Mughniyeh Is Finally Killed- And Fisk Attacks Bush

Imad Mughniyeh, one of leading terrorist masterminds of our times, was killed by an unknown party last week. Perhaps by Israel, perhaps America, quite possibly another Arab terrorist group. Predictably, there were those who were not thrilled by the death a man responsible for hundreds of deaths of Westerners.

Old friend Robert Fisk took the opportunity to attack- who else – President Bush and compared the United States military to al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad.

Mougnieh, Lebanese by birth, was a man of frightening self-confidence, of absolute self-belief, something he shared with Osama bin Laden and – let us speak frankly about this – with President George W Bush. Islamic Jihad, it was said, tortured its enemies. So does al-Qa’ida. And so, as we all now know, does Mr Bush’s army.

Tom Gross’ analysis is here.

BBC reporter Humphrey Hawkesley said, “The army is on full alert as Lebanon remembers two war victims with different visions but both regarded as great national leaders.”

Don Mell, former AP photographer in Beirut, attacked the parallel, writing that

For you to refer to former prime minister Rafik Hariri and Imad Mughniyeh as ‘great national leaders’ in the same sentence is beyond belief. One was an elected leader who spent years and millions of his own money rebuilding his country. The other was probably the world’s second most notorious terrorist, who was responsible for, in addition to running a major criminal enterprise, destroying the US Embassy, the French and US Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983; the hijacking of TWA 847; the bombing of the Israeli cultural center in Buenos Aires, [and] the kidnapping and murder of many Westerners in Lebanon, including Terry Anderson, Terry Waite, John McCarthy.”

The BBC apologized, and said

“While there is no doubt that supporters of Hizbullah did regard Mughniyeh in such terms [as a great leader], we accept that the scripting of this phrase was imprecise. The description of Imad Mughniyeh should have been directly attributed to those demonstrating their support for him.”

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  1. BBC’s describing their error as “imprecise” is also imprecise. An admirable reporting machine in other areas, in Israeli and Arab affairs BBC “always” slants the proverbial slippery slope to slide the uninformed reader, or the prejudiced, into a cesspool of destructive disinformation. Arab money talks big to them. It doesn’t have a brain cell dedicated to the presevation of Western civilization when they are so easily persuaded in these evil, deceitful issues.

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  3. AT says:

    I’m not convinced Mughniyeh is dead … but the public damage to Syria is worth it anyway.

  4. fp says:


    when i catch somebody as utterly biased and incorrect as the bbc it tends to lose credibility on everything else. i assume that because I know more about the islam-west conflict I am cable to catch the bias, but it’s harder to catch on other subjects that i know less about. i simply asssume they’re universally inaccurate. can’t be trusted.

    the “imprecise” comment was NOT an analogy, but an attempt to admit nonsense without admitting it. typical bbc arrogance which depends on their getting their money through taxes.


  5. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 02/18/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  6. Joanne says:

    So their “scripting” was wrong. Uh huh. Well, for an organization that normally follows the rule “never apologize, never explain,” I guess this was something of a victory.

  7. Lynne T says:

    Fisk is such a headcase that apparently some goniffs in Cairo, Egypt published a biography of Saddam Hussein and named Fisk as the author. This gave Fisk the excuse to go to Cairo to track down the publishers and ask them why they weren’t paying him royalties even though he never contributed a word to it. They dismissed him by asking what right did he have to royalties seeing as he didn’t write it. No concerns about the contents, at least not as I could see in the unnecessarily long column he wrote in the Independent that he no doubt did get paid to write (and probably had his travel expenses covered too.)

    I don’t have the link but if anyone here is masocistic enough to want to read Fisk’s purple prose, the Egyptian Sandmonkey does.

  8. Sophia says:

    Actually the story is hilarious, he drives around Cairo seeking the publisher of “his” book.

    Primarily I think he’s concerned that somebody signed his name to some uncharacteristically purple prose:)

  9. fp says:

    whoever has not figured out yet that fisk is an idiot, is an idiot.

    i stopped reading him or about him a long time ago. total waste of time.

  10. Lynne T says:


    Prose don’t get much purpler than Fisk’s. I mean who else could deduce that the unusually mild weather experienced in some parts of the world including Central Canada the winter before last, and unusually harsh weather in Lebanaon had to be the result of WAR.

