Pallywood? No: Report on Jewish attack on Arabs in West Bank

I have often been accused of using Pallywood as a way to a) dismiss Palestinian suffering, and b) exculpate Israel. My response to the first is to point out that Palestinian suffering is real, but to a significant — terrifying — extent the product of the behavior of Palestinian elites, and that when people “buy” the Pallywood line — look how Israel makes us suffer! — they empower the very group that exploits Palestinian suffering so that they can blame Israel. My response to the second, is that if a Palestinian “lethal narrative” about dastardly Israelis is not Pallywood, I’ll admit it.

The BBC ran an article using exclusive footage of an attack by four armed youths on a group of Arabs in the West Bank. The footage comes from cameras supplied by the Israeli Human Rights group Btselem to chronicle the ways in which Israeli settlers make life miserable for the Palestinians. I have received a number of queries about whether this might not be Pallywood footage.

B’tselem have previously been caught out helping Palestinians uproot their olive trees, blaming the settlers, and then demanding high price compensation for the trees from Israel…

B’tselem are aiding the Palestinians again… in another Pallywood production… see the film and ask how come the shepherds had their cameras ready for filming the masked men who came over the hill… and then ask why there’s no voices heard, and why the men were masked!

It’s not the first time this sort of Pallywood production has made it into the mainstream, but, here we go again….

Distributed first to the BBC by B’tselem with the flames being fanned by far left, self-hating Ha’aretz and YNet.

Having watched the footage and spoken with someone who lives in Susia, I have come to the conclusion that this footage is genuine, and that the masked attackers are, indeed, Israelis. The response to the questions challenging the film are good, but have answers for either scenario. The attackers could just as easily disguise themselves (one is wearing a Palestinian scarf) and not speak to hide the disguise as vice-versa.

At one level, such violence is hardly as vicious as suicide terror attacks, and could well make sense within the context of a territorial struggle between various gangs. On the other, among those attacked was an elderly woman who is now in the hospital. Such attacks are heinous and inexcusable, and hopefully the violators will be arrested.

I note, in concluding, several points:

1) Is the anonymous emailer who suspected Pallywood right in noting that Btselem has helped in the creation of Pallywood-style grievances in the past over uprooted olive trees? I don’t have the data on this claim.

2) My source from the West Bank tells me that Palestinians regularly try and provoke things for the camera, making the presence of the camera a reason for violence.

3) Btselem’s policy of handing out these cameras is an invitation to Pallywood staging. If the Israelis are smart, they will prepare a team of experts to go over these scenes on a regular basis.

Video: Police go undercover to identify attackers of Palestinians (Hattip MHB)

Two suspects arrested

Suspects sent to three day house arrest by Beer Sheva judge:

Published: 06.17.08, 16:59 / Israel News
The Beer Sheba Magistrate’s Court sent the two settlers suspected of assaulting Palestinians in the West Bank a week ago to a three-day house arrest.

The court rejected the police’s request to extend their remand by eight days. (Efrat Weiss)

Apparently for lack of evidence.

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  1. Philip Martin says:

    I saw this item and was suspicious I have to say. I am going by memory now but at the point when the first blow was struck, the camera, which up until then was fairly steady, was unable to get a clear picture and was handled in such a way that nothing could be seen, literally nothing. Yet the camera-holder neither ran to help nor ran away. The weapon of choice was a baseball bat but the injuries sustained by the old woman could only have come from a glancing blow. Wouldn’t a clean blow have shattered her face? Otherwise all I remember seeing was a slightly raised and bruised cheek with a little blood which could have come from a fall. There was also little geographical context to give a sense of place or how exposed these settlers might be in making their attack. If they really are such a menace, why did the field-workers just stand there awaiting the onslaught of these armed masked men? The trouble is that Pallywood now makes you question everything about what could have been a horrible attack. However those who cannot countenance any kind of staging have another definite addition to the list of Israeli crimes. Despite what is going on in Zimbabwe, an old colonial interest, China, and Burma, the BBC choose to air this on prime-time TV. Even if this is as awful as it ‘looks’ the narrative of Israeli vindictiveness keeps getting told and retold so that we never forget it. Now what about those 2 million Burmese who were at risk from starvation? Open the memory hole…..

  2. Eliyahu says:

    RL, B’Tselem is well-funded by foreign outfits including Ford Foundation, various EU bodies and institutions in EU states, as well as some funding, at least in its early years, by the Carter Center in Atlanta [jimmy’s institute]. The Carter Center has been funded by wealthy Arab sources over the years, including the notoriously corrupt BCCI bank and the Bin Laden Group [owned by Osama’s family]. The Center’s annual report for a recent year was up on the Web and I saw the Bin Laden Group listed as a contributor.

