France 2 Tapes: al-Durah Material

Notes by Richard Landes after three viewings

The main material from the France2 tapes has already been discussed at length in terms of its insights into Pallywood and al Durah . In this essay, I will address what the tapes tell us further about the al Durah affair aside from the direct evidence.

The final scene on Talal’s tapes from September 30, just after the al-Durah sequence, shows a man being loaded in an ambulance at the intersection. This footage, which looks like much of the Pallywood footage from earlier in the day (no stretcher, no signs of blood, clumsy evacuation), is clearly neither the boy nor the father (since they would have been very bloody and evacuated from the barrel). If Talal still had enough battery power to take this shot after the al Durah scene, why did he not take more pictures of the allegedly far more lurid al Durah scene – the boy “bleeding for twenty minutes,” the hail of gunfire, their evacuation?

Perhaps the most important information about al Durah on the France2 tapes comes from the day after. This day-after footage has a terrible photo from the previous day of the boy in the hospital (not necessarily Muhamed al Durah) with his stomach torn (or cut) open and his guts spilling out. (I have not been able to get a copy of this photo and would welcome a copy from anyone who has it.) It is difficult to imagine this gaping hole as an entry wound, suggesting that he was either shot from behind or further opened up by doctors in the hospital. In any case, such a wound certainly would have left massive quantities of blood on the ground behind the barrel.

The footage taken apparently early in the morning by Talal (it may be later), however, shows several scenes of the barrel that show no sign of blood where the father and son sat. The ground is slightly darker behind the barrel, which prompted Enderlin to remark to me that perhaps they had either cleaned up the pool of blood, or poured sand over it. Given that the wall should have been splattered with blood, and that the bleeding would have covered far more than the area that is slightly darker, including the wall, this seems like an unlikely explanation.

In any case, the Palestinians involved clearly understood that the lack of blood posed serious problems for their “narrative,” supplied fresh blood for the visit of the journalists who arrived later in the day. The picture below shows the scene around noon (to judge from the lack of shadows).

thumbnail aldura\'s blood

Note the bright red color of the blood, something that no journalist remarked in their reports. (Goldenberg actually refers to the “darkening blood…” — a day later?) Additionally there is no blood on the wall where presumably a total of nine wounds from high-speed bullets would have left quite a display. Finally, all the blood is where Jamal, the father, sat, and none where Muhammad allegedly bled to death for over 20 minutes.

15 Responses to France 2 Tapes: al-Durah Material

  1. scannerca says:

    Finally, all the blood is where Jamal, the father, sat, and none where Muhammad allegedly bled to death for over 20 minutes. Au contraire. To my admittedly untrained eye, the “dark patch” on the ground by the barrel looks like it’s exactly where the boy was lying (as in the 1st photo in your “Segev’s Troubling Segue” post). From that picture, it appears the boy was lying more on the ground with only his head lying on his father’s outside lower leg. Father’s legs were folded but stretched out and away from him, perhaps with the knees even touching the barrel.

    Now whether the “dark patch” is actually blood and when the photo was taken, is another story. :-)

  2. Joel says:

    Lets all cut the crap.

    NO, I repeat, NO father would fail to shelter his son by not covering the son with the father’s body.
    Muhammed’s ‘father’ fails to do this throughout the whole ordeal.(why ruin a good photo op).

    Lets not entertain the question of why Muhammed’s ‘father’ led his ‘son’ into harms way and kept him there for an interminable period.

    Capos are embarressed by Charles Enderlin!


  3. Richard Landes says:

    reply to scannerca:
    i’m confused. the father sits right behind the barrel, where the blood is; the boy lies further out and behind him… more or less right in front of the boots of the men standing around.

    reply to Joel:
    many people have noted that if they had rushed to take shelter under fire (which the film evidence from reuters and AP formally contradict — they were there in place long before the “shooting” started), any father would have placed his son right behind the barrel in the safest place. but, as you point out, why ruin a good photo op?

  4. scannerca says:

    i’m confused….

    What we don’t know is how foreshortened the later picture (men standing around “barrel”) is because of the use of a telephoto lens. [BTW, my guess is that it’s not a barrel at all, but a reel of wire or hose or plastic pipe covered in white plastic. Just “fell off a truck”! :-)]

    There is blood on the ground from the father’s position, but could some of that not be the child’s blood flowing onto the father’s pant leg? But you’re right: the boy seems a little more to the left of the father than the blood “patch” on the ground would indicate (unless foreshortened).

    Something curious to me is that in the later picture (though it’s almost 90° from the originals) there is a rag or some such stuffed between the “barrel” and the wall which was not visible in the earlier pictures, and neither the “patch” immediately above the “barrel” nor the bullet holes in the wall in the earlier pictures are any longer visible. Is this the same wall?

    Another question: Might “father” have been protecting the boy, but crumpled and fell “outwards” when shot, himself?

    The big question is: Why the hell are there kids in these situations at all?! The “Palestinians shooting through the hole in the wall” scene that was available last week showed literally dozens of teenage kids running around all over the place–just waiting to become martyrs! Don’t their parents have any concern for their welfare? Doesn’t anyone ever say: “This is ‘grown men’s stuff’ and we don’t want you to get killed; stay away.”?

  5. Naibed says:

    How did they forgot such an important detail as blood where the father and son sat ? They’re all coming from places that culturally look for the blood spot on the wedding night sheet, no ?

