“American Martyr’s” Diaries are Published

Post by Lazar and RL (in italics)

Ah, Rachel Corrie. We all remember the late Rachel Corrie, the American martyr, the heroine of the anti-Israel (and America) far left, who traveled to the Gaza Strip in early 2003 as part of the International Solidarity Movement, and was killed while attempting to impede an Israeli D-9 bulldozer from demolishing… it’s not clear: was it the house of Samir Nasrallah or was it a tunnel through which minitions for attacks on Israeli civilians were being smuggled? She became an icon for Palestinians and their international supporters. Plays were written in her honor, and scholarships and babies carry her name in Arab countries.

On her memorial website (there are many others), her parents say about their daughter:

How I wish that the young man in the bulldozer that killed Rachel could have just stopped, hopped out, and talked to her. He would have met a beautiful soul.


Ah would some Power the giftie gie them to see their daughter as others see her. Yes, a beautiful soul. And what an example for the little Palestinian children around her.

An interview with Rachel two days before her death in Gaza does not portray an introspective, discerning young woman, but rather shows a girl in over her head offering slogans and cliches about Israeli brutality, virginal Palestinian innocence, etc. Wherever she is now, I wonder how she is twisting Hamas’ brutal takeover of the Gaza Strip into a product of Israeli colonialism to whoever has the patience to listen to her force a line of reasoning through her ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’.

She says that Israel is systematically destroying the Palestinians ability to survive. The Palestinian economy has crumbled since Israel left — gone are the jobs in Gush Katif, and even the greenhouses that the Israelis left for them were destroyed.

Rachel’s parents write:

    Rachel’s brutal death illustrates dramatically the madness of war.

They should have written, “Rachel’s brutal death illustrates dramatically the madness of parents who let their initially well-intentioned young daughter be brainwashed by the dominant activist scene at her college (Evergreen State), and then let her go to a war zone to protect terrorists and be used by them as a propaganda piece… to prolong the madness of war.

On Commentarymagazine.com, Roberta Seid reviewed the recently released diary of Rachel Corrie, entitled Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie. Seid’s finds an idealistic student who allowed herself to be indoctrinated by the activists at Evergreen, who never dealt with events that ran counter to the narrative taught to her, and who was oblivious to the gap between her notion of cruel Israelis and her actual experiences with them.

For the full article, click here:

Her more rebellious teen and college years were filled with intermittent depression, struggles with her mother, neo-beat activities, all-night drug and alcohol parties, a job on the graveyard shift of a mental health service for low-income clients, cigarette smoking in the early dawn streets with the town’s derelicts after her shift, and bouts of agoraphobia.

The diaries demonstrate little introspection. Rachel Corrie rarely questioned herself, her opinions, or her motives. In her writings, she attempted no human portraits, except very brief ones of her first love, Colin, and even these are about how he reacts to her. Hers is a hermetic world, and her idealism was similarly focused inward — an inchoate, vague passion that fastened on a variety of the progressive causes espoused by her family, home town, and college, Evergreen.

A fairly good description of at least one dimension of moral autism.

All this made Rachel ripe fodder for the ISM. This Palestinian-led organization callously recruited idealistic, naïve “internationals” to break Israeli law, violate IDF security zones, indoctrinate them with its peculiar version of the conflict, and to groom them as future speakers for its anti-Israel cause. While soothing volunteers by insisting that ISM engaged only in non-violent resistance, the organization nonetheless defended and abetted Palestinian violence (its website affirmed the “right to armed resistance against occupation”) and was committed to dismantling Israel’s counter-terrorism measures which were intended to prevent the mass murder of Israelis…

The second culprit should be Corrie’s school, the progressive Evergreen College, which irresponsibly encouraged her participation with ISM. Corrie wrote that the course that most affected her was “Local Knowledge,” whose primary purpose was to get students involved in community activism for progressive causes. The class focused on the “links between historic repression, racism, propaganda campaigns and xenophobia to our present situation.” She concluded that “it’s important that human rights and resistance to oppression be included in the way we define ourselves as a community.”

Maybe it was in this class, too, that she learned that the United States is “perhaps one of the most racist countries in the world.” …She was oblivious to the larger context of the conflict and to her surroundings, and her apparent lack of curiosity about them, is breathtaking. There is not a word in the journals about the terrorist campaign unleashed on Israel in September 2000, not a word that reveals that Gaza, especially Rafah (where Corrie stayed) was a hotbed of terrorism and arms smuggling. She apparently never watched the videos of suicide bombers’ last statements, or questioned the increasing radicalization of Palestinian society. Rachel never mentions the Palestinian Authority or Yasser Arafat, and gives no inkling of Gaza as a clan-based society with competing clans vying for power. There is no sense that she tried to understand or was even aware of the society in which she now lived.