    I once had a talk with a B’Tselem activist. She told me that B’Tselem was concerned with human rights/civil rights in Judea-Samaria and Gaza. But in fact B’Tselem does not take any interest in the civil or human rights of Jews who live in Judea-Samaria. Apparently, those Jews –or maybe no Jews whatsoever anywhere– have any civil rights or human rights. There are cases where the civil rights of Jews living in Judea-Samaria were violated by Israeli police working under peacemongering governments. No protests or complaints were forthcoming from B’Tselem in these cases.

    So there is no reason not to see B’Tselem as deliberately making provocations and/or encouraging Arabs to do so. Furthermore, in the case of the filmed incident near Susiya, we don’t have the specific background to know what if any provocations had taken place earlier and by whom and at whose instigation.

    Jews living in Hebron have charged, as reported, I recall, in either Ba’Sheva` or Maqor Rishon, that Israeli “leftists” and peacemongers have deliberately tried to stir up Arabs in Hebron to create incidents against the Jewish inhabitants. The recent report that I read was appreciative and thankful to traditional Arab leaders in the city who refused to go along with the plans of the “leftists.”
    Here below is a link to a recent article –in Hebrew– that charges a group called Shobrim Shtikah [breaking silence] of not only trying to agitate Arabs against Jews in the city but of perpetrating riots and disorders and provocations in Hebron by themselves [even without Arab participation] on various occasions. The very name “breaking silence” has that holier-than-thou aroma of “leftist” agitprop so familiar in the West. I wonder who suggested the name to this body.

    We ought to bear in mind that getting the Jews out of Hebron has long been a goal of British policy as far back as 1929, and is now apparently a US goal too. So the efforts of “breaking silence” fit in with the policy goals of certain Western powers.

  3. Dimitry says:

    Eliyahu, here is a link to a ynet article to similar behaviour you describe,7340,L-3556322,00.html

  4. E.G. says:

    Le Monde also ran an article about “Breaking the Silence”. Interestingly, the article says this EU-funded association has collected about 500 abuse stories (part of them anonymus i.e. unverifiable) since 2004. But the paper leaves out a key datum: the number of soldiers that have served in the Hebron area during these 4 years. So, even if one accepts these accounts as true, and estimating the real number of abuses is, say, 10 times higher to include unreported abuses: how can anyone calculate the ratio of abusive individuals or acts?

  5. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 06/16/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  6. oao says:

    Despite what is going on in Zimbabwe, an old colonial interest, China, and Burma, the BBC choose to air this on prime-time TV.

    Not to mention the fact that in this case it was a bunch of individuals who did it, while in the countries you mention it’s goddamned systematic govt policy.


  7. Ami Isseroff says:

    A blog that links to this post and discusses the issues:
    Implementing the conscience of Zionism.
    It may not please many of your readers, if they think that YNET is “self hating” and “far left.”

    I wonder that you take such mail seriously. If, 20 years ago, you got a letter saying that the New York Times was a mouthpiece of the Comintern, wouldn’t you throw it in the trash? It doesn’t do credit to the cause of Zionism and Israel to publicize the fact that some of its adherents have such ideas.

    Justice must be done and justice must be seen to be done – for the sake of Israel.

    Ami Isseroff

  8. unk says:

    good for you RL. you should run more posts like this. self criticism is indeed important.

  9. oao says:


    do you ask for and get any self-criticism from the other side? in fact, do arabs/muslims have the concept of self-criticism at all?

  10. Cynic says:

    For what it’s worth here is a comment from Media Backspin which casts doubt on the BBC video
    Questions Remain Over BBC Response

    The sound somehow fails to pick up one word of any language. Neither Arabic, Hebrew or English can be heard so it is not possible to judge by the accents.
    The blurred image also never catches a single blow landing.
    I am no doctor although I find it hard to believe an elderly woman suffering from a ‘fractured jaw’ could have been talking without obvious swelling or any impediment to speech in a week.

  11. Richard says:

    I was referred here from elder of ziyon when I raised a concern about this video. I thought it might be suspicious – given Pallywood. I am shocked that these three did that, more so to think this is a regular occurance.
    However I am reminded that this is not too dissimilar to the situation on Jewish farms in the 1920s and 1930s, where violence had to be used to keep Arabs from damaging crops. I suspect the “peace” groups are being used and RL is right to say that this tactic is an invitation to film propaganda.
    Last note. It is interesting to note how the tone of these reports is designed to suggest that it is incredibly brave and hard to bring out reports from the West Bank – akin to getting reports out of the USSR…

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