Palestinian Gunmen Shoot Down 8 Year-Old Girl

News from the Palestine of “unity government.” (HT: ELS) Okay, so will this get a tiny fraction of the attention that Muhammad al Durah got? Where’s the outrage?

Of course, I don’t expect much. But at least, can we stop being sucked in by the demopath’s outrage? Can we at least not fall prey to the “Is our blood cheaper than theirs?” when they treat their own blood as cheap?

Gunmen kill Palestinian girl in Gaza

An eight-year-old Palestinian girl was killed Sunday when she was shot by gunmen in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah.

The Palestinian news agency Ma’an identified the fatality as Shidei Abu Muhsan and reported that another two women and a young boy – all relatives of Muhsan – were also shot in the incident. Their conditions were unknown.

Palestinian medical sources said that the dead girl arrived at Yousef a-Najar Hospital with a bullet wound to her chest and doctors declared her death moments later.

In addition, masked gunmen kidnapped a member of the Fatah affiliated Force 17, Abu Muhamed Abu Samalah, 40, in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources said.

Ma’an said that there there was great concern over increased Palestinian infighting in the wake of the formation of the new Palestinian Authority unity government.

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  1. Eliyahu says:

    RL, you understand very well that for the press and the professional human rights screamers to focus on a tragic victim, one or both of two conditions must exist:
    1– the victim has to be “right” as an individual or belong to the right group
    2– the victimizer must be a certified, pre-recognized victimizer.
    Rafiq Hariri for instance was right individually because he was a billionaire. There is an unwritten law that killing billionaires is forbidden. Millionaires, OK. But not billionaires!! Further, Hariri was personally friendly with Jacques Chirac –and had probably given him pecuniary gifts. Hence, Chirac was eager to have the UN do something about that particular assassination, even if he had to embarass the US State Dept into going along, whereas the State Dept might not have wanted to take up for Hariri otherwise.

    On the other hand, the millions of southern Black Sudanese massacred over the years never got much urgent international concern. First of all, they’re black. Secondly, their victimizers are Arabs. It simply would not do to accuse the ever innocent Arabs of anything so gross as genocide. In this case, neither the victims nor the victimizers are officially recognized as playing the role in the Sudan that they play in fact.

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