This may have something to do with the fact that ISM severely discourages their youthful activists from challenging the morality of suicide terror among their hosts. On the contrary:

    As an ISM volunteer we expect you to be in contact with local activists and leadership and to respect the guidance of those around you. Respect for their views and guidance should be your highest priority.” (International Solidarity Movement Information Pack, p. 44)

In other words, someone like Rachel, with her exquisite concerns for justice and prejudice could not afford to be curious about the culture she was protecting. Indeed, one wonders how long she, or her parents after her, would receive the warm welcome they got were they to show even the slightest disapproval of the moral tactics of their heroic “resisters”.

Nor did she make any effort to analyze Israel’s predicament. Her radical sources convinced her that Sharon’s “fingerprints” were on Palestinian suicide bombings: Sharon’s policy is “assassination-during-peace-negotiations/suicide attack within the green line/land grab strategy, which is working well now to create settlements all over the Occupied Territories….” – and again–“Sharon has I think pretty much admitted that suicide bombings are a way of getting more land under the guise of security.”

She continually imposed her own grid of beliefs to interpret facts on the ground. She defended terrorism when she acknowledged it existed, claiming that “international law…recognizes the right of people to legitimate armed struggle.” If people in her hometown of Olympia faced the dire conditions Gaza faced, she rhetorically asked her mother, don’t you think “we might try to use somewhat violent means to protect the edge of the greenhouses, to protect whatever fragments remained?”

The language here is quite revealing: “…somewhat violent means” is her euphemism for blowing “ourselves” up in the middle of civilians? As for the greenhouses… who destroyed them in the first place?

Unless her family excluded them from the published journals, she also made no mention of Israeli terror victims. Instead, she claimed that “the vast majority of Palestinians right now, as far as I can tell, are engaging in Gandhian non-violent resistance” — a counterfactual observation that led Times of London reviewer Clive Davis to write that “Even the late Yassir Arafat might have blushed at that one.”

Finally, what is most curious about Corrie’s Journals is that hard as she tried to impose the ISM narrative on what she saw, her reports constantly contradicted this narrative, though she didn’t recognize the contradictions.

She wrote that decades of occupation had oppressed Palestinians, yet Gazans kept saying that their difficult situation was due to the Intifada and to Israel’s subsequent counterterrorism measures, not to a decades-old occupation. One Gazan said, “There was a peaceful time in the late seventies and early eighties…things were better before Sharon” — that is, before Sharon became Prime Minister in 2001. (253) Another told her: “Before — no tanks, no bulldozers, no gunshots. Quiet….No noise. After Intifada, daily. Gunshots daily.

She even confirmed that conditions in Gaza worsened only with the Intifada. She wrote that 60,000 people from Rafah had worked in Israel in 2001, but that the number had dropped to 600 by 2003. But she never drew the logical conclusion that her Gazan informants kept repeating — the terrorist campaign had forced Israel to take defensive measures.

Similarly, Corrie demonized the Israeli soldiers, but they hardly appear demonic. When she and other internationals stand in front of the tanks, the soldiers “open their weird tank lids and wave at us.” The Israeli district command officer worked to “ensure the safety of Palestinian workers.”

Nor, to her surprise, were Palestinians afraid of the soldiers. When a Gazan runs from his home with his two children after ISM mistakenly informed him that his house was to be demolished, she “was terrified to think that this man felt it was less of a risk to walk out in view of the tanks with his kids than to stay in his house.” She tried to interpose herself between him and the tanks, yet he clearly did not need her protection. Children play in full view of the tanks, apparently unafraid. (She was stunned to find that despite tanks and bulldozers passing by, “all of these people are genuinely cheerful” — even though this did not fit into her preconceived notions. When IDF soldiers entered a house to position themselves on the roof, no one was bothered or harassed. The children just watched cartoons on TV.

Indeed, despite Israel’s counterterrorism measures, Palestinians were free to carry on their usual activities and even anti-Israel rallies. While she was there, Eid celebrations were held, and so was the anti-Israel, anti-US rally where Rachel burned a paper replica of the American flag. Such rallies were held even though, according to Corrie, a former IDF commander expressed concern that “terrorists would sneak into our ‘political protest’ and attack settlements.”

