Using Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust to Bash Israel and America

There are many Jewish anti-Zionists and anti-Semites who use their incidental Judaism as a cover for their views. There is a particular subspecies of these people who equate Israel with Nazis, based on a certain ability to recognize Nazi tactics because of their belonging to the Jewish people.

Prof. Joel Fischer of University of Hawai’i, is one such person. In an October 2006 article entitled “Nazi Tactics by Israel and America in the Phony War on Terror,” Fischer opens with –

As a Jew who witnessed the loss of 6,000,000 of my fellow Jews, most likely including members of my own extended family who were still in Europe, in the brutal Nazi slaughter of the Holocaust, I believe I know Nazi tactics when I see them.

Not only does he not know of any family members who were killed in the Holocaust, his ‘witness’ of the Holocaust was done while swaddled in diapers. Fischer was born April 22, 1939, as his C.V. shows. But he is glad to use his Jewish faith to claim the moral right to identify Nazis where he sees fit.

He then goes on a rant calling America and Israel ‘Axis’ powers, and finding some creative ways to equate them with the Nazis.

The “shock and awe” bombing strategy used by the US and Israel are simply another name for the brutal bombings of civilian populations used by the Nazis in World War II. The current horrific wars against innocent men, women and children are geared toward intimidation, terror and fear among the civilian population in a depraved attempt to get them to pressure their own regime to submit, abdicate or surrender. The Axis even goes so far as to deliberately and brutally target infrastructure such as power plants and even supply routes bringing food and medicine to civilians, in an effort to make life indescribably more horrible for innocent civilians. In fact, Amnesty International has accused Israel of war crimes stating that Israel broke international law by deliberately destroying LEBANON’S (not Hezbollah’s) civilian infrastructure! These are the war strategies the US used in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel is using in Palestine and Lebanon. Tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine by these Nazi-like tactics by Israel and America…

As the Nazis viewed Jews, Slav, Gypsies and virtually all other nationalities as inferior to their “master race” so that their soldiers would not experience guilt over their genocidal slaughters, so do the Israelis and Bush administration actually view Muslims as inferior. The Axis sees “the other,” the “enemy,” as inferior, so that deaths of tens of thousands of “the other” seems justified while deaths on “our” side ?or kidnappings of a few in this case- are viewed by the Axis of Powers as horrendous and unforgivable. This dehumanization occurs officially and unofficially. It occurs officially, e.g., when Bush responds to a question about how many Iraqis have been killed by casually replying “oh, about 30,000,” as though he were counting the cattle on his ranch. (As of August 2006, there are between 45,000 and 50,000 Iraqi dead according to US estimates!) It occurs unofficially, e.g., when troops on the ground dehumanize their enemy by calling them “towel heads” in the same way the US military in Vietnam called the Vietnamese “gooks.” Even the media are co-opted in this dehumanization process as witness the daily reports of total American deaths, but virtually no reports of the overall death tolls among “the enemy.”Use of terms by US and Israeli propagandists like “Muslim Terrorists,” “Muslim Extremists,” and the latest demeaning term by Bush, “Muslim Fascists,” is an attempt to taint all of Islamic religion and culture. Bush knows that the vast majority of his constituency in the US only hears the word “Muslim.” Contrast that with the number of times we hear terms like “Christian Crusaders,” “Christian or Jewish Extremists,” “Christian or Jewish Neo-Nazis.” These epithets are strictly off limits in the US, no matter how accurate they may be in depicting our government. The anti-Muslim insults are all part of the dehumanization process against people who are not only NOT terrorists or extremists, but defending their countries against illegal invasion and occupation by the Christian/Jewish Axis of Power.

Let us not forget that this man is a professor in an American university. Looking beyond his point of view, his arguments are based on unrelated facts that he considers evidence. “Muslim terrorists” analogous to Nazi portrayal of Jews?

Here is a picture of the good Professor.

Susan Nathan’s parents were refugees from World War II. For her, that gives her the moral authority to compare Israel to apartheid South Africa. She went to live in the Israeli Arab village of Tamra. Unsurprisingly, she now sounds like anti-Zionist Israeli Arabs. She too makes the flimsiest of arguments to put Israel in a bad light.

Susan Nathan, author of “The Other Side: My Journey across the Arab/Jewish Divide,” argued that Israeli Arabs suffer from a culture of systematic discrimination and called for change in the talk “One Woman’s Attempt to Challenge Segregation and Racism” held last night.

A British-born Jew, Nathan moved to Israel to escape the discrimination she experienced in Britain. Her parents were refuges from World War II, and Nathan was raised as a minority, being the only Jew in her entire school of 400 students.

