Guide to my posts on Al Durah

For those who want to brush up on the al Durah affair, here are links to al Durah posts here at the Augean Stables on or after 9/21/06 (continuation of the Guide to Al Durah). I will be putting up links to other items and updating the Chronology shortly.

Al Durah in the Arab/Muslim World: Reception and Consequences Part I
The raw material for Icon of Hatred.

Camera Obscura: How French TV fudged the death of Mohammed Al Durah
Linked and expanded version of the New Republic article.

Kafka in Wonderland: L’Express weighs in
L’Express’ account of the Karsenty trial. Note how Denis Jeambar, the editor, was one of the ones to see the rushes and stated shortly thereafter in a radio interview that he wanted this matter pursued. He apparently had no involvement in the selection or the education of his journalist.

Al Durah Update from Ellen Horowitz

Links to articles covering the trials.

Hizbollywood back in 2000: Al Durah Libel Makes the Rounds
Notes on a billboard put up in Hizbullah-land in Lebanon within days of the Al Durah affair emphasizing the blood libelous claim that the Israelis targeted the boy by using a picture of an Israeli shooting at the boy that came from another time and place.

Between Art and News: Ellen Horowitz on the “Higher Truth”
Profound meditation on the nature of journalism as a higher calling by Ellen Horowitz (in three parts)

Between Art and News: Duped by a Scoop
Part II.

Between Art and News, Part III: Ellen Horowitz on Enderlin as False Journalist

Part III (final).

La France… Vit-elle? Reflections on the Latest Judgment

My reflections on the Judgment against Karsenty.

Les procès Al-Durah, acte II : Portrait d’une culture de l’honneur en crise
French version of my introductory essay on the 2006 trials.

John Rosenthal on the Al Durah Trials
John Rosenthal’s text with my comments on the trials.

Third Al Durah Trial

Al Durah Affair: Interviews from Herzilya Conference
Discussion and link to Infolive’s interview with Karsenty, Seaman and Gissin on the al Durah affair that occurred after Philippe’s talk.

Signez la Petition: France2, Publiez les enregistrements secrets d’al Dura!

Sign the Petition: France2: Release the Secret Tapes!

Background on the Rushes: Interview with Jeambar and Leconte

Translation of the radio interview with Jeambar and Leconte after they saw the rushes.

Text of the Israeli Army’s Request to France2 for the Rushes

Official French version and English translation.

My Statement to the French Court: Maybe Writing will work better
Having been written out of the Judge’s evaluation of the evidence, I submit a written version to the Court of Appeal on Philippe’s behalf. Contains Enderlin’s shockingly inaccurate (dishonest?) drawing of the lines of fire.

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  1. Solomonia says:

    French Court Orders Release of Hidden Al Dura Footage

    Big news! A French judge ordered the release of video footage that could reopen the controversy surrounding the 2000 shooting of Mohammed al-Dura. The appeals court judge in Paris ordered France 2 TV to show the court about 25 minutes…

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