Pioneer Settler Rabbi Endorses Obama

Rabbi Menahem Frohman, one of pioneers of the religious settler movement in Israel, officially came out in support of Barack Obama for president. Frohman, from Teko’a, was in the news in February for drafting a proposed peace deal with Hamas, represented by Khaled Amayreh, that included the release of Gilad Shalit.

From Haaretz

The Hebrew and Arabic document contains verses from the Koran and the Bible and states, “God is the greatest of all and He alone can bring an end to the problems between the noble Palestinian people and the distinguished Jewish people in the Holy Land.”

The proposal calls for Israel to lift its sanctions on the Gaza Strip, permit economic relations between Gaza and the outside world and open all border crossings. The Israel Defense Forces would end “all hostile activities toward the Gaza Strip, including targeted assassinations, the setting of ambushes, aerial bombardments and all penetrations into Gazan territory, in addition to ending the arrest, detention and persecution of Palestinians in the Strip.”

The Palestinians would be obligated “to take all the necessary steps to completely end the attacks against Israel,” including stopping “indefinitely all rocket attacks on Israel,” assaults “on Israeli civilians and soldiers” and “to impose a cease-fire on all groups, factions and individuals operating in the Strip.”

Here is the text of the letter-

With God’s Help

To the person who, with God’s help, will be the next President of the United States of America:

Dear Senator Barack Obama,

“May the Lord bless you from Zion, and may you gaze upon the goodness of Jerusalem all the days of your life.”

This letter from an elder Jewish Rabbi who lives in close proximity to Jerusalem, addressed to the young candidate for President of the United States, may be considered irregular and even reckless. With that said, the Creator of the Universe, blessed be He, granted us, with His grace, the privilege to live in a reckless world. Our grandmothers, from all nations and traditions, used to say that miracles are the fingerprints of the Creator in His creation. The fingers of the Divine hand are outstretched to us in peace. The American Dream that you speak of, about everyone fulfilling all their opportunities, is the manifestation of realizing God’s ability to make miracles for everyone in the world.

It is a fact that miracles happen in the world. To attest to that is this very letter that is being sent from a Rabbi, living in proximity to Jerusalem, to the candidate for President in order to discuss the question: Can the greatest miracle of all take place; can Barack Obama be elected President in less than two months time? This letter comes to let you know that I pray and await this very miracle because we need change.

Jerusalem awaits Barack Obama. The Holy land awaits Barack Obama. The Middle East awaits Barack Obama. The whole world awaits Barack Obama. Your being elected will be God’s outstretched hand for peace.

Not only America says ‘Enough’ along with you, the entire world says ‘Enough’. Not only the American soldiers in Iraq say ‘Enough’ along with you, but also the Israelis and the Palestinians say ‘Enough’. No more War! Also the Middle East needs change and the realization of new opportunities.

Realizing new opportunities in the Middle East is in fact the realization of new opportunities in the United states and around the world. Peace in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land is the key to peace in Baghdad, Afghanistan and the whole world. The Israelis and the Palestinians are two small nations, but there is a possibility that they will be the ones to build the bridge between Western Civilization and the Islamic world. Enough with words and promises about peace in the Middle East, it’s time for realization.

It is not enough to use new words or make new promises in order to achieve realization, what is needed is depth and seriousness. I am writing to you in order to reveal to you the depth of my heart. For me, the concept of God coincides with the concepts of depth and seriousness. The practical applications of being a believer are to be deep and serious. In order to be an instrument of God’s will, one has to be deep and serious. In order to implement the greatest miracle of all – the revelation of the will of God, God’s help is needed.

In our world, depth and seriousness are sometimes revealed by wisdom gained by years of experience. This is the reason that in Hebrew (and in Arabic) the Rabbi or the religious leader is called an Elder. That having been said, the Creator in His grace gave us the privilege to live in a wondrous world that also has other possibilities. Sometimes, the young gain not only the energy of the youth, but also the blessings of the Elders. That very blessing of the Elders is what helps the young realize the greatest miracle of all.

What can I do to help realize this great miracle? Three weeks ago I initiated the filming of a video, filmed in the Holy Land in which I, as a Rabbi expressed my awaiting Barack Obama in the Holy Land.

If the U.S.A. will choose the deep and serious meaning of the American Vision that will be a message of hope for everyone around the world.

We are waiting because on November 4 there is a new opportunity that everyone in the world in his home, or in his little village will get new opportunities for his life directly from America.

I will continue to pray for the greatest miracle of all. I believe that the proper words to express my prayer are ‘Lord, Help me guard against Pride and Despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.’


Rabbi Menachem Froman

Chief Rabbi of Tekoa

The Rabbi has long had connections with Hamas, as he tried to forge a peace based on religious values. He is shown here with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, then spiritual leader of Hamas.

5 Responses to Pioneer Settler Rabbi Endorses Obama

  1. bobbie says:

    a person of the Jewish persuasion supporting BO is like a chicken supporting Colonel Sanders … his (BO ‘s) mentors and advisors are either anti-semitic , anti-israeli or both — the Rabbi appears to be anti-israeli and so to is Obama

  2. Iraq War says:

    I’m basically an optimist in life but this doesn’t prevent me from deducing as a scientist that we are probably doomed.VladimirChaloupkaVladimir Chaloupka, physicist, University of Washington, regarding mankind’s potential misuse of technology

  3. Rich Rostrom says:

    He’s been drinking the Kool-Aid.

    What does “peace in Jerusalem” have to do with the Islamist terror bombings in India?

    Or with Abu Sayyaf and the MILF in the Philippines?

    Or with the Taliban campaign to regain power in Afghanistan?

    Or with the Tamil Tigers, FARC, ETA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, or Sendero Luminoso?

    More to the point: why does he think Hamas would actually honor a cease-fire agreement with Israel? To do so would mean the repudiation of the Hamas Charter. He believes that the Hamas leaders are sincerely religious – that is the entire basis of his policy. If so, why does he think they are not sincere in their determination to destroy Israel?

    Cognitive egocentrism here, to the max.

  4. Michael B says:

    Frohman’s fideism in the political realm would appear to be equal to or even surpass his fideism in the religious realm.

  5. Wine says:

    What, there are MILFs in the Philippines!!! I have never seen a fit Philipono.

    Anyhow, whatever happened to the right wing/hardcore Jews from Tekoa?

    This alleged “Rabbi” is VERY dangerous.

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