While she claimed that the IDF bulldozed homes even though families were still inside, she also admitted (on page 311) that most of the homes were empty during these IDF operations. While she and other internationals denounced the checkpoints, they nonetheless described them as similar to the security checks at international airports.

Oddly, too, while Rachel condemned various IDF actions that she witnessed, she inadvertently revealed that they were justified. When she and other ISM internationals ran to retrieve the body of a “martyr,” she did note that the terrorist group, DFLP, had sent him on his mission to attack soldiers. While she bemoaned the IDF’s destruction of Gazan homes, she admitted that most were located near tunnels — the arms smuggling tunnels the IDF was trying to destroy — or just along the border, precisely where Israel was trying to create a buffer zone to prevent more arms smuggling. She blamed the IDF for blowing up a Palestinian greenhouse, even while she acknowledged that someone from the “Palestinian resistance” had planted an explosive there and the IDF was merely defusing it.

“The surreal thing is that we are safe” here, she wrote. More surreal is the fact that Rachel Corrie, indoctrinated by the ISM, her college, and suspect sources, imposed her preconceived notions on a situation that did not match those preconceptions. Tragically, anti-Israel activists are exploiting her accidental death to promote this surreal narrative.

Rachel Corrie black hearts the Palestinians.

The greater tragedy is that her parents are doing the same. Their lack of curiosity about the ISM and their wholesale acceptance of its propaganda are startling, especially given that the ISM put their daughter in danger. Nor has evidence that the ISM activists sheltered known suicide bombers and terrorists, and was barred from entering Israel, dampened their defense of the organization. Instead of using their bitter experience as a warning to parents of other would-be ISM recruits, they are using their position as bereaved parents to win sympathy for the group most responsible for their daughter’s death.

I met Rachel Corrie’s parents. They are sad and angry people who deal with their pain by striking out at the enemy as their daughter defined it. It is their way of dealing with their loss. It is a sad testimony to the human need for scapegoats as a way to avoid painful truths — that their daughter did not have to die, and, in particular, had she wanted a heroic death, she could not have chosen a more ignominious cause.

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  1. Eliyahu says:

    off topic/but not entirely.

    Another unaware American thinks that he can lead the world. But to where? Obama’s fakery and ignorance are showing up in all his nakedness. After appointing himself the man in charge of US national security [as his mentor, Zbig brzezinski once was], Obama has decided to shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan in order to fight Al-Qa`ida. That is, he will continue the war in Afghanistan and –according to his spokeswoman, Susan Rice– he will even increase troop numbers there. Meanwhile, he wants to address Germans in Berlin at the Victory column, originally set up in the 19th century to celebrate German military victories over France, Denmark, etc. Hitler had it moved to its present location. See link:


    What happened to the peaceful apostle of Change???? Rachel Corrie was hardly less confused than Obama.

  2. Lynne T says:

    Roberta Seid’s piece is a “must read”, and, over at Solomonia blogsite a few days ago is a post about problems unfolding for the ISM due to a donation of $20,000 made to Hamas despite the sanctions against funding terror.

  3. Lynne T says:

    In a way it’s ironic. Israel is villified for the accidental death of someone who was trying to prevent the IDF from unearthing smuggling tunnels that move weapons. By contrast, when Palestinians commandeer heavy construction equipment and deliberately rampage through crowded streets murdering and maiming, well, they were just driven to it, and Israelis are clearly very violent people who walk the street carrying guns and they need to de-escalate that violent tendency. That’s the level of comment over at the CBC’s on-line news webpage.

  4. E.G. says:

    How odd. France 2 evening news reported on the bulldozer attack in Jerusalem and the reporter actually called the terrorist “le terroriste”. Charles E. must be on vacation.
    http://jt.france2.fr/20h/ (report at 20:10:57)

  5. Gene Robbins says:

    I’d like to make a couple of factual corrections to your article about Rachel Corrie. First, when the IDF demolished the home Corrie was defending, they found no tunnels. Second, Khalid Nasrallah and his wife (one of two families living in the home until Israel destroyed it) were given permission to go to Tel Aviv to get visas to to;ur America, which they then did several years ago. (Israel and America don’t let terrorists tour their countries!) So apparently, Rachel Corrie died defending the home of innocent civilians who weere never compensated for their loss. Nor has Israel ever done an independent investigation into her death. I know we want to defend Israel’s image, but slandering Rachel Corrie is not the way to do it. As the facts bear out, Rachel was actually on the mark. We really need to stick to the facts if we want to keep our credibility.

  6. oao says:

    we are witnessing the collapse of western civilization in general and of israel in particular. it’s over folks.

    and islam has little to do with it. it’s ignorance and inability to think independently and critically. discarding that is suicidal.

