Al Durah Affair: Interviews from Herzilya Conference

One of the issues that came up at the Herzilya Conference was the Al Durah Affair. Philippe Karsenty of Media-Ratings spoke, and both Danny Seaman, the controversial Director of the Government Press Office, and Raanan Gissin, the outspoken former spokesman for Prime Minister Sharon spoke out against the Israeli government’s silence. Olivier Rafovitch was there with Infolive, a 24-hour news station based in Jerusalem available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. He interviewed both Seaman and Gissin, and this was the result. Turning point? Not yet. These men were the only two government officials to openly express their opinion that Al Durah was staged back in 2003 when I first started on this topic, and they remain the only two that I know of. Stay tuned.

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  1. Eliyahu says:

    RL, General Yom Tov Samiah [res.] also expressed doubt about the official French version of the Al-Durah affair, if I am not mistaken.

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