Muhammad al Durah Decision Today

Today the French court of appeals comes down with its decision. The outcome, whiich we will know in hours is, alas, unpredictable. Were the court’s decision based entirely on the evidence — as it should be — the decision would be clear. Philippe Karsenty had a dozen excellent reasons for accusing France2 and Charles Enderlin of presenting their viewing pulbic with staged footage, whether they knew it at the time or not. But past experience with the French courts suggests that decisions do not necessarily derive from the evidence alone. Hence the uncertainty.

For those who want to examine some of the msjor evidence upon which the court is, in principle, basing its decision, they can conslut here:

1. The 18 minutes of France2 rushes taken by Talal abu Rahmah, the cameraman whose work and testimony created the affair are available.

Note: they have been edited down by at least three, possibly nine minutes. See here for the discussion I posted immediately after the session in which they were shown.

2. France2’s video presentation to the court in which they try to “explain” the footage from Talal (their version of what I did in Pallywood (with other footage from that day) with a different conclusion (surprise!).

This video is chock full of errors and illustrates precisely why Pallywood — no matter how shoddy — works. Because even when a Western news organization is put on notice that they are suspected of running staged footage as real news, they continue to do precisely that.

3. For a first analysis of how France2 made a fool of themselves with this video, see this analysis I recorded for Pajamas Media:

This presentation focuses on the “Molotov Cocktail Kid”. By viewing the same scene taken by two different cameramen, two things become clear: 1) the other cameraman is technically superior: his footage is in focus and sustained and actually permits us to identify the staging. He is a cameraman of Pallywood. 2) Talal’s work is technically awful: the footage is broken into incomprehensible pieces, out of focus, jostled. But that makes it believable as “cinéma vérité.” Talal is a Pallywood cameraman.

4. Later today I will post another analysis of the France2 court video, using the rushes and other evidence. If anyone wants to know what kind of material the court examined in making its decision, this video is one of the better guides.

This will be available at PJMedia at about noon EST. I will make both an English and French script available at that time. (Warm thanks to Menahem Macina of for the timely French translation.)

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  1. Excellent: Phillipe Karsenty wins the al Durah cas…

    Finally, some justice has been found in this most notorious blood libel. As Richard Landes now reports at the Augean Stables, Phillipe Karsenty has won the case. If you can read French, here’s something about this from Nouvel Observateur….

  2. alberto says:

    Thank you for this!

  3. […] Click here to view France2’s original, unedited footage in the court case and to examine the evidence the court used to make its decisions as well as Professor Landes’ commentary. A transcript of the court’s decision will be available publicly in the coming days. […]

  4. Conchita Monsó says:

    It seems to me that this world is getting to its end, i.e. I mean our civilization is just about to be over. Lies, terrorism, manipulation, neonazi ideas are spreading all over the world and few people are worried and want to stop all these crazy and unhuman behaviour. French people are nice people generally speaking, but funny enough they have given shelter to many people who afterwards have been really cruel to the country they came from and to which they returned to rule and govern it.
    Why this manipulation? What advantage does it have and for whom? Which reason to do so?
    Unfortunately, I´m starting to seriously believe that one cannot trust but a few in this life.

  5. Chris Seibel says:

    I thot this presentation was very well documented and I am happy to see the court decide the way it did. Americans such as I know that even our media is biased against Israel, so we don’t believe all that we see or hear from their reports.

    Thank you again, for showing the errors that anyone with an untrained eye would not have seen.

  6. Monaly says:

    The European media as a whole, and the French in particular (not to mention the BBC) are so anti-Israel and pro palestinians, that they will broadcast ANYTHING against the Jewish state.
    I am positive that if they so desire, they have the means and they can verify and authenticate any footage they receive before they air it.
    Since this footage serves their purpose they air it withour questions asked, knowing that this is against “fair and objective” journalism.
    Hats off to courageous people such as Mr. Landes, who is so convincing in making his point.
    Unfortunately, the damage has been done already by this broadcast, as millions of people who want to see these kind of reports, watched it already, and no court decision will change this. I bet that not as many will watch Mr. Landes “rebuttal” since it doent serve thier purpose.
    The French media just made fool of themselves, again, but who cares, right?

  7. […] legal maneuver backfired when they were called to show the court the raw footage of their Palestinian cameraman, Talal abu Rahmah, whose camera work and testimony lie at the heart […]

  8. […] was an diesem Tag wirklich geschehen ist. (Eine gründliche Analyse der Aufnahmen gibt es bei Richard Landes. Wer wissen will, wie der SChwindel funktioniert, sollte sich das zu Gemüte […]

  9. Jonathan Keren-Black says:

    Many thanks for your persistent and painstaking work in helping the sad truth to belatedly emerge from this tragic episode. As Israel marks her 60th birthday, will her nearest neighbours finally decide that their future lies in life and friendship rather than hatred and death? I truly hope so.

  10. Vulihman says:

    Félicitations pour votre courage et votre opiniâtreté.

  11. Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto says:

    Alie of this magnitude is worse than a murder.
    Remember Nazi lies and their results.
    Shame on France 2–shame on France for an act of Les Majeste against democracy !
    Who gained (except the reporter and the photographer)?
    The arabs did not. France did not.

  12. elisabeth wanono says:

    I wanted to express to Mr karsenti all my support and gratitude for having had the courage to fight to clear this horrible situation. As for Charles Enderlin, he surely is old enough, and experienced enough , to not trust footage, that he was not there to witness.

  13. Chapomatic says:

    […] al-Dura story and France 2 trial you’re missing out on a powerful information warfare push. Here’s the latest on this deal: France 2 TV news lied, they followed the information warfare fires that Pallywood […]

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