Palestinian Jubilation Over Slaughter of Israeli Youth

Last week’s terror attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem was a revolting act that should disgust any decent person. But the reaction of the Palestinians to the murders shows us once again how vastly different their society is from the West. Even if the terrorist’s relatives actually mourn his death and his decision to become a killer, the fact that they feel obligated to publicly proclaim his praise indicates that the expectations and values of Palestinian society must never be considered through the same prism by which we view our own.


The following Boston Globe article is by Jeff Jacoby.


The slaughter of eight young yeshiva students and the wounding of nine others by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem last week was a cold-blooded act of evil. It is difficult to make sense of the depraved fanaticism of someone like Ala Abu Dhaim, who calmly entered the school’s busy library, took three guns from a box, and sprayed the room with hundreds of bullets, emptying clip after clip until finally being shot dead by an off-duty military officer and a part-time student who heard the gunfire and came running.


Even more perverse and revolting that Abu Dhaim’s massacre, howevere, was the behavior that followed it.

In Gaza, the news that unarmed Jewish students, most of them kids, had been gunned down while at study set off paroxysms of joy. Thousands of jubilant Palestinians whooped it up in Gaza’s streets, firing guns in the air to celebrate and distributing candy to passersby. Many residents went to mosques to offer prayers of thanksgiving before joining the festivities. Television cameras recorded the revelry; you can see it for yourself on YouTube.


Hamas, the terror organization that controls Gaza, issued a statement applauding the bloodshed. “We bless the [Jerusalem] operation,” it said. “It will not be the last.”


Hamas is monstrous, but give it this much: It makes no secret of its bloodlust. The same cannot always be said of Fatah, the other main faction in the Palestinian Authority. Fatah is headed by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, whose polished spokesman, Saeb Erekat, was quick to assure journalists — in English, for Western consumption — that Abbas condemned the killings and “reiterated his condemnation of all attacks that target civilians, whether they are Palestinians or Israelis.”


Yet just a few days before the yeshiva massacre, Abbas had told the Jordanian daily Al-Dustur — in Arabic, for Arab consumption — that he is against terrorist attacks only for tactical reasons “at this time” and that “in the future, things may change.” He boasted of his long involvement with PLO violence — “I had the honor of firing the first shot in 1965” — and claimed with pride that Fatah “taught resistance to everyone, including Hezbollah, who trained in our military camps.”

Abbas’s supposed condemnation notwithstanding, the Palestinian Authority‘s official daily newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, hailed the killer on its front page, prominently displaying his picture and identifying him as a “shahid” — a term of approval and reverence denoting an Islamic martyr. And the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a violent Fatah subsidiary identified by the US government as a terrorist organization, praised the slaughter as a “heroic operation.”


Meanwhile, the family of Abu Dhaim erected a mourning tent near their East Jerusalem home, where, amid banners of Hamas and Hezbollah, visitors came to honor the dead terrorist. Incredibly, the Israeli government made no effort to prevent this public display of respect for a mass-murderer; it insisted only that the Hamas and Hezbollah flags be taken down.

By contrast, when Abu Dhaim’s relatives in Jordan put up a similar tent to receive well-wishers, Jordanian officials ordered them to dismantle it immediately. The terrorist’s uncle was indignant. “We were hoping that people would come to congratulate us on the martyrdom of my nephew,” he said. “This is a heroic operation that must be celebrated by everyone.” It is a mark of how feckless the Israeli leadership has become that the Arab government of Jordan shows more common sense than the Jewish state in reacting to those who would lionize the killer of Jewish kids.



And that is indicative of the most perverse behavior of all: the refusal of Israel to face the fact that it is in a war for survival — a war that it will win only by fighting and defeating its enemy, not by clinging blindly to a phony “peace process” that has brought it nothing but terror, tears, and a mounting toll of death.


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s reaction to last week’s massacre of the innocents was to announce that he would “not give up on making a tremendous effort to take another significant, important, and dramatic step that might bring us to an opportunity for real reconciliation.”


The Israeli Foreign Ministry spouted the same drivel: “These terrorists are trying to destroy the chances of peace,” its spokesman said, “but we certainly will continue the peace talks.” The White House chimed in too: “The most important thing is that the peace process continue and that the parties are committed to it.”