“Growing up, I always felt I was living on the outside of society,” Nathan said. “It was as if the shadow of the Holocaust was constantly hanging over my family.”

Nathan said she even experienced anti-Semitism first hand.

“When I was 16, I passed complex exams to attend a prestigious public university in Britain, only to be told that though my scores were satisfactory, I could not be admitted to attend the university because the Jewish quota had already been met,” she said.

Israel had always been ingrained within her mind as a land of safety to which she could escape in case things in Europe ever took a turn for the worse.

Once she moved to Israel, Nathan found that her new country also suffered from discrimination. However, this time, Jews, rather than being discriminated against, were the ones discriminating. she said. The Arabs of Israel suffered from severe segregation comparable to the plight during South Africa’s apartheid, she argued.

Wanting to see the reality of such treatment, Nathan opted to live as the only Jew in the Arab village Tamra within Israel.

According to Nathan, Palestinians have suffered persecution at the hands of the Israeli government since the inception of the state.

“In 1948, in order to create the Israeli state, thousands of Palestinians were displaced as refugees,” she said. “There were also several notable massacres of Palestinians during this time as well. Many of the Palestinians living in Israel today are descendants of those early refugees who survived.”

‘Survived’? She makes it sound like most Arabs died in the conflict, and hundreds of thousands of Arabs who remained were “survivors”. If anyone could speak about surviving, it is the Jews, who lost 1% of their population.

Such unjust treatment continues today, she said. Jews and Arabs are allowed to live together; however, for the most part, they live in completely separate cities, with Jewish cities located on the hills and Arab ones in the lowlands.

This is simply dishonest. She should travel to Wadi Ara, Iblin, Fureidis, or Jisr-a-Zarqa. There are plenty of Arab towns on hills, just as there are Jewish towns in valleys. Arabs can live wherever they choose.

“There are huge discrepancies in funding between Jewish and Arab municipalities,” she said. “Whereas Jewish towns are well developed cities, many Arabs live in towns with unfinished roads, faulty streetlights, where the streets have no names and the houses have no numbers. They are essentially living in refugee camps.”

The fact that Arabs are generally poorer than Jews is not because of discrimination. Arabs have larger families, marry earlier, and are less likely to stay in school. Their living standard has only gone up since Israel’s establishment.
And there is no shortage of poor Jews in Israel.

At times, in order for room to be made for inhabitance by Jews, Arab houses will be demolished without consent from the owners, she explained.

“The police will arrive at five in the morning with bulldozers,” she said. “They will give families twenty minutes to collect a lifetime worth of possessions and leave before their houses are razed to the ground.”

Is she talking about Palestinians? That is another story entirely. She needs to provide evidence if she is going to make claims such as this.

The education system is another aspect of Israeli society that suffers from segregation, she argued, which remains separate and very much unequal.

“There is grotesquely little funding to Arab schools,” she said. “In fact, many of the teachers who teach at Arab schools are decidedly unfit to be teachers. The students know this and they are angry about it, so the Arab schools are generally rowdy and unruly.”

But even for those Arab citizens who manage to graduate from top universities, job opportunities are still extremely limited.

“Many corporations will not hire Arabs on the grounds that they have not served in the Israeli military,” she said. “However, many Arabs refuse to serve in the military because they have seen their peers go through military service and still receive none of the benefits entitled to a full citizen.”

Arabs who serve in the army receive more than anyone else who serves. This includes a plot of land, a larger salary, and many education courses. Those who wish not to serve should not expect special treatment, especially when they get a three year head start on their education.

Although Arabs are nominally allowed to vote, they suffer from an indirect disenfranchisement, she argued, because any time they speak out against the government’s unjust practices, they are denounced as traitors.

They are allowed to vote, they are allowed to serve in the Knesset. There is no disenfranchisement.

Nathan felt an impetus to speak out and change her society. She said it was her responsibility as a Jew to improve the nation in which she lived. However, as a woman, she had a hard time being taken seriously in the male-dominated Israeli politics.

Or, maybe she has a had time being taken seriously because of her arguments. Tzipi Livni, Dalia Itzik, Limor Livnat, Yuli Tamir
and the rest of the seventeen female Knesset member seem to be doing fine.

“The primary discourse in government is militaristic and chauvinistic,” she said.

Nathan declared that something must be done about the system of discrimination in Israel. She put a large part of the blame on the government, which played a significant role in creating the present, segregated conditions.

However, Nathan made clear she was not in opposition to the state of Israel itself.

