Coyote Ugly: The Left in Bed with Jihadi Islamism

Ellen Horowitz has done another great cartoon: Coyote Ugly?

Courtesy of Ellen Horowitz

Coyote Ugly is the term used to refer to someone who, in a stupor of indiscretion goes to bed with someone so ugly that when she wakes up she would sooner chew off her own arm rather than risk waking the person in bed next to her. In the hopes that the “left” has finally begun to awaken, here’s a tribute to their dilemma. In this case the dilemma is not so much waking up an ugly person with whom one wants nothing to do, but rather waking up a “lover” whose violent response to rejection promises serious trouble… much closer to the dilemma of a real coyote caught in a real trap.

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  1. Lawrence Barnes says:

    Good for a chuckle! I note half-seriously there there’s more gold in them thar hills:

  2. dfenstrate says:

    Although I certainly share Ellen’s viewpoints, I think her cartoons could be better with less text & labels. The last few you’ve posted seem rather overwrought.

    \don’t shoot, just trying to help!

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  6. Isaac says:

    Um. This cartoon not only doesn’t make sense, it in way to verbose.
    1. Its unclear that the woman represents the left.
    2. I still don’t know who the left is in bed with, just that they might be Muslim or violent, or both, could be shiite or taliban ect.
    3. Have you ever watched Aljazeera? The idea that a violent person would watch it is an unreasonable connection. In fact Islamic radicals hate Aljazeera, because it speaks out AGAINST terrorism consistently.
    4. The left and Muslim radicals have never got along. So what are they awakening to?
    5. A hookah is for smoking tobacco, which does not have an equivocal effect to alcohol. Every see anyone drunk of a cigarette?
    6. The parallels attempted are weak at best, “protocols”? It makes no sense.

    This is by far the weakest, nonsensical, convoluted and poorly drawn political cartoon I have ever seen. Art you nuts?

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  8. Hana Khan says:

    excuse me
    this is so in appropriate
    you talking about my country
    and i am also a muslim
    and islam happens to be my religion
    do you have any respect for other people and their religons and their country
    not only are you putting up inappropriate pictures in public
    but you are also being very racist
    this, by the way, is disrespect
    please i want to have a good picture for my country and religion
    if you think that this is what our religion teaches
    please dont think this way
    first of all the name of our religion
    islam in arabic, the main language of quran, the book of islam, means peace
    And the picture of the man with his son hiding behind him and died to save his sons life
    later while he was grieving over his father
    they killed the boy
    they were trying to get protection behind a cardboard box
    fom the israili raid that has been going on for 60 yrs.
    please if you have any questions on Palistine or the beautiful religion of islam
    go to any mosque and they will clear all your bad impressions of both
    and i am 100% sure that after getting your thoughts clerifyed you will convert to our peaceful religion
    and maybe even preach to other people

    This means if our god(Allah) wills in arabic
    we say this if we want something to happen in the future my the name of god

  9. john says:


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