Eurofada: The Frantifada spreads northeast to Benelux

I haven’t been paying much attention lately, so it came as (only something) of a surprise to find out that there’s rioting in Amsterdam and Brussels which have not (another suroprise) been covered by the MSM. (Hat tip fp.) Try finding riots in the NYT over the last week and you’ll find articles on Hungary (right wing), Venezuela (students against Hugo Chavez), Iran (students against the government), Israel (Palestinian prison riot), Bolivia (regional against socialist government), but nothing on Europe. Apparently, not mentioning the riots in France in the fall of 2005 for over a week, while the blogosphere was all over it, has not made our MSM more willing to report these things more readily. And not surprisingly, the dextrasphere is all over it, led by the usual suspects, LGF who got it from Digital Journal, Jihadwatch et alia. This is not promising for the MSM’s “learning curve.”

Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: Riots in Amsterdam and Brussels

From the desk of Paul Belien on Tue, 2007-10-23 16:49

Europe’s no-go zones or SUAs (“sensitive urban areas”) are multiplying. These are areas where the police no longer dares to venture and where Islamists hold sway.

Amongst medievalists, we call this areas where “the king’s writ does not run.” If the Europeans were not so insanely anti-Zionist, they would looke at Gaza and Southern Lebanon, and realize that’s what in their future. As Peter Heather noted about the Roman Empire’s fall:

    Once inside the Empire, the barbarian immigrant groups continued to unify, producing still larger and yet more powerful entities that the Empire could not hope to dismantle. The result was a reversal of the strategic power advantage that had brought the Empire into being, so that these new, and more powerful, barbarian groups were able to carve out kingdoms for themselves from the Empire’s living body politic.

Every night since the beginning of last week, immigrant youths have been torching cars and clashing with police in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart district. The incidents started on Oct. 14 when a policewoman shot dead Bilal Bajaka, a 22-year old ethnic Moroccan, whilst he was stabbing her and a colleague with a knife. The officers were stabbed in the breast, face, neck and back. Surgeons could only narrowly save their lives.

Since the incident, Slotervaart has seen rioting almost every night. The Amsterdam Moroccans are “shocked” because one of them has been killed by an infidel woman. According to his family, Bilal Bajaka was mentally deranged and had a suicide obsession. Ahmed Marcouch, the Moroccan-born Socialist mayor of Slotervaart, criticized the Dutch authorities for failing to provide adequate health care for Bajaka’s mental problems.

Okay, so a Moroccan immigrant has come to Holland, run for mayor of his district, and he’s mastered the demopathic discourse of using Wester socialist values to blame everyone but his own community’s values. And why shouldn’t he? The Europeans — the Dutch more than most — have done nothing but pander to those who play this game. It’s part of the magnificent sense of superiority that the Europeans feel over the Americans because they have such a great social welfare net.

Bilal Bajaka was, however, a personal friend of Mohammed Bouyeri, the Jihadist who ritually slaughtered the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004. Bilal’s attack on the two police officers came exactly two years after the arrest of his brother, Abdullah Bajaka, the leader of an alleged plot to blow up an El-Al Boeing at Amsterdam airport. Bilal’s family background is not at all deprived. One of his sisters is a medical doctor, another sister is a Dutch judge.

This is a familiar pattern. One of the striking things about immigrant populations to the West is that the women do better than the men, and — I’m willing to conjecture — the more intense the honor-shame culture, the more the disparity between men and women. The reasons are surely many, but one of them stems from the fact that the men find subordinating themselves to Western demands for real success (study, often “under” a female teacher, submission to rules, tests, correction and contradiction) unacceptable. Women, who are used to being subordinate, do not have to “save face,” often find submitting to these rules ironically liberating.

For ten days now, the situation in Amsterdam’s immigrant neighbourhoods has been tense. Senior police officers compare the current situation in Amsterdam to the 2005 Ramadan riots in Paris. Media outside the Netherlands, however, hardly mention the riots, which aim to drive the police from Slotervaart and turn the neighborhood into a new no-go area – yet another pocket of Eurabia on Europe’s soil.

I’m reading a book on Media, Terrorism, and Theory with a piece by Douglas Kellner in which he discusses various models of global dynamics in the post-Soviet age. On the topic of Samuel Huntington’s thesis in Clash of Civilizations, he writes (p. 162):

    While Huntington’s model seems to have some purchase in the currently emerging global encounter [i.e., the behavior of global Jihadis lends great credence to his predictions] and has become an influential conservative ideology, it tends to overly homogenize both Islam and the West, as well as the other civilizations he depicts [i.e., he doesn’t go for the argument that the Jihadi Islamists represent a tiny and marginal minority of Muslims]. Moreover his model lends itself to pernicious misuse and has been deployed to call for and legitimate military retribution against implacable adversarial civilizations by conservative intellectuals…

I think this remark — and a million others to the same effect — reveal what’s behind much of the attitude of the media. It doesn’t matter how accurate or relevant information is, if it puts wind in the sails of conservatives, alerts people to the necessity of fighting back, reverses policies of (ap)peace(ment), then don’t give them airtime. They’re dangerous.