  7. Eliyahu says:

    It is indeed ironic, Lynne.

    By the way, I should have said that “Rachel Corrie was hardly MORE confused than Obama.” During the primaries he was Mr Peace, Mr Anti-Military. Now he is Mr National Security and favors continuing the Afghanistan war. Given the NYTimes’ refusal to publish a McCain op ed, plus other signs, we have to say that the MSM are very much pro-Obama to the point where McCain is denied a voice. This too ought to demonstrate which candidate is more dangerous. It’s obviously Obama. But McC is really not very impressive so far.

  8. oao says:

    I know we want to defend Israel’s image, but slandering Rachel Corrie is not the way to do it. As the facts bear out, Rachel was actually on the mark.

    I agree with the principle you state, but your correction is not entirely correct either.

    1st, the articles document that Corrie was utterly ignorant and unable to think independently and critically; she was manipulated and indoctrinated as such by ISM. This is entirely accurate, regardless of what happened in the incident in which she was killed.

    2nd, even IF what you describe about the incident is accurate–and I will let others who know the details respond–in the kind of war that the pals impose on israel it is unavoidable that some mistakes are made. who is compensating the israelis for the destruction of their lives and homes? war is war and there are victims. the difference is that the israelis try to avoid mistakes to an almost suicidal degree, while the pals make it a point to kill the innocent.

    such distinctions did not exist in corrie’s mind, which was “lobotomized” by ISM. based on her motives and thinking she shouldn’t have been there, period.

  9. oao says:

    ignorance and inability to reason is now a general cultural trait in the US (and the west) so there is no longer a distinction between elite and public.

    think about it: Obama graduated from what is considered one of the top US schools (not that I think it is that) and his ignorance is massive.

  10. E.G. says:

    That poor young lady was probably trying to stage her own Tien An Men schtick.

    The Matron Saint of Terror
    by Prof. Steven Plaut

  11. Cynic says:

    I posted several links to the fauxtography used and it has not appeared.
    So here’s one of them again
    Note also that the sun on the building that faces the bulldozer is consistent with the sun falling on the back of the bulldozer blade. The same goes for the lack of sunlight on the right side of the bulldozer blade and on the side of the building.

    As for
    As the facts bear out, Rachel was actually on the mark.

    Whose facts; and what facts?

  12. Cynic says:

    #11 wasn’t there when I posted again. Is there an explanation for this behaviour?
    The ghost of RC?

  13. E.G. says:


    The converted ghost maybe :-)
    I’ve also experienced long delays (though not on that post).

    Thanks for the link!

  14. rl says:

    posts with more than two links go into a spam filter. when they clear the filter, they are posted by the time and date they first were entered, so you may have added yours subsequently and then had the unspammed comment go in before yours.

  15. […] [email protected] (David Weigel) wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAn interview with Rachel two days before her death in Gaza does not portray an introspective, discerning young woman, but rather shows a girl in over her head offering slogans and cliches about Israeli brutality, virginal Palestinian … […]

  16. RickD says:

    #11 The “analysis” that says that that picture of Corrie in front of the bulldozer is fauxtography is bogus. There is a high-res version of this photo here http://ia310136.us.archive.org/1/items/Rachel_Corrie__The_Photo_They_Claim_Is_Doctored/RachelRafah.jpg

    The ‘shadow of Corrie’ that the analyst says is going the wrong way isn’t a shadow of Corrie. The bucket of the dozer is full of dirt and what looks like palm fronds are sticking out on the right side. This shadow is from the plant material. The dozer itself casts a shadow on Corrie’s lower legs. The guy’s feet are hidden behind some vegetation. All the shadows on the guy (back of left leg, left side of right leg, left side of body and of head) all indicate the same position relative to the sun as everything else in the photo. The guy wasn’t pasted in. There’s nothing in this hi-res version of the image that indicates a forgery. On top of that what would have been the point? What does this photo prove? That Corrie was near a bulldozer earlier in the day before she was run over? So what? Who disagrees with that?

    #6 The house that Corrie was “defending” on the day she died wasn’t destroyed by the Israelis for more than a year after that day. At best, she wasn’t defending a house from destruction because it wasn’t going to be destroyed. At worst, what was she defending?

  17. E.G. says:

    ‘Bulldozer killers sought vindication’


    “The two bulldozer terrorists who carried out the recent attacks in the capital were driven by a desire to “cleanse” their reputations because of their involvement in crime, Palestinian sources said Wednesday.”

