Danny Seaman Responds to Allegations of France2’s Lawyers

In the trial hearing of February 27 (full account soon to appear), Charles Enderlin claimed that if the Israelis had the slightest suspicion that Talal had cheated in his report on al Durah, they would have taken away his credentials, but that even though they took all the Palestinian stringers’ credential away in the second year of the intifada, they did not do that to Talal — proof that the Israelis considered Talal innocent.

Veronique Chemla, reporter from Guysen International News, who has covered the trials from the beginning, consulted the Director of the Government Press Office, Danny Seaman, who responded as follows:

In the very least France 2 is guilty of poor journalism. Charles Enderlin failed to meet the professional journalist’s minimum standard of verification, before accusing Israel of killing the boy a-Dura. There is enough independent evidence proving the A-Dura event was staged for the cameras.

The State of Israel has tremendous respect for the media. Many media organizations from the Arab world, not to mention Iran, work freely in Israel. Allowing them to work freely in Israel does not imply that we in anyway agree with there positions. Like every democracy, Israel provides absolute freedom to the press and does not remove press credentials from journalists very easily. This is especially true for journalists working for a respected organization like France 2. Enderlin is fully aware of this and hides behind it in an attempt to distract attention away from his obvious professional failure.

The fact that Charles Enderlin still has press credentials from the State of Israel attests to the strength, character and tolerance of Israel’s democracy, not the quality or integrity of Charles Enderlin’s report on that day. The question is not why he still has press credentials from the State of Israel but rather, why is he still employed by France 2?

Once again, Charlie makes it up as he goes.

Chemla’s French account of the trial with a discussion of this issue can be found here.

11 Responses to Danny Seaman Responds to Allegations of France2’s Lawyers

  1. AT says:

    Now if only Seaman could have issued such a press release right after the the affair first came into doubt!

  2. fp says:

    I doubt that it would have made a difference. Real evidence does not have any effect these days.

    Take a look at the reaction to Gaza: while Israel was bombarded with hundreds/thousands of rockets, nothing in the news, at the UN, in EU.

    The minute Israel started operating, everybody’s on the case, worried about the poor palestinians. Nobody even mentions the missiles.

    This is clearly such a huge bias, that it CANNOT be due to lack of awareness of what’s really happening. It is practically indistinguishable from anti-semitism.
    And it is global.

    It’s true that Israel is not very good at the media game, but I also think that it does not make a whole lot of difference.


  3. Barry Meislin says:

    They will all choke on their lies.


    Like the Nazis. Like the Communists.

    The only question is: like the Nazis and like the Communists, how many will they bring down, how many will they slaughter, how many deaths will they cause, how many lives will be broken and how much destruction will they have wrought…until they finally do choke on their lies.

    (And everyone gleefully believes all this will end with the Jews….)

  4. Eliyahu says:

    fp is probably right. But if there were a concerted media information campaign by a mobilized Jewish community, plus other informed, intelligent friends of Israel, then that could cause problems for the anti-Israel Western policy makers.

    Barry is right of course that these sinister developments won’t end with the Jews.

  5. fp says:

    well, if israel and the jews are waiting for anybody to choke on the lies, it won’t save israel.

    any campaign by the jewish communities will get the opposite effect. mearsheimer and walt, brzezinsky, samantha power, they are all coming out of the woodwork to counter any attempt by jews to persuade on policy. this is worse in europe, but anti-semitism in the US is increasingly rabid and spreading.

    Despite illusions and delusions, nothing has changed: the world prefers to build holocaust museums for jews and to express sorrow after the fact, than to help defend them from the very forces that endanger everybody. After all, what is scapegoating for if not
    to deny an inconvenient reality?

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  7. Joanne says:

    I don’t think Karsenty will win in the end.

    My guess is that the French government, which is in effect the defendant as well as the judge in this case, will pressure the actual judge on this case to come up with a convenient opinion. The case will probably be underreported in France, and Karsenty will be mentioned in dismissive terms, if at all.

    Why wasn’t FR2 cited for contempt of court for failing to come up with the entire 23 minutes? That’s for a start. Enderlin’s mumbled excuses shouldn’t have been accepted.

    The judge may have been surprised at some points by the lameness of Enderlin’s answers, but I think that the results were determined beforehand. Do I think that French justice is by definition a kafka-esque sham…no. But this case could have serious political ramifications, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the French government brought some pressure to bear.

  8. fp says:

    Anybody who has any serious faith in the European legal system (soon to incorporate sharia law), particularly the French one, ought to have his head examined.

    I have predicted the very same outcome that we are witnessing now (and Joanne describes) much before the whole thing started. It was obvious.

    Folks: the jews are an inconvenient group. The west is increasingly either owned or populated by arabs/muslims and the delusion that by sacrificing the jews it can prevent jihad and appease the owners is just too tempting to pass up.

    I’ve just read that an Israeli company has produced a new easy test for cancer. So there is poetic justice: let the world live without the jews and suffer the consequences.

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  10. Eliyahu says:

    fp, despite the valiant efforts of RL, Karsenty, Luc Rosenzweig and others, the Augean Stables are filling up with bs faster than they can clean it out. The Obominable election campaign is an outstanding example. Obama almost makes Hilary look like an honorable woman by comparison. Consider his supreme imposture of pretending to represent the New, the Fresh, the Innocent, & his claim to Not being part of the widely disliked Washington crowd, while zbig brzezinski & State Dept creeps hover on his team in the background. Samantha just naively didn’t know that she should have been discreet.

    Did folks here note how a pack of State Dept & other DC foreign policy hacks [including evidence-destroyer Sandy Berger] defended their colleague, Obama’s Rob Malley, against correctly being identified as anti-Israel?? Given the identity of the culprits, that barf was semi-official barf, vomissure officieuse, pardon my French. But, fp, why complain about dishonor in France when there’s plenty of it in DC too, not to mention London, Berlin, Moscow, Damascus, & so on & so on?? The obominable campaign is the most fraudulent one, I think, since jimmy carter’s in 1976, and may even exceed jimmy’s in fakery.

  11. fp says:


    that’s what I have been saying for years.

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