Wrong. The most important thing is to recognize that there is a war against Israel by enemies profoundly committed to its elimination — enemies who regard negotiations, concessions, and all the trappings of the “peace process” as evidence that the Jews are in retreat, and that hitting them even harder will bring victory even closer. That is why there was such jubilation in Gaza. And why last week’s atrocity in Jerusalem was only the latest such horror — not the last.


12 Responses to Palestinian Jubilation Over Slaughter of Israeli Youth

  1. Joel says:

    I propose that the Palestinians are not, ‘..just like us’.
    I go a step further and propose that Pals actually DO feel joy from viewing jewish blood.

  2. Eliyahu says:

    The PLO declared in its Algiers Declaration of Nov 1988 & its associated political statement that the “palestinians” were part of the Arab legacy and culture. Indeed, they do not claim to have a separate culture from the Arabs in general. So we miss the main point if we speak about the values of “palestinian” society, which are in the main derived from Islam. After all, mass murderous suicide attacks go on in several Muslim countries, as do mass murderous attacks on civilians, men/women/children that may not be suicide attacks. Such attacks take place in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc., far far from Israel. So I think we have to recognize that we are dealing with a Muslim problem, which is not to say that all Muslims or all Arabs agree with these acts.

  3. fp says:


    there are various dividers and unifiers in the arab world. pan-arabism, islam and the derived hatred of jews are two of the latter. nationalism, the shia-sunni split are two of the former. there are complex interactions between them. they affect the palestinians too, as arabs and muslims. for example, otoh hamas is usually cooperating with the egyptians, but otoh breached the border.

    the arab regimes were shrewd enough to use israel and palestinian cause as a top unifier to override the various divisions. they knew that even though that sacrificed the well being of fellow arabs/muslims to a life of misery, the unifying aspect would be more powerful and will ultimately bring israel down.

    the problem they are facing now is what happens if indeed israel is dismantled. at that point all the divisions will come to the fore, particularly the economic inequalities within and between arab states,
    and the islamists will provide their own unifier to overcome the divisions.

    my guess is that israel will then be replaced by the infidels, killing the hope of a declining west that if just israel went away their ass will be saved.


  4. Eliyahu says:

    fp, if you were referring to the “life of misery” of the 1948 Arab refugees, the economic status has often been better than that of Arabs living nearby outside the refugee camps. Further, who was funding the refugee camps or the whole UNRWA apparatus that maintained these Arabs in their refugee status??? The West was funding the camps, including John Bull and Uncle Sam. Little of the money to support the 1948 refugees came from Arabs. What does all that mean when put together and boiled down??

  5. Eliyahu says:

    … THEIR economic status has often been better…

  6. AT says:

    According to the “Palestine” ministry of health, the median age of a Palestinian is 16.7 years (as of 2005). Keep this in mind as you consider their reactions …

  7. fp says:


    sure. but i was referring to arab intentions at the time where the “refugee problem” was created by them. they couldn’t care less how the refugees would fare. in fact, they wanted them to suffer so that hatred of israel would fester. they could not predict that the infidels would be so stupid as to actually support and facilitate that festering and hatred.

    the reality is that they barely lifted a finger to help their “brothers” and often mistreatead them. not that the pals did not often give them cause.

    but hey, it’s the arab world.

  8. Cynic says:

    #7 fp,

    they could not predict that the infidels would be so stupid as to actually support and facilitate that festering and hatred.

    So stupid? No I don’t think so.
    In the 70s after the PLO was driven out of Jordan and into Lebanon where they then slaughtered/massacred Christians (e.g. Damour 1976)
    the Christian clerics, like Hilarion Cappucci who ran arms and explosives for the PLO from Lebanon to the West Bank in his official black Mercedes official car, had no thought for their flock but only to get rid of the Jews.
    The Vatican, the Greek Orthodox church and that Church of England have sacrificed their brethren on the altar of anti-semitism.
    No wonder the West is sinking when the so called pillars of its culture are riddled by hatred and hypocrisy.

  9. fp says:


    I was not speaking of the christian churches of the various flavors. after all, christianity is the initiator of anti-semitism, and no matter how many “reconciliations” they organize, given that paul hijacked what was the material of a committed jew to invent a new religious myth, I will never expect christians, let alone clergymen, to be devoid of anti-semitism.

    I was speaking of the infidel secular states of the west who are pumping zillions to the pals, all of which go to corruption, weapons and jihadi militias.
    I don’t think the arab states ever envisioned that their strategy would be embraced by the western useful idiots.

  10. fp says:

    Vatican Complicity in Yeshiva Murders

    see what i mean?

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