Palestinian Police Brutality on Islamist Website

The following images are from, a website associated with Hizb ut-Tahrir , “Party of Liberation”, a Sunni, pan-Islamic political party urging the creation of a single Muslim Caliphate. The photos portray violence against Palestinian Hizb ut-Tahrir protesters by Palestinian Authority policeman. The villian in this case on this Islamist website is not the IDF.

The website’s description of the event is as follows-

In Hebron, 36-year-old Hisham Baradi died in hospital of a gunshot wound after Palestinian police shot him in cold blood. According to reports riot police and other security forces moved in on members of Hizb ut-Tahrir as soon as they left mosques in the cities of Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron aiming to march in demonstrations. The demonstrations were planned against the treacherous Annapolis Conference attended by Abbas and Arab leaders. May Allah (swt) give the brother jannah and give patience to his family and brothers. Truly the victory of Allah will come and it will not be delayed by a single second, with the will of Allah.

Abbas is portrayed as a traitor. And a Palestinian state, especially under Abbas, is not adequate. They want a one state solution for the entire region.

Reality of life in Abbas’s Palestinian State : Abdul-Kareem
The murder of this brother (may Allah grant him jennah) shows the reality of what life under a future Palestinian state would be like. Muslims killing Muslims to enforce the objectives of the Israeli’s and Americans.
The only viable solution for Palestine is a ONE-State solution with Al-Quds as the capital of the Khilafah and Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon forming the ash-sham province of this Khilafah.
November 28, 2007

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  1. Diane says:

    a ONE-State solution with Al-Quds as the capital of the Khilafah and Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon forming the ash-sham province of this Khilafah.


    What does Khilafah mean? Califate? (Isn’t that supposed to be headquartered in Mecca? or Istanbul? Who in the Muslim world is talking about it being in Jerusalem?)

    What is “ash-sham?”

    And why are “Palestine and Israel” separate entities in this one-state configuration?

  2. lazar says:

    Ash-sham refers to Damascus at the time of the 7th century caliphate of Omar (the second Caliph). “Al-Sham” is said to be used nowadays to refer to old Damascus. Its territory stretched southward through what is now Israel and Jordan.
    Khilafah is indeed Arabic for Caliphate.
    The writer means that what is now Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) will make up the historical ash-sham province.

  3. Diane says:

    This is a recipe for a major regional war, with Arab-on-Arab fighting. Not only Israel but Jordan and Lebanon might have some problems with being absorbed into this Ash-sham province. Besides, aren’t the Shiites fiercely opposed to the restoration of the Caliphate? If memory serves, this is the root of the schism between the two main Muslim streams. Should Islam be ruled by Caliphs (self-appointed religious elite) or by a hereditary priesthood directly descended from Ali (the mullahs)?

    But perhaps I’m giving jihadis too much credit for having a coherent end-game.

  4. Eliyahu says:

    Lazar, Sham means Damascus but only in a narrow sense. In the broader sense of Bilad ash-Sham it means what used to be called Greater Syria, that is, the Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon of today, grosso modo. The word Sham comes from the Arabic shamal meaning left [like the Hebrew word- smol] and north. Standing on the Mediterranean coast and facing east, the north will be on your left. Bilad ash-Sham was the traditional Arabic/Muslim name for the lands enumerated above taken together. They did not traditionally perceive any “palestine,” although the name Filastin had been used before the Crusades as the name of a military district -Jund Filastin- compromising, roughly speaking, the southern part of the Land of Israel, what the Romans and Greeks had called Judea, and the Roman empire under Hadrian had later renamed “syria palaestina.” The name Filastin was not used after the Crusades.

  5. fp says:

    I don’t have any problem with Abbas doing this to the islamists (Hizb are dangerous).

    My concern is that Abbas does not represent anybody except a bunch of corrupt self-servers who, when the islamist revolution comes, will crumble faster han they did in Gaza.


    They do have coherence only in a very narrow sense: they know what they want. As to how to achieve it, given the limitations you mention, that requires logic. And there is no logic in islam: it’s all Allah’s will.


  6. Diane says:

    And there is no logic in islam: it’s all Allah’s will.


    This is, to my mind, the best argument for not appeasing jihadis. Not because it will embolden them, but because they are by definition unappeasable. Each jihadi group – and each splitter group within each group – has its own unfalsifiable doctrine of truth. No two are the same. For all the group-think, Islamists are the greatest egotists. Their reading of the Koran is the one true path. And they imagine themselves to have divine license to lie, cheat, kill, martyr, massacre, nuke, whatever it takes, to achieve Allah’s will. This becomes clearer and clearer with each new atrocity committed by Muslims against their fellow Muslims … be it at the Red Mosque in Islamabad or the marketplace of Baghdad or the Palestinian refugee camps in north Lebanon.

    When, I wonder, will they notice it themselves, and reach the appropriate Brechtian conclusion that holy war makes no sense?

  7. fp says:

    But of course.

    They will not notice it in themselves, because (a) they don’t have the capacity (b) if they did islamic supremacy would be revealed as a big falsehood. what else will they be left with? utter failure.

    they can’t even figure out why, if all is allah’s will, do THEY have to do anything to achieve it?

    btw, this is a flaw in all religions: they are human artifacts which require interpretation. the catholic church was smart enough to centralize dogma and thus minimize interpretations, and even that has hardly eliminated them.

  8. Rich Rostrom says:

    I’m reminded of the comment made during the Iraq-Iran War: “It’s a shame both sides can’t lose.”

  9. fp says:

    No, rich, YOU are a shame.

  10. Eliyahu says:

    speaking of the good ole PLO police, three PA policemen were arrested for the murder a few weeks ago of Ido Zoldan somewhere near Kedumim [Qedumim]. The cops were the murderers. The murder took place before the annapolis conference and the arrest of the policemen/murderers also took place before Annapolis, but the news was withheld until after annapolis, no doubt so as not to embarass abu mazen, olmert, livni, bush and riso amaro [bitter rice] with too much reality about the true nature of the “moderate” Fatah/palestinian authority.

  11. fp says:

    neither do you hear much about the 30,000 cars stolen in Israel which were found and confiscated by PLO police.

    Stealing and murdering — the only thing palestinians specialize in.

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