    So, for Palestinians, murdering Israeli Jews is honorable.
    The UNRWA should conduct a denazification program.

    Or else…
    The Palestinian State of 1978
    by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz
    Al-Mughrabi’s State of Palestine on a bus.

    “Al-Mughrabi’s State of Palestine perfectly foreshadows the character of any potential State of Palestine today.”
    “Her State of Palestine was not a vehicle for attaining national aspirations or freedom; it was a vehicle of terrorism, murder and wanton destruction.”

  18. Eliyahu says:

    EG,important to bear in mind that there never was a “palestinian people” in history. The notion of such a people is a psychological warfare invention. One of the purposes of the notion is to prevent peace. A state of palestine is not the real goal of either the palestinian Arab leadership or of the Western powers, especially the UK, but also the USA and EU. The UK is promoting a Judeophobic policy to destroy Israel, using the “palestinian people” notion among other means. UK psywar experts invented the “palestinian people” notion for this nefarious purpose. That’s one reason why those who called for a palestinian state years ago, in 1992, for instance, are now calling for a “one-state solution.” Consider Ilan Pappe for one. Both the “two state” solution and the “one state” solution were meant to be a Final Solution of the Jewish Question.

    When I met Luisa Morgantini, a Italian Communist and member of the Euro parliament, in Jerusalem, I told her that. She was leading an Italian group something like the ISM, that was protesting the closure of the PLO Jerusalem HQ, the Orient House, after the Sbarro pizzeria bombing & massacre. Her group held up signs: Free the Orient House, and similar insanity. She told me that she favored the “due Stati” [= 2 states] solution which would bring peace. I told her that “due Stati” would help the Arabs finish Hitler’s work. One-state would be even worse. These are either dumb or ignorant or foolish or –most likely– disingenuous. I must say that a British group that I encountered at the same demonstration were much ruder, more obnoxious, and indeed more repulsive than the British group.

  19. oao says:

    What is at issue is (1) Corrie was manipulated into putting herself in harm’s way (2) she was probably shielding a weapon tunnel, but i would be shocked if she knew or cared what she was shielding (3) did the dozer driver see her there (4) what did her colleagues and leaders do when she became endangered.

    Anything else is grinding water.

    So, for Palestinians, murdering Israeli Jews is honorable.

    that’s been their defining trait ever since they were invented as such. why is this news?

    “Her State of Palestine was not a vehicle for attaining national aspirations or freedom; it was a vehicle of terrorism, murder and wanton destruction.”

    No kidding? They’ve been declaring this explicitly over and over again in their core documents, in the media, in their education. That’s their foundation. They have NOTHING else that unifies them except the hatred of jews. That the west is in denial about it is not anybody’s fault but the west’s.

    These are either dumb or ignorant or foolish or –most likely– disingenuous.

    All of the above. About the only satisfaction I have from the collapse of the west is for these idiots to live under sharia. That’s exactly what they deserve.

    I must say that a British group that I encountered at the same demonstration were much ruder, more obnoxious, and indeed more repulsive than the British group.

    if you want to understand the real collapse of the UK, not just its islamization and anti-semitism, read Theodore Dalrymple. Civilization is leaving the isle.

  20. E.G. says:


    Could you please update me with the situation of J’lem Arabs: they’re Israeli residents, under civil Israeli govt., benefit from J’lem municipal services, Israeli police, soc. security and Israeli health-care system. Right? What kind of schools do they have? How/by whom are their neighbourhoods managed? Is it the same for the Old city Arabs and the peripheral ones?

    I had a very interesting conversation with a young J’lem suburb Arab man seated next to me on a flight, on his way to his wedding. It was in the beginning of the ’90s – Oslo had just “broke” – and I recall him saying he’d never give up his Blue ID. He’d let his brethern have their state or whatever – but he had his own life well planned as an Israeli citizen/resident.

  21. Cynic says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

    The ’shadow of Corrie’ that the analyst says is going the wrong way isn’t a shadow of Corrie.

    but that’s just it. At the same time that there is a shadow of the hydraulic piston of the Cat onto the blade there is No shadow of Corrie, except what is described as This shadow is from the plant material. at her feet. If the picture was taken with all the actors in place at the same time one would expect Corrie’s shadow (if she has one) to be cast in the same direction, but the building behind her has a shadow from a slightly different angle. She should be throwing a long shadow behind her which should be visible. The Cat is lit up on the right side while the building is in shadow on the right side. Corrie has no shadow to speak off while the man obviously throws one behind him.
    Obviously we are in no position to start measuring angles, but if anything the times were different.
    Going by the first link in #11 “Club Cruz on Rachel Corrie part 2” one gets more info and one also discovers that she was actually in a trench with access to a tunnel when she was killed.

