BBC and Arab Media Promote anti-American Conspiracy Theory

Just in case you were starting to feel optimistic about the human race, the following post will quickly dispel those feelings. Conspiracy theorists have long produced their paranoid exposés about global domination by some nefarious organization, be it the oil industry or, of course, the Jews. The internet has provided them with a convenient forum, and conspiracy theorists develop a synergy with one another, feeding off other paranoid individuals.

This post deals with one such conspiracy theory. (hat tip: lgude) If it had stayed in the perverse little universe of anti-globalization and anti-Semitic blogs, I would not waste my or your time on the issue. However, the theory, though it is inconceivable to the point of being ridiculous, has made its way into two major media outlets. Their adoption of the theory is another example of their ideology leading them away from what can be considered even remotely respectable journalism. But that makes the theory dangerous.

The conspiracy theory in question answers, in its proponents minds, questions about the 2004 tsunami that killed over 200,000 people, primarily in Indonesia and India. The theory has its usual villains- George Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA…and the Zionists. It goes along these lines — George Bush, primarily because he is evil, but also to aid his war effort in Iraq, ordered U.S. forces to detonate a nuclear device in the Sumatra trench in the Indian Ocean as a catalyst for the tsunami. Each theorist has his/her own variation. Let us take a journey to the twilight zone that is the paranoid left’s blogosphere:

On his blog, “24 Hours to Live“, Sarge writes-

Here’s an interesting scenario to nibble on: The Bush junta is tired of explaining itself to the media. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice are sick of the liberals in this country pointing out how many American lives are being lost in Iraq… so……Bush and his cronies devise a cunning and dastardly plan. In order to take people’s minds off of Iraq why not create a natural disaster? We’ve done underwater nuclear weapons tests before (see Bikini Atoll) and they have a significant seismic effect. Is it then possible that the Bush regime detonated a large nuclear device on the ocean floor off the coast of Indonesia? After all, a natural disaster of these proportions certainly takes your mind off Iraq…

With Bush and his cronies calling the shots anything is possible…

I see…Bush (whose powers rival God’s, apparently) created a natural disaster to distract us from Iraq. Since the tsunami took peoples’ minds off Iraq, then it is within the realm of possibility. I accidentally whacked my thumb with a hammer while banging a nail into a board last week, and for a few minutes of excruciating pain, I definitely was not thinking about Iraq. Were Bush and his cronies behind it? Anything is possible…

Joe Vialls introduces the anti-Semitic element that was so lacking on Sarge’s blog. Vialls theory blames ‘New York’, specifically Wall Street. They control John Howard, he says, which he presumes to be able to prove based on Howard’s actions.

Only Little Johnny knew, and of course his trusty crystal ball in New York. To hell with Sri Lanka, his bosses wanted a main base for the huge reconstruction contracts in Asia, designed to replace the failed oil theft and reconstruction in Iraq, and keep poor old Zion on its tottering New York legs for a few more weeks or months.

In the end, what the hell did it matter how many Goyim had to die? And, hey, on the credit side they’d already managed to kill more than 100,00 Muslims in Sumatra with a single tidal wave, which was partial payback for their own resounding defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq..For the Zionist Cabal, obtaining a thermonuclear weapon in America is no great trick, especially when we have the precedent of 100 small ‘decommissioned’ air-to-air atomic warheads being smuggled out the Pentagon’s (civilian) back door, to form the core of the Jewish State’s current nuclear arsenal. Once a weapon system is out date and out of service, loyal uniformed US military personnel can no longer track it.

India Daily
introduces the next prerequisite for a good conspiracy theory, UFOs-

Recent alien contacts have been reported with the South Asian Governments especially India. UFO sightings have been rampant over the region affected. Some in Nicobar Island say that it was an experiment conducted by the alien extra-terrestrial entities to correct the wobbly rotation of the earth. And some of the Indian scientists are actually seeing that wobbly rotation of the earth has been corrected since the massive underwater earthquake and tsunami.

The Pagan Prattle has compiled an archive of tsunami conspiracy links.

Ok, we’ve had our fun. Lonely bloggers typing up drivel in their mothers’ basements should cause us to shake our heads sadly, nothing more. We understand how ridiculous the theory is, but it should not surprise us that it exists.

What also might not surprise, but should definitely alarm, is the echoing of these theories in Arab media. This is no longer a joking matter. Are they really that out of touch with reality? Or will they use any chance to smear America, Israel, and the West in order to incite the Arab public against them? Cybercast News Service reports:

The Egyptian nationalist weekly Al-Usbu’ accused the U.S., Israel and India of carrying out nuclear testing that may have cased the tsunami. Those nations were testing “how to liquidate humanity,” the newspaper said.

“Was [the earthquake] caused by American, Israeli, and Indian nuclear testing on ‘the day of horror?’ Why did the ‘Ring of Fire’ explode?” Mahmoud Bakri asked in his “investigative” piece published in the weekly on January 1.

“According to researchers’ estimates, there are two possible [explanations] for what happened. The first is a natural, divine move, because the region is in the ‘Ring of Fire,’ a region subject to this destructive type of earthquakes,” Bakri wrote according to a translation of the article provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute on Friday.

“The second possibility is that it was some kind of human intervention that destabilized the tectonic plates, an intervention that is caused only in nuclear experiments and explosions,” he said… reports that many point the “finger of blame,” not at Mother nature, but at “government cover-ups, top secret military testing in the waters of the Indian Ocean and even aliens attempting to correct Earth’s ‘wobbly’ rotation.”

But the most popular theory, it says, is that the Indian and U.S. military are the “main cause of the disaster by testing eco-weapons, which use electromagnetic waves, thus triggering off earthquakes.”

