Pallywood and Al Durah Up at YouTube

YouTube, a pretty interesting site for finding, among other things, old TV videos, has just posted both Pallywood and Al Durah: Birth of an Icon, the first two sections of a larger project called, “According to Palestinian Sources.”

For those who have had trouble downloading from Second Draft, you may want to view them there. Also good for forwarding to others who are not particularly computer literate.

Al Durah: Birth of an Icon

Part of the reason I have not blogged recently is that I’m working on Part III of this project tentatively entitled, “Al Durah: The Uses of the Icon,” based to a significant degree on the material on Reception and Consequences.

Many people who have seen Pallywood have not seen Al Durah, which is too bad. I actually intended Pallywood as a preparation for examining the Al Durah material. (Cleaning out the cognitive egocentrism at the doors of perception so that people might even admit the possibility that the al Durah footage might be staged, rather than the standard response: unthinkable).

For those who want to catch up on the Al Durah case, which comes to court in France next month, please view the documentary (18 minutes), send it to friends, check out the discussions at the Second Draft, and check in from time to time as I discuss issues related to the trials that will begin on September 14, 2006.

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  1. Vilmos Soti says:


    I am very happy you are working on part 3.

    A recommendation. IMO, the narrator on part 2 was very hard to understand for a non-native speaker. Please use the person who narrated Pallywood.


  2. As commented in my

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  4. grayp says:

    Why is anything about the al Dhura case going to trial? I’m completely clueless.

  5. RL says:

    I’ll be posting on this shortly. It’s a fascinating story of bullying and arrogance.


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