  22. Cynic says:

    What I can tell you is that the Arabs control their own education system, as with their religious affairs, be they Muslim or Christian.
    Those with a somewhat more liberal attitude even send their children to schools where Hebrew is the language of instruction i.e. where Jews go to school.

  23. Cynic says:


    Large numbers of Arabs are in the police force and high ranking officers boot.

    As for their towns, they run them themselves and then when their residents refuse to pay rates and taxes “cause the money goes to the Jews” they scream and cry because the Central Govt., doesn’t bail out the the municipal workers, with Jewish taxes, who are left without salaries for months on end.
    And they run to the media and cry that the Jews discriminate against them and don’t give them the same benefits.
    They build illegally on land not zoned for housing, flout the building laws, pollute the ground water with the effluent and generally present an ugly face to the world and nobody notices the $50,000 and $60,000 Volvos and Mercedes parked next to the buildings.

  24. E.G. says:

    Thanks Cynic,

    I believe you describe the situation of Israeli Arabs – and you forgot to mention the affirmative action (perhaps oao recalls a few anecdotes from Haifa U.?).

    But the situation of Jerusalem Arabs is more specific, no?
    If they have their own schools, who funds them? Who is responsible for the curriculum?

  25. oao says:


    looks like the existence of a palestinian people si now a scientific fact:


    even i must pinch myself.

  26. E.G. says:


    I’d be interested to find out who funded the research that the Sci;Am. journalist describes. And whether it’s published in a major, peer-reviewed, scientific outlet.

  27. RickD says:

    #23 Cynic,

    There are several shadows on Corrie’s body. There is a big shadow from her right arm and the bullhorn on her chest. There is a shadow on her chin from the bullhorn. There are shadows on the back of her left arm and both legs. There should be a shadow on the back left side of her head but I don’t really see it. If you look at the height of the bucket and see the shadow on her lower legs from the bucket you can see that the sun was fairly high in the sky. You can also see this from the shadow of the hydraulic piston, where you can see the part of the cylinder that gets wider in the shadow. I would guess that the sun was at say 45 degrees elevation and a little bit to Corrie’s right.

    The side of the dozer is in shadow. The hydraulic arm, which stands several feet away from the cab of the dozer is not shaded by the cab of the dozer.

    All of the shadows on Corrie’s body, the guy’s body, the ground behind the guy and the shadow from the vegetation in the dozer bucket are all in agreement. The only question is: where is Corrie’s shadow?

    I believe that it’s mostly hidden by the ground and the vegetation that also hides her feet and the guy’s feet. I think that the place where the guy is walking is a little hill and she is standing in a lower spot next to it. Her shadow is to her left, like the guy’s shadow, and it’s on the side of the hill that can’t be seen. At higher mag I can see what might be the edge of her shadow in the brown dirt behind her, but only a bit of it. Notice that the shadow on her right leg is much higher than the shadow on her left leg. I think that her shadow is also skewed to her left and mostly not visible in the picture.

    Again I ask what’s the difference? What’s the point of this photo?

    You also mention the videos from Israeli TV that supposedly show her in the path of the dozer. Honestly I can hardly make out anything in that video. I see a dozer but the dot that is supposed to be a person could be anything. And a trench? I don’t see it. I watched those videos a few times months ago but just couldn’t make out anything of interest. While it’s certainly possible that she was guarding a tunnel, I just don’t see that it’s been proven.

  28. Eliyahu says:

    correction to last paragraph of #20 above:

    1- These PEOPLE/MILITANTS are either dumb….

    2- the British group was “much ruder, more obnoxious, and indeed more repulsive than the ITALIAN group.”

    My conversation with Morgantini was actually rather civilized [despite the content of what she said], whereas an obese woman, one of the leaders of the British group, interrupted me with loaded questions, innuendoes, accusations [based on lies and ignorance]. On the other hand, I was thinking of inviting Morgantini for a coffee at the nearby Olive Tree Hotel for a more serious, detailed conversation. The American Colony Hotel was nearby too but I don’t spend money there.

  29. Cynic says:

    If they have their own schools, who funds them?