“I’m not here tonight to bash Israel,” she said. “I’m not here tonight to discuss matters from an emotional point of view. I am simply presenting the cold hard facts so that something can be done to improve the conditions of Arabs living in Israel. It is simply unacceptable to have to live in an ethnic state at the expense of another ethnic group.”

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  1. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt There are many Jewish anti-Zionists and anti-Semites who use their incidental Judaism as a cover for their views. There is a particular subspecies of these people who equate Israel with Nazis, based on a certain ability to recognize Nazi tactics because of their belonging to the Jewish people. Prof. Joel Fischer of University of Hawai’i, is one such person. In an October 2006 article entitled “Nazi Tactics by Israel and America in the Phony War on Terror,” Fischer opens with – As a Jew who w […]

  2. fp says:

    There were always jewish collaborators who thought that taking a “moral” contrary position to jewish interest would save their butt. It never did.

    Who would have ever heard of Fisher or Nathan, or even Walt and Mearsheimer — aside from their own circle, of course — if they did not publicized themselves this way?

  3. Fat Man says:

    Spinoza was excommunicated for far less.

  4. Joel says:

    I read Susan Nathan’s book. No where in it does she mention how Israeli Arab are held back by their own clans, political corruption, crime, misogony, religious intolerance or honor/shame complex. For Susan and her fellow travelers, the Arab is always the ‘perfect victim, and that, we know, is simply not the case.

  5. igout says:

    Not that I personally am afflicted with this failing, but I think very brillant minds can easily argue reality into any shape and meaning they please.
    Then too it may be that Jews, having had no state on which to learn the practical lessons of statecraft until pretty recently, are like architects who never had the opportunity to actually build something. When you don’t know about gravity, you can design the most marvelous structures the world has never seen.

  6. fp says:

    how can fooling oneself and/or others be deemed brilliance?

  7. Rich Rostrom says:

    Amidst a mountain of chaff, Nathan has a few grains of truth. Remember that water, sewer, electricity, and telephone service are state-operated. The government has a history of refusing to recognize some Arab villages, which means they can’t get these utilities.

    As for blitz evictions, given the abuses of eminent domain one sees in the U.S., I have no doubt that it’s also abused in Israel and that Arabs get screwed sometimes. Israel, like all countries, has corruption problems. Maybe worse than the U.S. because the government is much bigger (50% greater share of GDP). When sleazoids pull these stunts, they want to surprise the victims – give them no chance to protest or file objections. (See the opening passage of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“: “On display? the plans were in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’!”) And Arabs would be the preferred targets, having the least political pull. So it happens – not all the time, but it happens.

    All of which says that while Arabs aren’t the ‘perfect victims’ of liberal imagination, occasionally they are victims. (Usually of other Arabs, but not always.)

  8. Rich Rostrom says:

    Fischer, now, Fischer is a complete liar and fool. During WW II, the Nazis bombed cities indiscriminately, and deliberately strafed civilians in the streets. They dropped bombs randomly, at night, and incendiaries to burn down whole cities. (So did the Allies, to be sure.)

    The U.S. “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq used “smart bombs” guided by video and GPS to specific military and political targets. Baghdad’s streetlights weren’t even knocked out!

    Fischer denounces Bush for inciting anti-Moslem hatred by mentioning that the terrorists are Moslems. But he ignores Bush’s almost continual refrain of “Islam means peace” and “the terrorists are not true Moslems”, and his ostentatious meetings with Moslems. Bush held a Ramadan dinner at the White House! I don’t recall Hitler having a Purim party at Berchtesgaden.

  9. Cynic says:

    Which Arab villages; in Israel or in the PA area?
    In Israel those Arab villages that suddenly appear out of nowhere contrary to planning laws on ground demarcated for agriculture? A group of houses with no infrastructure design for sewerage etc., because they did not go through the normal channels of getting the building plans passed?
    As for no running sewerage in many Arab “villages”, that might just be because the residents object and refuse to pay rates and taxes for those services.
    They “believe” that it is just a way for the Jews to get their money. So they sit around with the fragrance of their French drains wafting in when occasionally they have to empty them.

    As for education and benefits, why is it that the Cherkassim, who are Muslims, take advantage and send their children to Jewish schools to get a modern education?
    They also serve in the army along with Druse and Bedouin, who all get the same benefits that Jewish soldiers receive.
    Amazing is how the Arab heads of departments in the country’s hospitals rose to their current positions when many Jewish Israelis are having to go to Europe to get a university education.

    The fact that Arabs are generally poorer than Jews is not because of discrimination….
    because they prefer to sit drinking coffee while living off the social security benefits that accrue to them for their 10 children.
    Then again the Ms Nathans of the world who only see poverty don’t eye the $50,000 Volvos and Mercedes parked outside. One presumes of course that she was fluent in Arabic when she went to sit in Tamra in 2003 after only 4 years in Israel.