    Fisk is no naive when it comes to the free market practices in that part of the world. His only concern was finding an excuse to travel to his favourite part of the world and get paid to provide his audience with a quaint story about it.

  11. Cynic says:

    Lynne T,

    I presume Fisk is no naive was meant to be Fisk is so naive.

    In my estimation, no. He is is purposely devious and insincere in his reporting/writing.
    He has to make the facts fit his agenda.

  12. fp says:


    my guess it’s a combination of both.

    they reinforce each other.

  13. Sophia says:

    I know, Fisk complaining that the prose was too purple is hilarious:)

    Seriously, the Mughniyeh situation is really scary, it’s ratcheted up the discourse against Israel – now Israel is a microbe yet (Ahmadijenad) and Nasrallah is threatening more war, and also challenging March 14 to a “demonstration contest.”

    The good news is, many in the Arab world, particularly in Lebanon which doesn’t want another “divine victory” any time soon, are standing up to Nasrallah at least verbally.

    Dare one hope that, assuming the “political parties” will ever disarm, this kind of open discourse signals the dawn of a real democratic state in Lebanon, and maybe this will even become possible elsewhere in the region, like Iraq, even the P.A.?

    I think disarmament is really critical though, because civil societies depend upon there being limits to group power within the society – people must be free to speak without fear of starting a civil war. And what army is going to disarm Hezbollah, especially with Iran and Syria backing them? Of course there are also the Palestinian militias too –

    However, I also read that Syria isn’t sharing the details on their investigation into Mughniyeh’s death with Hezbollah – this was in Naharnet – I thought that was interesting in itself. It lends credence to the possibility that it was an inside job doesn’t it?

    Anyway, as to the British press: OY. But that isn’t news either is it? PS I don’t get the BBC let alone the Guardian. They seem to be playing some ugly high stakes game of poker, using humans and little states for chips…

  14. Eliyahu says:

    Cynic, I think that Lynne did mean “no naive” or “not naive.” Fisk of course is a devotee of purple prose.

    Sophia, here’s an important article on British policy in the Near East circa 1944-1948. It shows that the UK was trying to swindle almost everybody, while supporting pan-Arabism and stabbing the Jews in the back. Much of this was known in general terms to students of that period and people who were writing in that period. But this article discusses many new documents now available. One of the guises used by a top British agent at that time was as a correspondent for the London Times.

  15. fp says:

    It’s hard for me to imagine that Iran and Nasrallah will opt to disarm. In fact I am reading about the other sections of the population arm, with increased risk of civil war.

    As to the british, has nobody noticed that the UK is the most anti-semitic European state? It was that even before it got islamized, so it could have only worsened.

  16. Lynne T says:

    Cynic and Sophia:

    I meant that when it comes to the corrupt and sleazy ways of the ostensibly hapless victims of the west and its proxies like Israel, Fisk is fully cognizant. But just like when he had his face bashed in by some Afghan thieves, his sympathies remain with the thieves. That is where his gormlessness comes from. Read Nick Cohen’s excellent book, “What’s Left” for that story.

  17. Mark M says:


    Thanks for the link to Meir Zamir’s Ha’aretz article.

    Mark M.

  18. Eliyahu says:

    fp, the UK govt and psywar agencies are deadly. And there is a Nazi-like or Communazi section of public opinion there. But there are many decent folk there too. And there are rational folk there, even as the govt allows Islamic imams [demagogues in plain English] to preach beheading and mass murder [sedition??] for the sake of their religion. The policy of the UK govt is now a danger for the UK’s own population. Which some of them do realize. Such as, Melanie Philips.

  19. fp says:


    thats true of every nation, but it’s not saying much.
    the question is who sets the tone, influences public opinion, makes decisions, etc. those are overwhelmingly anti-semitic.

    when the archdimmi made the comments about sharia, he was only describing what the govt and society have already done and are doing.

  20. Eliyahu says:

    fp, the UK intenal agitprop agencies [surtout la bbc]have been working on producing a Judeophobic public opinion for many years.

    Mark, you’re welcome.

  21. fp says:

    that was my point

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