Chemical Bus Attack in Amsterdam?

A Russian friend of mine told me her father would sit her down with Pravda, read an article, and then say, “okay tell me what you really think happened.”

Can someone tell me what’s going on with this news item from the Netherlands Info Services (NIS) news service:

Media Silence On Attack On Amsterdam Bus (Hat tip: NP)

THE HAGUE, 24/10/06 – A bus with passengers in Amsterdam was attacked by a home-made chemical explosive on Friday evening. The incident received only limited media attention. Police do not believe terrorism is involved.

At around 10:00 p.m. Friday evening in the Duivendrecht district, a group of youths threw a plastic bottle with chemicals into a stationary bus carrying 20 passengers. The bottle exploded and a panic broke out. Two passengers suffered burns on their legs, local broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland reported based on police information.

RTV Noord-Holland said it is unknown what liquid the bottle contained. Unconfirmed sources however say it was a liquid for unstopping drains. If this substance is mixed with aluminium and shaken up in a bottle, it explodes a few seconds later. As well as burns, the explosion can cause blindness and knock people unconscious.

The two passengers, women aged 36 and 27, had their burns treated in hospital. The police confirmed that the driver was also hospitalised, for breathing problems. A spokesman said the assumption is not terrorism but “mischievous behaviour.” The perpetrators disappeared without trace.

A spokeswoman for Kruidvat drugstore in Duivendrecht confirmed on local TV station AT5 that many youngsters have recently been buying the product for unstopping drains. The store has removed the product from its shelves.

Algemeen Dagblad newspaper reported the incident on its website. Otherwise, it was not reported by leading media.

And I thought this kind of thing — both the attacks, and the news silence — were characteristically French. Apparently they’re European.

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  1. igout says:

    “Youths”, I assume, means the same thing that does in France. Sooner or later it must penetrate European thick heads that they and Israel are natural allies against their common enemy, the banlieu people. Granted, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, etc,etc, are large banlieus indeed, but the principle is the same. Where there are Moslems, there’s trouble. I state this with Cartesian certainty.

    the irony here is that apparently the French/Europeans would rather go under than admit that they’re in the same club as the Israelis (the democratic one). that’s why they’re so receptive/susceptible to arguments that Israel really isn’t a democracy. Even if it strengthens their enemies (the Arab-Islamic authoritarian countries) and weakens their natural allies (the Israelis and the US), things that flatter their “amour propre” (self-respect/self-love) are so enticing that they’ll swallow them whole, no matter what poisons and hooks come with the tasty morcels of moral Schadenfreude.

  2. igout says:


    That may be true of the intellegensia, a caste notorously reisistent to the pedagogy of hard knocks, but don’t you think the guy in the street might get it?
    Remember that train ride from hell last New Year’s Day in which a gang of 20 “youths” went on a rampage, assaulting/robbing/ terrorizing some 600 passengers? The train from Nice to somewhere, wasn’t it? It is to ascribe to these victims a saintliness worthy of the old chronciles to suppose that it did not flicker across their minds, how right the Israelis are to shoot those animals.

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  4. Paardestaart says:

    I thought this kind of thing — both the attacks, and the news silence — were characteristically French. Apparently they’re European

    Read While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer..It is European, unfortunately
    There really is nowhere to run, except maybe the US.
    But the US isn’t exempt either..Cultural marxism is the prevailing attitude of all western ‘intelligentia’ They’re very slow on the uptake

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