    From 1967 all the infrastructure that did not exist ( do you think that the Egyptians and Jordanians were going to invest hard cash on their cannon fodder) was created by the Israelis and that was including schools, “universities”, clinics and hospitals. That goes for both the West Bank and Gaza.
    Pity the MSM didn’t record the mud huts in Jericho that “refugees” built to live in for some 18 years under Jordanian rule.
    Look for the UN resolutions of the 70s chastising the Israelis for building decent housing in Gaza and moving the Arab cannon fodder out of their squalid UNWRA estates.

    Now when Arafat took over he, Fatah, had to take on the maintenance of the land under his control.
    And Europe and the US gave billions, and gave and gave, and yadda, yadda; just look at what exists.

    Now the areas in Jerusalem and surrounds that give the
    Arabs Israeli documentation do not fall under this and they continue to receive Israeli funding; just as if they were Israeli Arabs in any other part of Israel. They get all the benefits of health care and the equivalent of Social Security with all its beneficial side (and also its Socialist inducements to get income for doing little or nothing) that all Israelis get. Only they get to abuse the city’s officials with stonings etc. Come on, you must have seen those incidents on the news.

    Excuse the sarky bits but I am tired of the disinformation that has taken hold and distorted the whole picture, not just of Israel but the world, and produced the ongoing abomination that is Zimbabwe, Darfur, etc.

    Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said that if one did not read the paper then one was uninformed, but if one did read the press then one was misinformed?

  30. Cynic says:

    looks like the existence of a palestinian people si now a scientific fact:

    What about the East Europeans the Turks “transferred” to the area during their rule? What about those Arabs the British moved into the region from as far afield as Syria and Iraq?

  31. Cynic says:

    I should have qualified that last post by including this after “Iraq”:
    after the Jews from the first and second waves of aliyah got agriculture established on a more solid foundation and started creating “wealth” in the early 20th Century

  32. Cynic says:


    If you are still reading this post here’s a link which might interest you. From my previous criticisms you will construe some sort of projection:

    Palestinians: Israel uses rats against J’lem Arabs

    If they do have a rat problem there is no need to blame those who are descendants of apes and pigs but to look in the mirror to see how they live.

  33. E.G. says:

    Thanks Cynic,

    I most appreciated the genetically modified insinuation. Even Abu Toameh, usually neutral, seems to difficultly keep his temper while reporting.

    Well, separating fact from fiction is hardly a tradition in the Levant. And this is one more hallucination turned into news, like the well-poisoning story.

    But I still don’t know much about Jerusalemite Arab schools. Are they part of the J’lem municipal/Israeli govt. education system?
    Where do they study before getting admitted to the Hebrew U.?

  34. oao says:

    What about the East Europeans the Turks “transferred” to the area during their rule? What about those Arabs the British moved into the region from as far afield as Syria and Iraq?

    That’s only real fact, not scientific.

  35. oao says:

    I’d be interested to find out who funded the research that the Sci;Am. journalist describes. And whether it’s published in a major, peer-reviewed, scientific outlet.

    that’s a rhetorical question, ain’t it? we pretty much have a general idea of what the source could be, no?

  36. E.G. says:

    No oao,

    I’d really like to ack the facts.

  37. Eliyahu says:

    The SciAm piece makes it seem like we’re getting back to the good old days of Lysenko’s biology in the good old USSR. And Lysenko was Stalin’s favorite biologist. Likewise, Hitler too had his professors –and some were expert at “racial science.” But it’s now happening in the democratic, anti-Communist US of A.

    There is no “palestinian people” known in history. And the item in CAMERA is too generous, giving the notion a history of “100 years.” Actually, the palestinian people notion did not appear until the early 1960s, with the PLO founded on January 1, 1964. As Dr Mordechai Nisan of Hebrew Univ once wrote, in the journal of Scholars for Peace in the ME, inter alia, an organization created a people, the PLO created the palestinians. I hold that even today, both PLO/Fatah and Hamas see themselves as part of a pan-Arab nation, with Hamas adding a pan-Islamic identity. Just review Arafat’s speeches before he died, review the textbooks in palestinian authority schools, monitor the broadcasts of PA and Hamas radio and TV. You will see the pan-Arab and pan-Islamic identities highlighted.

    Now, a study of ancient aources –not only Jewish but Roman and Greek pagan, Aramaic, Assyrian, even traditional Arab historians, shows NO palestinian people. Ibn Khaldun sees the Jews as rulers of Syria [= al-Sham, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, western Transjordan of today]. Likewise the Quran says that the Holy Land was assigned by Allah to the people of Moses after Allah’s covenant with the sons of Israel [Qur’an 5:12, 20-22].
    We are facing a radical, insidious, covert effort –directed by psywar experts– to excise the Jews from history. That seems to be essential to eradicating Israel. As I have said before, the “palestinian people” notion is itself a psywar weapon against Israel. It is an obstacle to peace.