That is the Arab media. They operate under different rules than the Western media, and they have reported on more fanciful theories. Major Western media networks would not treat such a theory seriously. Or would they?

The BBC treats the issue as worthy of serious debate:

Why did US base escape tsunami?

Following the tsunami, conspiracy rumours have been circulating on the internet of how the US base at Diego Garcia managed to avoid casualties while other islands suffered huge losses.

The US Navy’s official Diego Garcia website said the island wasn’t hit by the devastating tsunami because it is surrounded by deep waters and the grade of its shores does not allow for tsunamis to build before hitting land.

The site said the earthquake generated a tidal surge on the island estimated at six feet.

Is America a power for good or ill in the world? Was there a malign hand at work, or has America’s role in the crisis in fact been a model of humanitarian leadership.
Let us know what you think. Is this just anti-US sentiment on the web or something more worrying?

It is something more worrying. It is profoundly worrying that the BBC even asks the question. But, alas, it is not terribly surprising.

15 Responses to BBC and Arab Media Promote anti-American Conspiracy Theory

  1. Eliyahu says:

    The problem is not only the BBC. The EU as such subsidizes anti-Israel propaganda, and several member states do likewise. Surprise, surprise!!

    See this story by Manfred Gerstenfeld at the JPost.

  2. Since Joe Vial mentioned it I have been reading all I could find on it and I am convinced that the USA and cronies triggered the Tsunami. The mentality of the devils in charge is so that no goyim life may be spared to advance their quest of “managable” numbers of the planets inhabitants.
    AIDS is another conspiracy subject we have not heard much about. I am convinced that it was “Made in the USA” and brought to various undesired human groups world wide through “vaccination” programs. Do some research on that one please.
    Good day to you all.

  3. fp says:

    when knowledge and reason are dismissed from the societal basis, what exactly is to fill their place? superstition and faith. we are regressing to the middle ages and earlier pre-civilized times — where ignorance and stupidity reign.


  4. Richard Landes says:

    Alexander, i’m interested in your perspective. it seems based on some a priori “knowledge” — ie that the USA has devils in charge who consider getting rid of large quantities of people on this planet a desireable thing.

    on the basis of what evidence do you pick out the usa (which, with its nuclear weapons, could carry out such policies far more efficiently, and shut up resistance far more effectively than it has). but your position, if i understand it, has to be inferred — you don’t have any open statements by bush or any neocon embracing such a strategy.

    on the other hand, do we not have a great deal of direct evidence (ie their own statements) that your description of the usa’s leaders applies in spades to jihadis from both shiite and sunni branches of islam. and if so, why would you presume the worst of the usa, and not the muslims — ie, it was a pakistani bomb that they set in order to blame the americans for killing muslims? or something like that?

  5. Diane says:

    So why did Diego Garcia really escape harm? Perhaps the Great Satan has perfected its eco-nuclear arsenal to the point that we can raise protective photon shields around favored territories. Diego Garcia was a test. Next Bush will nuke the entire Middle East, casting his “sukkah of peace” over Israel. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  6. […] lazar wrote an interesting post today on BBC and Arab Media Promote anti-American Conspiracy TheoryHere’s a quick excerptAnd, hey, on the credit side they’d already managed to kill more than 100,00 Muslims in Sumatra with a single tidal wave, which was partial payback for their own resounding defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq..For the Zionist Cabal, … […]

  7. Joanne says:

    I’ve done a lot of research on this issue, reading all I could find, and I have come to a conclusion, too: I believe that it was pixies. Yeah, that’s right. It was pixies who started the tsunami. And elves and faeries. Now these are possibilities that even Al Jazeera, India Daily and the BBC missed. And wasn’t Elvis spotted near there? See, I’m with Alexander on this one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Distract attention? Because Dec 26 is such a high-impact news time…

  9. lgude says:

    As the hat tip acknowledges, I sent RL the links to the above stuff and nonsense. I learned something important from RL’s post post – the difference between the innocently deluded and serious troublemakers. When I spotted the BBC article suggesting a conspiracy but not taking responsibility for it I knew it was important but I couldn’t have said exactly why. Now I think I can see the difference more clearly. One stands outside civil society in what is called the lunatic fringe. The other, with its feet firmly planted within civil society, is an act of sabotage.

  10. […] and asked me from some links to it. I found a collection of links here and Richard wrote them up in BBC and Arab Media Promote anti-American Conspiracy Theory. As you can see from his title he emphasizes the problem raised by mainstream media outlets giving […]

  11. […] and asked me from some links to it. I found a collection of links here and Richard wrote them up in BBC and Arab Media Promote anti-American Conspiracy Theory. As you can see from his title he emphasizes the problem raised by mainstream media outlets giving […]

  12. Eliyahu says:

    Off topic, maybe, but the JPost yesterday carried a column or article about a French teen age boy whose parents worked in Dubai. He studied at the American School there and met one of his schoolmates, a Dubai local, who promised to give him a ride home from the center of town. Instead, he was sodomized by his schoolmate and two other Dubai locals. True Arab hospitality, I suppose. The boy wanted to prosecute but he was advised to leave Dubai so that he himself would not be brought to court as a homosexual.

  13. Eliyahu says:

    And George II wanted to allow a Dubai government company to take over the management of American ports.

  14. Eliyahu says:

    Here’s an informative but inept article on the al-Durah Case. Note the journalist’s snide remark about “some conspiracy theorists” who believe that the boy is still alive. Actually, the journalist-falsifier should change that to say: “researchers who believe that the boy was not killed at that place and time.”

  15. fp says:


    Are you really interested in the perspectives of the mentally deranged?

    In engaging them you are essentially making the same mistake that Bollinger made with the iranian asshole and Oxford with the irving asshole.

    At least they were doing it with assholes who have some influence. But Alexander??????????

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