  10. KHarn says:

    May I point out that it has always been the LIBERALS who have pushed for quotas? (Formerly called “TOKENISM”)

  11. fp says:

    Rich is an ignorant moron just like the few that have often frecvented these threads, dumped crappola and left.

    He does not know what he’s talking about. He “theorizes” about it based on what seems to be MSM and arab propaganda. And when he is confronted with real facts, he either does not respond or ignores them, or dumps more crappola.

    Don’t feed him.

  12. Robbins says:

    Notice how he begins by saying

    “As a Jew who witnessed the loss of 6,000,000 of my fellow Jews, most likely including members of my own extended family who were still in Europe, in the brutal Nazi slaughter of the Holocaust, I believe I know Nazi tactics when I see them.”

    “most likely” doesn’t he know if he lost “members of my own extended family?” What does he mean by “extended family?”

    Moreover, if he doesn’t know if he lost relatives or not in the Holocaust how does he know “Nazi tactcs” when he sees them?

    I lost close relatives in the Holocaust: uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and many other yet that doesn’t make me an expert on Nazi tactics.

    Nazis were adept at lying, I know that because relatives told me. I also know that Prof. Joel Fischer is lying when he claims that he most likely had lost “extended family who were still in Europe” in the Holocaust. Is Joel too using Nazi tactics?

    His whole article is full of tendentious claims which will not stand the test of truth.

  13. fp says:

    these people have their own truth, not the garden variety real one.

  14. Matilda Schonzweig says:

    I have lived in Nazareth for 25 years. Over the years the new suburbs, Nazareth Elite, originally the “Jewish sector”, saw increasing numbers of Arab residents moving in. I myself had several Arab families for neighbors, having very good relations with them, even visiting each other, albeit not being able to make truly close friends for obvious but unfortunate reasons. As far as I heard, the same situation is true for other Israeli cities and towns.

  15. Al says:

    The Islamo Arab CRIME on the 6,000,000 holy innocent victims of the [real] HOLOCAUST

    It seems that there’s serious desperation on the parts of Arab racist & Muslim fascist propaganda machine, wether originating from ‘Palestinian’ Pallywood or using the Arab “palestinians” to further the radical Jihadization of their people by the false perception of being the “victim”.

    Not so long ago it was the usual tirade of terminology like: “massacres”, translation, each time the Arab Palestinian butchers (in the name of bigoted Islamism and and/or racist Arabism) failed, or rather succeeded in causing civilian casualties, the Zionists are automatically blamed for the deaths, the higher the civilian casualties, higher is rated their propaganda, such “massacres” have been orchestrated for years.

    Then it grew to the term “genocide”, it doesn’t help how careful Israelis are to minimize civilian casualties by notifying civilians to leave and by risking young soldiers’ lives in going door to door on a selective mission to root out terrorists, Israel was, still is, blamed for Palestinians dirty tricks to cause casualties, seeing that the term “massacre” is no longer “fresh”, the “genocide” slogan started to appear more and more on ‘Palestinian’, Islamic mainstream media.

    The latest “bombshell” they came up with, all in an attempt to “shock” us is shouting: “Holocaust”, translation, Israel’s fight against Arab Muslim genocidal campaign in a clear set out goal of total annihilation, is branded so “atrocious”, labeling that unique crime title on cowardice (their powerful weapons, which Israel does NOT have are the women and children they hide under) Palestinian (or Hezbollah) lost battles.

    It entails a few fascist points, First: it seeks to dramatize the fallen as if it is not a battle but a “cold blooded campaign”, second: it seeks to diminish the uniqueness of that most outrageous crime in history, that of WW2 (where there was a clear plan to erase an entire creed from the face of the earth, there were no attacks from Jews upon Germans, nor were there any “battles” between the Nazis and all the 6 million or the 1.5 Million Jewish kids slaughtered only for pertaining to a certain origin), third: it seeks to hurt feeling of ALL Jews in the world.

    Why? You ask? because they hate, because their hatred of the “other”, in particular of the one that is neither all Arab nor all Muslim but pluralistic democracy (though primarily a shelter for Jews seeking refuge), this tiny innocent “entity” in the middle east is too “different” from the Arab Muslim reign of racism, bigotry.

    The only silver lining in it is that, they have used up all our sensitivity by now, there’s no room for more drama since they have pretty much “used” it all, including the ultimate word, though not even realizing how ridiculously it is mentioning it on their noisy raging waves of their frustration in between their lost attacks on innocent Israelis.

    Palexicon – Pallywood!

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