How to Celebrate 60 Years of Disastrous Choices and Self-Inflicted Suffering? Keep on Trucking

Asaf Romirowsky has some interesting thoughts on the way the Palestinians are dealing with the 60th anniversary of their disastrous decision to reject the UN partition plan and follow the zero-sum advice of their Arab “brethren.” As so much of Palestinian self-definition, it’s based on a combination of pathological honor-shame (loudly proclaiming their victimization by a dhimmi people) and relentless longing for that lost honor that can only be regained by wiping Israel off the map. And of course, none of this would make any sense if there weren’t so many dupes in the West, eager to consume the demopathic discourse of violated Palestinian “inalienable rights.” This conflict will move rapidly towards resolution when the West (more specifically, the Left) tells the Palestinians — and the Arabs — to grow up and get a life rather than marinate in fantasies of destroying the lives of others. Of course to do that, the Left would have to want to put an end to Palestinian suffering more than they want to contribute to Israeli suffering.

Palestinians Continue to Think It’s 1948

by Asaf Romirowsky
Jewish Exponent
April 3, 2008

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The Palestinian narrative sees Israel’s 1948 War of Independence as the al Naqba — “the catastrophe.” The birth of a sovereign Jewish state is perceived to be the root of all evil because this supposedly solidified how the small Jewish community robbed the Palestinians of their land.

That is the recurring mantra found in Arab historiography — a hypersensitive focus on discrimination and inequality. In general, Arab scholars tend to ignore the huge corpus of materials found in the archives on the war and zoom in on what are legitimate or illegitimate claims, using U.N. resolutions as the be all and end all.

Here we are, on the eve of Israel’s 60th anniversary, and the Palestinians are still the only nationality that identifies and defines itself by its refugee status. Since the end of World War II, there have been approximately 140 million refugees worldwide. All have been assimilated with the exception of one — the Palestinians. Ergo, as long the Palestinian refugee problem exists, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will continue.

And now, in order to illustrate how long the Palestinians have suffered, the Palestinian Authority has embarked on a new initiative to commemorate Israel’s 60th anniversary by calling on all Palestinians living in the Diaspora to converge on Israel by land, sea and air to forcefully implement the Palestinian “right of return.”

The design — drawn by Ziad Abu Ein, a senior Fatah operative and deputy minister for prisoners’ affairs in the P.A. — states that the Palestinians have decided to implement U.N. Resolution 194, calling for a right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

The proposal of this plan now — notwithstanding if this ever came to fruition — is clearly geared toward embarrassing and hurting Israel during the anniversary celebrations by highlighting the right of return and, in essence, motivating Palestinians to act out against Israel by any means possible.

Article 11 of the resolution, passed in December 1948, states that “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the governments or authorities responsible.”

Path to Destruction

In reality, what is, of course, ignored is the desire to live in peace; moreover, what’s not mentioned is the fact that the right of return calls for 4.25 million Palestinian Arabs — refugees of the 1948-9 war and their descendants — to immigrate to Israel, turning the Jewish majority in that country into a minority and ending Jewish self-determination in a sovereign state. In other words, its exercise can have only one result: the end of the Jewish state. (Talking about issues of “rights” enables academics and certain policymakers to avoid saying this in too blunt a fashion.)

Overall, this discussion on the right of return is based on a highly specific reading of history — one that assumes an Israeli responsibility for creating the refugee problem via what they’re calling “ethnic cleansing.” Restitution from the allegedly guilty party involves the return of the refugees and their descendants.

Finally, the Palestinians — 60 years after the modern State of Israel was established — instead of searching for paths for peace, are searching for paths of destruction. Distorting empirical history to discover alleged rights manages to create an ongoing, unjustified animosity toward Israel, and continues to lead even well-meaning Palestinians down a path of false hopes built on false foundations.

Asaf Romirowsky is the manager of Israel & Middle East Affairs for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum.

The stunning aspect of the “left” support for the Palestinian cause comes from the bizarre alliance between “progressive forces” of civil society — which in principle oppose the exploitation of commoners by predatory elites — with the very elites who, with their “victim narrative” have sunk their talons into the very people they pretend to “represent.” A marriage of premodern sadism and post-modern masochism.

Wouldn’t it be interesting and constructive if at least some Palestinians and other Arabs were to take this 60th anniversary of their disastrous pre-modern choice, replicated repeatedly since, to do some self-criticism?

5 Responses to How to Celebrate 60 Years of Disastrous Choices and Self-Inflicted Suffering? Keep on Trucking

  1. fp says:

    Since europe is gone native and scared shitless of islam, the US is in steep decline and abandoning israel, and the left shows no intention of changing course and is actually becoming increasingly rabidly anti-zionist and anti-semitic. why exactly should their strategy, which seems to be finally working, give up now?

    In their wildest dreams the arabs could not have envisioned that the west would not only collapse so quickly, but actually FUND their jihad against israel.
    it took 60 years, but there is light visible at the end of the tunnel. not that this will improve their lives, but that’s not the point, is it?


  2. Eliyahu says:

    fp, why couldn’t the Arabs have envisioned rabid Western support for them 60 years ago??? You do know, don’t you, that British troops and even fighter military aircraft fought for the Arab side in the 1947-1949 war??

    Now the British govt isn’t using their troops to help the Arabs but the govt-owned BBC does yeoman work for the PLO/Hamas and UK intelligence agent, the aptly named Alistair Crooke, was in contact with Hamas on tony blair’s behalf as far as 2002. Have you seen Prof Robert Wistrich’s essay on the UK as the center of Judeophobia in Europe in the JPost?? I agree with the pinpointing of the UK, although I don’t think that Wistrich has noted all of the reasons for this.

  3. Eliyahu says:

    … as far back as 2002…

  4. EG says:

    This is not directly related to RL’s post, but the article by Stanley Kurtz (“I and My Brother Against My Cousin” – link below) provides an interesting angle to analyse why those who claim a Palestinian natl. identity today stick with the genetically unmodifiable refugeeism. Surprisingly, it’s got more to do with some mentality than with ’48.

  5. […] What this editorial so beautifully exemplifies is how a man without a shred of self-criticism about his side can attack the other side using their willingness to self-criticize against them. The complicity of the “my side right or wrong” meme with the “your side right or wrong” meme, or what I have elsewhere refered to as the marriage of pre-modern sadism with post-modern mascochism. […]

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