Similar events are currently taking place in Brussels, the capital of neighbouring Belgium and of the EU. Last Sunday, demonstrating Turkish youths ransacked an Armenian restaurant in the Sint-Joost-ten-Node borough. According to the owner the police was present at the scene but did not interfere while his establishment was being demolished. The Armenian had to flee for his life.

In other words, the phenomenon has spread from France to other vulnerable European nations. And the response of the police, like the response of the French police, is to try and contain the phenomenon without confronting it. Ironically, the Europeans who so enjoyed the impact of Al Durah on provoking Palestinian violence against the Israelis, now live in fear of having an al Durah on their hands. In this case, the death of a Muslim who was trying to kill police can provoke violence… imagine what will happen when they get a picture of an innocent child killed by the ruthless infidel police.

Another man who had to run for his life was the Belgian journalist Mehmet Koksal, an ethnic Turk. He was attacked around 11 pm on Sunday evening by a group of some twenty Turkish youths in front of the American embassy in Brussels, a few yards from the Belgian parliament building. The Parliament and the US Embassy are less than one kilometer from Sint-Joost-ten-Node. Koksal fled to a nearby police car, but a female police officer refused to let him into the car, whereupon the youths savagely beat him up. Fearing that they were about to lynch him, the police officer changed her attitude and allowed the journalist to seek refuge in the police car.

This seems to be a policy with the police in Belgium. It’s based on the same attitude that had opinion makers yelling at the Pope for provoking the Muslims to violence by calling Islam a violent religion.

Koksal told the press today that he is not going to press charges against the police for failing to help him. “The police woman was more afraid than I was and ultimately the police came to my rescue,” he said.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’d say this is unforgivable behavior from a policewoman. It’s clear that Europeans, who don’t want to send their soldiers even next door to Kosovo to intervene in genocidal massacres (a fortiori, Darfur), who, even when they do send soldiers, send “little more than heavily armed traffic cops,” are going to have to start to train their police with a bit more courage, not to mention prepare them for urban warfare. Alas. When are they going to wake up?

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  2. Michael N says:

    RL, I can’t answer your bleak final question. But on the subjects you’ve written about in this post, I have two incidents that may stand as small metaphors for our situation here.

    Visiting friends in Paris recently, (a couple who are both teachers), the female partner told me of the misogynist abuse she (and other female teachers) regularly receives from immigrant (north African muslim) students. Her partner became agitated at this, and told us that it had nothing to do with their faith, that we were demonising them, and that socio-economic factors were to blame for such attitudes. (In other words, it’s our fault that they do not behave as well as we do. And if his attitude holds sway, then it IS our fault – a baby will repeat what it gets away with).

    She and I argued against this, then she gave a wonderful account of an incident in which a surly muslim child barged his way in front of her (she is heavily pregnant) to get through a doorway, hissing at her “men before women”, at which she grabbed him by the collar, yanked him back, and yelled at him “Grown-ups before petulant little children!” and strode through the door, leaving him looking stunned.

    Europe needs to do that. On a continental scale.

    A second example, regarding the cowardice of the police. A child recently drowned in the UK. Two “Community Support Officers” failed to jump into the pond to rescue him, despite his friend pleading with them to do so. Community Support Officers are fake policemen. They receive no proper training, have little to do except walk around in a uniform similar but not identical to that of a police officer, looking officious and hopefully reassuring everyone that law and order are being maintained.

    Their superior confirmed that they did not come to the drowning child’s assistance because they ‘had not been trained’ to rescue drowning children.

    That, I fear, and not the superb example of my French friend, is where drowning Europe is currently headed.

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  4. Richard Landes says:

    very nice examples, including the energetic “self” criticism of the husband. there’s a book by emmanuel brenner called les territoires perdus de la république, about just this kind of behavior on the part of the muslim immigrant children (not true of the portugese or polish immigrants). the subtitle is “Antisemitisme, racisme et sexisme en milieu scolaire.” lots of interviews with teachers subject to this. what’s so fascinating in you example is that the husband won’t even listen to his own (pregnant!) wife’s testimony. it reminds me of hearing from french jews in 2004 that “jews cannot bear witness.” it’s precisely this kind of denial which will give the Islamists the advantage they need. blind tyrannosaurus rex’s can be brought down by a pack of velociraptors.

  5. Michael N says:

    RL, the husband’s position was fascinating to me.

    He conceded the factual nature of her allegations, (obviously feels extreme anger towards anyone who would treat his wife that way), and even said that he had witnessed such things himself, but claimed that Catholicism and all religions were “equally sexist”. Of course, brutal medieval misogyny goes way beyond the rather quaint things expressed by the word “sexist”, but anyway, I challenged him to tell me how.

