Herzilya Media Conference: Bibliography

Below are suggested readings for the Herzilya Conference, many by participants. If anyone has further suggestions to make, I’d be happy to consider them for inclusion. We will try and post the PDF files shortly.

Fishman, Joel, “Information Policy and National Identity: Israel’s Ideological War,” ACPR Policy Paper, No. 142, 2002.
59 pages,

Fishman, Joel, ““Ten Years Since Oslo: The PLO’s People’s War Strategy and Israel’s Inadequate Response, Jerusalem Viewpoints, No. 503 (1-15 September 2003).
20 pages

Fishman, Joel, “The Cold War Origins of Contemporary Anti-Semitic Terminology,” Jerusalem viewpoints, No. 517 (2-16 May 2004).
14 pages.

Gerstenfeld ,Manfred, “Europe’s Mindset Toward Israel as Accentuated by the Lebanon War,” Jerusalem Viewpoints, No. 547, 1 October, 2006.
19 pages.

Gissin, Raanan, “The Critical Importance of Israeli Public Diplomacy in the War Against Iran,,” Jerusalem Issue Brief, Vol. 6, No. 9 (August 2006)
6 pages.

Glick, Caroline, “Column One: Truth in Advertising,” Jerusalem Post, 3 November 2006.
3 pages

Halkin, Hillel, “Israel’s Media Problem,” Commentary, 121:2, February 2006.

Inbar, Efraim, “What Went Wrong,” Jerusalem Post, 2 April, 2006.
2 pages

Kerstein, Benjamin, “Sins of ’68,” Azure, Spring 2006.
14 pages, PDF File

Landes, Richard, “Paradigms and the Middle East: PCP vs. HSJP,” Second Draft

Landes, Richard, “Meditations of Reutersgate: What’s Going on with the MSM?,” The Augean Stables

Letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi,GlobalSecurity.org, 9, July 2005.
7 pages

Lynch, Marc, “Al Qaeda’s Media Strategies,” The National Interest online, 1 March 2006.
7 pages,

Mansdorf, Irwin J., “Psychological Warfare in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Strategic Affect on Military and Political Decisions”
11 pages, PDF file

Mazel, Zvi,
Tzipi, You Failed,Y-net, 24 August 2006.
2 pages

Mazel, Zvi,
Bikinis are not enough,Y-net, 29 October 2006.
2 pages,

Mendel, Roee,
“Want to Win the Media Game? Don’t Apologize,” Y-net, 11 September 2006.
3 pages

Soft Powerlessness: Arab Propaganda and the Erosion of Israel’s International Standing,” Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Institute for Policy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya, 21-24 January 2006.
98 pages

Pollak, Noah, “Video Made the Terrorist Star,National Review Online, 3, August 2006.
3 pages

Poller, Nidra, “Baked on the Premises,” Atlas Shrugs, 25 July 2006.
4 pages

Poller, Nidra, “Don’t Apologize,Atlas Shrugs, 8 August 2006.
3 pages

Poller, Nidra, “French Duplomacy,Tech Central Station Daily, 11 August 2006.
2 pages

Poller, Nidra, “Give War a Chance,Jihad Watch, 3 August 2006.
2 pages

Poller, Nidra, “Indiscriminate Pacifism,Tech Central Station Daily, 1 August 2006.
2 pages

Poller, Nidra, “Seduce and Betray,” Wall Street Journal, 24, August 2006.
3 pages

Rosenfeld, Alvin, “Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism,” American Jewish Committee, December 2006.
22 pages,

Schleifer, Ron, ““Psychological Warfare in Israel,” (Hebrew), The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University, July 2002.
42 pages

Stotsky, Steven, “ Stotsky, Steven, “Questioning the Number of Civilian Casualties in Lebanon,” CAMERA, 7 September 2006.
6 pages

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  1. […] ociety For a bibliography of readings on this subject, many by participants, please visit Bibliography The conference will take place on Sunday and Monday, December 17-18, 2006 at the Da […]

  2. Joaquim R says:

    You forgot the most important book: “The Other War”, Stephanie Gutmann 2005, ISBN 1893554945

    you’re right. we included a chapter in the hard-copy version (the one on Jenin). she was one of our key speakers on two panels.

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