Pictures of the Attack

My daughter Noa Landes is here in Israel this summer working as a photography intern at the Jerusalem Post. She was immediately sent to the scene and these are some of her exclusive photos.

bulldozer attack 1 blog
View from an apartment on Jaffa St down to the scene of the attack. These two cars were smashed by the bulldozer. At least one of the fatalities took place here.

bulldozer attack 2 blog
This is a street level view of the two cars.

bulldozer attack 4 blog
The body of one of the victims was taken to the side to be evacuated after allh the survivors were seen to by the emergency workers.

bulldozer attack blog 5
There were two buses hit by the Bulldozer. This one sustained minor damage compared to the other whick was turned on its side.

bulldozer attack blog 6
This view of Jaffa St. Goes from east to west, following the path of the attacker. in the foreground are the two cars. In the middleground and background there are the two buses that were hit as well as more cars that were damaged by the rampage as well as emergency vehicles.

3 Responses to Pictures of the Attack

  1. Ari says:

    It’s been some time, so I may be wrong, but I don’t recall any part of Jaffa St. having the view seen in the last photo. Could this be Sarei-Israel St. instead?

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  3. Eliyahu says:

    Avi, the photo seems to Rehov Yafo as of now. Special bus lanes were set up in the middle and the open lot on the right side of the photo was the location of the temporary central bus terminal while the old one was being renovated.

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