  6. Lynne T says:


    Both Arafat/Fatah and Hams/Muslim Brotherhood have ensured the population has been very heavily indoctrinated for decades to believe in the “resistence” and the honour and valour of giving their lives to the cause. They’ve also lionized the families of the dead as heroic and assuaged the loss with more money than they would normally see in a life time. Don’t underestimate the power of all that.

  7. fp says:

    i have been insisting that a major root of gullibility regarding the a-i conflict is ignorance of most westerners of the cultures and history of the conflict (at best they know the pal propaganda disseminated by the MSM, western elites and the leftist moonbats).

    so what we get is some sort of attempt to use analyisis and reason to rationalize a pre-conceived notion that the pals are the victims and the israelis the oppressors. Hence scannerca’s efforts to use the “facts” to defend the pal position, which, in his mind, is objective.

    but suppose, now, that he knew something about the real palestinians’ values and modus operandi — lying and staging fake crimes — and those of the israelis. would he have made this kind of effort? i very much doubt it. and if he did, he would not be just ignorant, but stupid too. which won’t surprise me one bit. the west is full of such.

  8. scannerca says:


    It appears you’re having some difficulty in differentiating among raising a conjecture about what is fact, stating a position on an issue, and asking a rhetorical question.

    But if you will, please, identify what statements I made that suggest:

    1. I’m ignorant of the history and cultures of the groups involved;
    2. I’m trying to “rationalize a preconceived notion” of victimhood and oppression;
    3. I know nothing of the “values and ‘modus operandi'” of the Palestinians.

    Lynne T:

    I understand what you’re saying; perhaps this says it another way:

    A friend of mine who, 15 years ago, travelled in the back of a truck from Turkey to India, in his discussions with “locals” on his travels, found that they all seemed to want the same thing. To paraphrase his thought: “normality” for themselves and the best they can achieve for their children. My response was: “Yes, but how do they vote?”

    To quote our host, Richard Landes, The Augean Stables. January 11, 2007, :

    Now there may be many Palestinians who, “behind the wall”, want to live a normal life of peace and prosperity. I’m ready to believe that. But such desires are not really enough. How badly do you want this? Enough to make the necessary sacrifices in ancient notions of honor — enough to renounce honor-killings? scapegoating narratives? zero-sum choices? blood vengeance? Enough to denounce a leadership who would gladly sacrifice many Palestinians in the search for honorable vengeance? [Emphasis added – scannerca]

    I haven’t actually hit my friend with Richard’s quote, yet, but hope to in the next couple of weeks. :-)

  9. fp says:


    1st of all, i made a general comment about western state of knowledge abou the conflict, so not everything was about you.

    2nd, you missed my point. the attempt to continue to look for details that the palestinian claims are true in the face of the evidence, actors involved and the nature of the two sides strongly indicates that such striving is not based on knowledge. with the correct knowledge such striving would not be forthcoming. The probability is just too low.

    3rd, the reality is that the palestinians are from their birth subject to indoctrination with myth, hatred and a culture and religion plus tremendous social pressure to conform and serious punishment if they don’t. There is no such thing as questioning or self-criticism. How they vote is determined by that.
    Furthermore, because of all of the above they do not produce decent leadership — name one arab society who has such — so what alternative do they have to Hamas? Fatah? At least the former uses the money to kill jews. The latter pockets some of it.

    Besides, voting does not make much of a difference in arab societies anyway. That’s one of the western illusions.

  10. scannerca says:

    fp – 2nd, you missed my point. And you missed mine, so let’s call it a draw. :-)

  11. Eliyahu says:

    Muslim Judeophobia goes back to the early days of Islam, as attested by the Quran itself & the Hadith, etc. You all probably know the medieval Muslim fable of Judgement Day. The Muslims will then fight the Jews who will hide behind rocks and trees. The rocks and trees will cry out, O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come kill him.
    They could hardly be more explicit. So the Judeophobic indoctrination goes way back. Also look at the 1001 Nights Tales for hostile mentions of Jews [not all mentions in the 1001 Nights are hostile. Some are neutral]. The Quran, btw, has some “Zionist” passages:

    Lynne, yes, if a family’s child gets killed fighting Israel or helping to kill Jews they do get rewarded with money. Guess where that dough comes from. A lot is from Saudi Arabia which gets a lot of dough in turn from — George W’s own Uncle Sam. Likewise, the $$ sent to hamas/fatah etc. by Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

    fp, I’m not sure that all of the anti-Israel propaganda originates with the Arabs. Maybe Western psy war experts are advising and helping them behind the scenes. Do Arabs edit the NYT or Time magazine.

  12. Eliyahu says:

    Do Arabs control the bbc??? The UK prevented rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. The RAF refused to bomb auschwitz. The bbc tried to suppress news of the Holocaust. Read the letters of Shmul Zigelboym on my blog. When did the UK govt, bbc, foreign office, etc., stop being Judeophobic???

  13. fp says:

    What in my argument created the impression that I assign all the anti-Israel propaganda to the arabs? I mean, does the western world lack anti-semites?

    but a lot of the MSM is chockful of leftists and of business “our interests lie with the arabs” rightists. and with so-called journalists that are ignorant and lazy and gullible and buy into the arab propaganda. furthermore, they know they cannot get access to the arab side and can’t survive if they are objective or take the israeli side… they don’t need to worry about the israeli side.

  14. lovepowerman says:

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