Al Durah Update from Ellen Horowitz

Al Dura in the Press this week (compiled by Ellen Horowitz and Richard Landes, French press and blogs to follow)

Washington Post and Reuters
Jerusalem Post
The New Republic

The Scottsman

Gulf Daily News

Metula News Agency (article by Luc Rosenzweig, one of the witnesses at the trial.)
Arutz 7
Israel Insider
Israel Hasbara Committee

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Honest Reporting

Nidra Poller
Al-Dura: The Verdict (Part Four)

Richard Landes

Mohammed Al Dura, or Anatomy of a French Media Scandal
Original report: October 13, 2005
Updated: September 14, 2006

6 Responses to Al Durah Update from Ellen Horowitz

  1. Paul Nasser says:

    Extraordinary ruling, and the damages seem to make no sense at all. I have posted on this here: Please post an analysis of the judgement. All my best to you and to Philippe Karsenty.

  2. Abu Nudnik says:

    Hi Richard, the link to L’Express isn’t working. Thanks for all your efforts. The Court is eager to discredit itself and undermine its authority. Too bad they can’t seem to learn that if authority is not based on reason it is based only on violence.

  3. chevalier de st george says:

    I am somewhat confused.
    Does the Libel Judgement imply that the Al durah tapes are NOT fakes?

    imply is the operative word.

    Or is it simply a “political” ruling that the french government TV network has been libelled regardless of any truth in the allegations?

    That’s more or less the plain meaning of the decision. the bar set for Karsenty as a “information professional” criticizing Enderlin is so high as to be nearly unreachable; the bar for Enderlin, who disseminated the original, immensely damaging report, is so low as to be non-existent.

    from the earlier reports, one got the impression that the dubiousnees of the footages was accepted in court.
    Are these two seperate issues?

    let’s put it this way, the most common reading of why France2 didn’t even try, is that they had already won in what the French call “les coulisses” (behind the curtains). both Nidra and Philippe have commented that the judge looked embarrassed by what the decision he had to read. as i mentioned in my first post on the trial, many thought French justice is “trucquée” (fixed). this case certainly reinforces their argument…

    but it’s not over yet. just because one judge gave in to pressure, doesn’t mean the system is without resources for making just decisions. it just means it’s impaired. what system isn’t? what judicial system is above this kind of manipulation. the real question is, when it becomes clear that a) the stakes are enormous, and b) people are watching, what do they do?


  4. chevalier de st george says:

    Thank you for that explanation.
    A class action on behalf of those who lives have been ruined by the result of the intifada suicide bombings linked to the Al Durah footages ?
    this would not have to be held under French law since the effects are international?
    Only dreaming!

    I don’t have a clear answer to that, but i think that something like this kind of thinking needs to take place.

  5. Lance says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for linking to us. Drop by TMQ and say hello sometime.


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