GPO Sanctions Al-Jazeera, JPost Gets Details Wrong

Danny Seaman, Director of the Government Press Office, has decided to sanction Al-Jazeera after ther Beirut desk held a party in Samir Kuntar’s honor to celebrate his release. Seaman has ordered  the GPO to withold all services, such as press credentials and help with visas, from Al-Jazeera until they provide an explanation about the affair.

The Jerusalem Post covered the story, but wrote that

Seaman said he also planned to write to the Foreign Press Association in Israel to explain his decision.

Second Draft’s sources tell us that Seaman has no intention of contacting the FPA, and never told the JPost reporter that he would.   

The GPO sanctioned Al-Jazeera earlier in the year after they staged a candlelight vigil in Gaza to protest cuts in fuel supply from Israel.

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  1. […] Seaman had threatened to boycott Al-Jazeera and to cease cooperating with their efforts to secure visas and interviews in Israel, unless Al-Jazeera provided a satisfactory reason for their production and coverage of a birthday party celebration for child-killing terrorist Samir Kuntar, recently released by Israel. Seaman’s threat was covered in an earlier Augean Stables post. […]

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