Interview with Yoram Getzler

An interview I had with Yoram Getzler in January of 2008 is now available. This was just after I had given a couple of talks in Jerusalem and Herzliya and received the staggering remark from one professor, “So what if al Durah was faked; we’ve killed over 800 of their children, what does it matter one more or less?” I posted on this, but this interview is considerably more lively with indignation. Listening to it, I realized how many details I’d forgotten.

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  1. Eliyahu says:

    a few comments:
    –we hear a lot about Israel imposing collective guilt and punishment on Arabs. But clearly Islam has a notion of collective guilt and punishment for non-Muslims, the Kuffar.
    –many Western “news” concerning Israel take the form of medieval passion plays. The Jews crucify the innocent Jesus over and over. It seems that the same mentality still goes on. A blood libel is something like a passion play. The innocent boy victim is innocuous like Jesus.
    — the Muhammad al-Durah tale is a sacred narrative indeed. Little Muhammad is a cult figure for much of the Left too.
    — I urge again that the very notion of a “palestinian people” is of utmost importance in supporting the blood libel narratives, etc. The cause of peace between Israel and Arabs [and maybe between Israel and the West too] depends on vitiating the false notion of a palestinian people. It is much easier to see the “palestinians” as martyrs to Israeli “cruelty” than to see the few 100 million Arabs as martyrs to Israel. That’s why the palestinian people was invented, among other reasons.

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