    Now this trend of backdating the “palestinian people”, a 20th century invention of British psywar experts, is noticeable in other places. In a related effort, an article a few years ago in an archeological magazine complained that archeologists were not devoting enough study to the Muslim monuments and the Muslim period in the Land of Israel [“palestine”]. Actually, the Arabs and other Muslims, in their 460 years of rule before the Crusades and their 675 years [approx] since the end of Crusader rule in Jerusalem [till 1917] probably destroyed more than they built. But this scribbler in the Archeology mag was insistent that all Muslim/Arab works were important. I wouldn’t mind such an article if they also took into account the Arab/Muslim wrecking of whole cities at the time of their conquest, and the massacres of their population. Consider what happened to Gaza at the time of the conquest. Milkha Levy-Rubin goes into the sad fate of the coastal cities of the Levant at that time in a rather recent article in Cathedra [in Hebrew, no. 121].

    It is conceivable to me that influential pro-Arab personalities in the US have been “leaning on” editors of SciAm and other ostenbly scientific publications to get them to publish pro-Arab, pro-“palestinian” lies, thus giving the “palestinian people” invention some scientific grounding. What the article in SciAm obviously and deliberately overlooks is the similarity of Jewish DNA [Ashkenazic, Sefardic, Mizrahi] among the 3 main groups of Jews and to the DNA of groups with whom one would expect a similarity based on known history. That is, the 3 main Jewish groups show modal similarities to Lebanese, Armenians, Kurds [recall to where the 10 Tribes were exiled], Greeks, southern Italians, and some Arabs. It’s obvious to me that leaving Jews out of consideration and considering “palestinians,” not known as a group or as having a group identity before 1964, is deliberately meant as a subtle psywar attack on Jews on ostenbibly “scientific” grounds. It’s a shame that CAMERA gave the “pal ppl” too long a history.

  38. Eliyahu says:

    here is a link to info on Arab executed population transfers at the time of the Arab conquests.


  39. Eliyahu says:

    Jerusalem Arabs are some citizens and some legal permanent residents. Those families living in the city before the 6 Day War, as in the village of Beyt Safafa, were citizens. Those incorporated into the reunited city in 1967 were given the choice of citizenship or permanent resident status. Many or most chose not to take citizenship. One reason is that thay got Israel social benefits anyhow, without becoming citizens and also that the Fatah underground did not want them to take citizenship which would mean coming to terms with Israel. But many took citizenship anyhow. As to education, the city govt of Jerusalem operates public schools in Arabic. Arabs can also go to public schools in Hebrew with Jews. But few choose to do so. I know of a Christian Arab girl whose mother sent her to the Rene Cassin high school. Most of the other kids did not know she was Arab until this was published in a local weekly.

    Many Arabs go to various sorts of private schools. Some operated by churches, by the Brit and French govts, by the Sisters of the Rosary [where Arafat’s “wife” Suha went], etc. Muslims too sometimes go to church schools.
    The school situation is rather a hodgepodge.

  40. oao says:

    I’d really like to ack the facts.

    by all means do. but i can guess what you will find, no?

  41. E.G. says:

    Thanks Eliyahu,

    for taking the time to tell the facts regarding J’lem Arab schooling (how come former miss Tawill didn’t go to school in her native Ramallah?).
    So Jerusalemite (and Israeli) Arabs have pretty much choice in education.


    Yes, for some reason it’s never mentioned that all Universities in the Terrirories were founded after 1967. Cruel occupation.

  42. E.G. says:

    An interesting op-ed by Moshe Arens

    “Also, there is a need for instituting the Israeli curriculum and the supervision of the Ministry of Education in the Arab schools, for encouraging the participation of the Arab population in municipal elections, and for urging the Arab population to take out Israeli citizenship.”


  43. oao says:

    Yes, for some reason it’s never mentioned that all Universities in the Terrirories were founded after 1967. Cruel occupation.

    there was practically nothing and no development when the israelis took over. most of what they got today is what the israelis contributed minus the destruction by arafat & co. and hamas after oslo, which leaves almost nothing.

  44. Julie Wilcox says:

    You people are insane! You will meet your maker in another world. I can’t believe you support Zionism and the cruelties that betray peace. How ironic that I was in Palestine on the third friday of Ramadan and the separation wall was closed to the mosc that the muslims wanted to pray at, yet at the Western wall, the Jews were still mourning their inability to worship at their temple!

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