Pallywood Strikes Again!

Pajama’s Media has posted a report I produced on the court case in Paris. It focuses on the way that Enderlin and France2’s video presentation to the French court replicated the very errors for which they’re being criticized — that is, running staged scenes as real news. Amazing. Even when they’re on notice that people are watching them, they can’t stop doing it.

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  1. fp says:

    you are, of course, absolutely right.

    but the decision that israel is the wrong side and the palestinian is the right side has already been made, and the west does not accept any evidence to the contrary, despite the fact that the evidence is overwhelming and some of it is much more obvious than pallywood.

    there are many reasons for that and they are quite powerful. i don’t believe the decision can be reversed via reason.


  2. fp says:

    The point is that Enderlin and the MSM know this, which is why they permit themselves to stage while they’re being watched. They know they can get away with it.

  3. AT says:

    The MSM is already losing traction to blogs, the internet, etc. If they want to keep the interest of the public, they will have to give it something that it cannot get by itself … professional, objective reporting. They’ll either figure it out in time
    or they’ll disappear … a win-win.

  4. Lynne T says:

    Why the surprise, Professor Landes? Since when has it been observed that compulsive liars drop their compulsion under oath? The tragedy is the judges and jury whose vision becomes clouded by the deceit, not that shameless liars continue their brazen lies, especially where so much is at stake. They truly believe that bullshit baffles brains, and too often it does.

  5. Solomonia says:

    Pallywood Strikes Again!

    PJM has produced a very well-done video presentation by Richard Landes concerning the France 2/Karsenty trial. Here it is: Speaking of Richard Landes, he gave an excellent presentation on Pallywood on Monday night at the Newton Public Library. Here is…

  6. Soccer Dad says:

    Pay-Per-Riot News

    Arutz Sheva has a post about the City of David organization, which has purchased properties in Silwan (Shiloach). Part of the controversy is centered around the claim of archaeological digs that supposedly disrupt the lives of the local Arabs. Hussein …

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