Karsh Footnotes his Text on 1948

In discussing Ephraim Karsh’s essay in Commentary on 1948, I mentioned that he promised an annotated version. It’s now available. As an historian, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of footnotes, which force a writer to discipline his remarks in line with the sources. Of course, one can interpret the meaning of sources in a number of ways, but not any way. Without any respect for original documents, the writer’s “imagination” can be inflamed, like, say, the authors of the latest claims on PA TV about how Tel Aviv was originally a thriving Arab city named Tel al Rabi.

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  1. oao says:

    true, but as Walt and Mearsheimer have demonstrated, one can play a lot of games with footnotes. the PA is unsophisticated, but those who spent sufficient time in academia acquire very good manipulation skills.

    very rarely are footnotes validated by others and even if that occurs, the damage had already been done.

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