    He thought for a moment and cited the male-only hierarchy of the church. I then detailed to him, for comparison purposes, the legal status of women in certain islamic countries, the weight that is attached to the unsupported testimony of a raped woman, for example, and furthermore asked him and his wife if either of them saw evidence of catholic children behaving in an equivalent misogynistic manner, spurred on by the example of the male-only catholic priesthood.
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating, after all.

    The example of any behaviour originating in islamic countries was dismissed as ‘an extreme example’, and countered by the truism that muslims in the West are happily Westernised, otherwise we would see them acting in similar fashion to their non-European co-religionists. At this point I quoted Cat Stevens, who said that it was not technically his duty to murder Salmon Rushdie, because he did not currently live in a country where sharia was law, but he expressed the desire to see the novelist burned to death in person rather than in effigy. My point was, don’t take anything you see and hear at face value. What certain people do now, and what they would do given even half a chance are entirely different things.

    He said this was hypothetical, which is true; the question is, what are the risks to Western freedom if we gamble on my hypothesis being right, and what on his?

    i have no problem with your reference to medieval misogyny — the clerics in the m.a. were pretty ferociously misogynist. the problem with your friend’s comments about the diff btw the muslims in europe vs. in muslim countries is that the muslims in europe are increasingly acting out their sharia dreams: honor kilings, fatwas, bullying of dissidents. and the europeans are unwilling to acknowledge it. interestingly enuf, his take is based on the ingorance in which his media and academia have put him.

    and your final point is exactly right: if he’s wrong it’s catastrophic.

  6. Michael N says:

    RL – just realised, I used the word ‘medieval’ as a catch-all term of abuse for general backwardness and bigotry. You more than anyone are in a position to understand how inaccurate a picture that gives of a fascinating era, and I apologise if any offence has been caused! :)

    none taken. read the paranoid malleus maleficarum, a late 15th cn text which is the protocols of the witches of zion.

    but it is worth noting that while many christian movements (mostly of dissent) gave a prominent role to women (including allowing them to preach), there is no muslim movement in the history of the religion (that i know of) in which women were given a prominent role.

  7. Michael N says:

    Aaargh – I meant to write a Salman Rushdie where I have written a second Cat Stevens.

  8. SE says:

    Money quote: “The Amsterdam Moroccans are “shocked” because one of them has been killed by an infidel woman.”
    And if it had been by a Muslim man then there would be no shock? How about a Muslim woman? An infidel man?

  9. fp says:

    notice the exactly reverse behavior of man and women for natives and muslims. the man is infantilized in the west. she was lucky she got away with it, probably due to the element of surprise. women in europe would run a high risk acting like this and the system won’t protect them at all.

    I would have been surprised if evidence convinced the husband. as I keep saying, these people are indoctrinated by the system to submit in order to avoid violence, which is what the elites, who normally live in protected circumstances, want. it sits in their minds as “progressive” dogma, not as ignorance and cowardice.

    If the muslim immigrants are so keen on their sharia way of life, why doesn’t the west ask itself why is it that they all come live in the west and be shocked, when they can live their desired life in their countries of origin, rather than be so ready to impose sharia on itself? This is a rhetorical question.


  10. fp says:


    and i still don’t understand why you’re hopeful.

  11. […] Richard Landes put an intriguing blog post on Eurofada: The Frantifada spreads northeast to Benelux.Here’s a quick excerpt:The result was a reversal of the strategic power advantage that had brought the Empire into being, so that these new, and more powerful, barbarian groups were able to carve out kingdoms for themselves from the Empire’s living body … […]

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  13. igout says:

    Am I correct that the “assimiliated” moslems now constitute powerful voting blocks in these European countries, that some of them even hold political office? Dhimmitude is just part of the eternal I’ll scratch your back and you’ll scratchj mine political process. And so, caught between Mohammed the Mayor and Mohammed the Hooligan, what can the police do? Poor Europe!

  14. Michael N says:

    igout – this is bang on target. the endless islamic mafia shakedown: I’m a moderate muslim parliamentarian, and if my concerns are not addressed, how will I be able to control the more alienated elements of my community; wouldn’t you rather deal with me than with the thugs?

    We see it here in the UK all the time: very, very poorly disguised threats of violence. A member of the MCB recently claimed that government anti-terrorist legislation risked turning all British muslims into radicals. The obvious answer to slime like him is to tell him that the legislation won’t change (unless we toughen it up), so his community is either against terrorism or it isn’t, and if it is as easily prone to violence as he claims it is, then he needs to be rebuking IT and not us.

  15. Michael N says:

    Note also: if a non-muslim claimed that all British muslims were potential radicals and terrorists, the outcry would be enormous – not least from the MCB, who are happy to use the claim as a veiled threat themselves.

  16. David M says:

    Trackbacked by The Thunder Run – Web Reconnaissance for 10/26/2007
    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  17. Cynic says:

    If the muslim immigrants are so keen on their sharia way of life, why doesn’t the west ask itself why is it that they all come live in the west

    Just saw this now.
    People should wake up and consider that very many appear to have been SENT!

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