“We Pray that Israel will Come Back and Rule Us Again”: Gaza Residents Say the “Unsayable”

An interesting news report from Gaza by an unidentified British TV station (crew filming is presumably Palestinian which makes the candor all the more remarkable). (Hat tip: LGF)

At one point the narrator says, “And then he says what you’d think was unsayable here”:

“Who will rule us? Now most of the people in this area, if you ask them, will say ‘We pray that Israel will come back and rule us again.'”

“Really?” says a surprised (if understated) Brit.

“Really,” he replies.

7 Responses to “We Pray that Israel will Come Back and Rule Us Again”: Gaza Residents Say the “Unsayable”

  1. Michael B says:

    Tthey ebb and flow depending upon all the political pressures, but these sentiments have been exhibited over and over again, certainly so among Arab Israelis (appx. 22% of Israel’s voting population) but also, at times, among Palestinians as well, and not merely among the Palestinian dissidents. Then again, utilizing summary executions and other forms of ad hoc or summary corporeal punishments, such dissidents and naysayers have either been culled or cowed into conformity and submission.

    Not that such makes the blinkered and self-blinded mainstream press.

  2. RL says:

    what’s interesting is the journalist’s use of the term “unsayable.” does that mean he’s aware that it’s the saying that’s the problem, not the thinking of such a thought?

  3. abu yussif says:

    not to mention this from last month:

    “The implementation force sends text messages every day to journalists in which it reports that hashish dealers, or those dealing in prostitution, have been caught,” says A., a Gaza journalist. “But why don’t they deal with the armed robbery of vehicles or with those who abducted Johnston? No one prevents blood revenge between families. What would I do if someone attacked a member of my family? I’d also murder the murderers, who are immediately released from jail. Every armed man has a clan or organization behind him, of which the police are afraid, and therefore the police release the suspects.”

    The journalist adds: “There are two options today that could take us out of this situation: Someone strong in the Gaza Strip who does not care about a confrontation with the clans, or an Israeli occupation. Many people in the Strip hope that Israel will reoccupy it because these phenomena were not prevalent during the Israeli occupation.”


  4. fp says:

    i’m with michael on fluctuating in the wind and culling.

    i tend to doubt that israel will reoccupy. once anarchy is out of the box it is difficult to put it back in and the cost would prohibitive.

    the real problem is that as with the palestinians, there is a leadership crisis in israel. it is in disarray, confused and incompetent (and for the first time since israel’s founding, riddled with corruption).
    the main contenders for PM are two previous failures: netanyahu and barak, and I doubt that either will do what’s necessary.

    i am reminded of the spagetti western “for a fistful of dollars” where a guy in the bath says “if you wanna shoot, shoot, don’t talk”. the only way to deal with ruthless people is ruthlessly. but the west and now israel are inacapable of that, having indoctrinated itself against use of force, no matter what; and arrogant enough to believe they can moderate the ME with bribes and surrender. which invites worse attacks.

  5. fp says:

    but there is no doubt that at least some of the gazans realize what they lost when israel left. it’s impossible not to. here’s karsh:

    Who Ruined Gaza

  6. Michael B says:

    RL, yes, very much so, one can only speculate about a specific, an individual reporter’s intentions, but the “unsayable” remark is an admission and an admission on more than one level; there’s a wealth of poignant, essay length material in that “unsayable.”

  7. fp says:

    to be a journalist in the palestinian areas and not be aware of “unsayability” would mean you would not be a journalist for long. why do you think the media channel palestinian and arab propaganda? but once in a while they slip.

    it looks like here we go again. as soon as israel responds like it should, they scream for a truce. but the minute they get a truce they reorganize, rearm and we’re back to square one:


    as long as israel continues to play this hamas game over and over again, never learning anything, they are committing suicide.

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