NYTimes Balances Kershner’s Coverage of Palestinian Abuses

The New York Times simply couldn’t help themselves. They published an article by Isabel Kershner on July 29th, “Palestinian Factions Escalate Arrests“. Kershner was critical of the “tit-for-tat” arrests between Hamas and Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza, and the explosion that killed five Hamas members as well as young girl late Friday. But the article was too unbalanced for the Times, so they evened things out by placing the only photograph on the page right on top of Kershner’s article. The photograph, unrelated to the article, showed a Palestinian man lying on the ground, surrounded by Border Policemen who appear to be kicking him.

The caption reads, “Demolition Sets Off Confrontation Between Israelis and Palestinians– Israeli  forces surrounded a Palestinian man on Monday during a disturbance near East Jerusalem after Israel razed an apartment building it said had been put up without permission.”

As long as we can be confident that The New York Times is dedicated to balanced reporting.

2 Responses to NYTimes Balances Kershner’s Coverage of Palestinian Abuses

  1. E.G. says:

    In this kind of journalism, balance means you don’t talk about one side without talking about the other. Who’s the relevant other in the Palestinian case? Specifically in Gaza?
    For the NYT (but they’re not alone) this question doesn’t seem to arise.

  2. Carol Herman says:

    Ya can’t mix apples and oranges.

    While the NY Times has lost altitude, and I doubt represents much, in terms of “news” to anyone with access to the internet.

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