”

5. Israeli Officials ready to take responsibility without showing any skepticism.

6. Israeli “progressives” ready to assault their own army as monsters and call for a policy of appeasement towards the Palestinians.

Then when the Israeli army investigation came up with strong evidence that the Israelis did not do that damage, we got the back-up troops ready to come in and do damage control.

7. NGO groups “fighting” for “human rights”, long a loud voice in the anti-Israel corner, rush in to support the Palestinian version. Human Rights Watch “expert” Marc Garlasco, appears at the right moment to claim his own investigation which blames Israel. His testimony, presented as “expert and unbiased opinion” is full of holes.

8. More Western press ready to present Garlasco as a balance of equal weight to the Israeli investigation, this time working overtime to “prove” Israel wrong. In particular English papers, like the Guardian, the Times, who apparently cannot tolerate the idea that Israel might not be on the hook here.

9. “Progressive” Jewish blogs like Tikkun Olam, who are so eager to blame Israel for the event that they refer to the Times article as a “piece of gold.”

And in the meantime, the major victim… the Palestinians.

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  2. Cynic says:

    Now adloyada has this post:

    Human Rights Watch switches stories on the Gaza beach killings

    Now Human Rights Watch and Garlasco have admitted that the IDF account “cannot be contradicted”. Without directly saying so, they have conceded that despite Garlasco’s previous assertions, the deaths were not directly caused by artillery shelling as they had claimed.

  3. Die Explosion am Strand in Gaza in weiterer Untersuchung

    Garlasco und seine HRW hat also akzepziert, dass es nur 6 Raketen abgeschossen wurden und alle – vor der Explosion. Dass die Explosion nicht durch den israelischen Beschuss verursacht wurde.

    Ich bin sehr gespannt, ob diese Nachricht in den selben M…

  4. I’m honored to be reviled in your dungheap of a blog.

    BTW, you’re confusing my blog with Tikkun Magazine. I know we progressive all look the same to you but jeez, can’t you spell, or read, or think??

  5. RL says:

    Dear Richard, pleased to honor you. You (and your blog) remind me of an expression I heard at this conference:
    “Proud to be ashamed to be a Jew.”
    it’s a difficult position, but you assume it with gusto. Are you aware of a) how few Arabs and Muslims assume such a stance about their people and religion, and b) how your average person, untutored in MOS, doesn’t have a clue how exceptional your moral perfectionism?
    and… mistake corrected. thanks for the heads up.

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  8. […] It’s not clear what she knows about what her father was playing with, whether it was Israeli or Hamas ordnance. (I speculated that it might have been Hamas ordnance in the documentary.) But what is clear is that the nonsense the media immediately circulated, and was later thoroughly “confirmed” by HRW “military expert” Mark Garlasco, was sheer Pallywood fiction. […]

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