Vehicular Terror in Jerusalem Again

Tonight, Jerusalem suffered its third vehicular attack by an East Jerusalem Arab in as many months. Although there has been no connection established between the three attacks, it is unlikely that all three were disgruntled Arabs acting alone. It is equally unlikely that the attackers would have the cooperation of East Jerusalemites, though they may well have the sympathy of many. The rights, jobs, and freedom cherished by East Jerusalem Arabs are put in jeopardy by these attacks, and these residents have a history of acting primarily to protect those rights, especially when threatened with the possibility of becoming part of a Palestinian state.

Unfortunately, it seems inevitable that a driver will accidentally lose control of his car in Jerusalem at some point, and nearby police or soldiers will mistake him for a terrorist and potentially open fire.

4 Responses to Vehicular Terror in Jerusalem Again

  1. E.G. says:

    a. A driver losing control would try to avoid hurting people, not target them.

    b. According to the latest news, it appears the poor victim was under acute emotional strain: his cousin had just refused to marry him. Isn’t it good enough reason to take your(?) BMW and kill a few Yahood?

  2. Lynne T says:

    E.G.: if it is true that this man’s cousin declined his marriage proposal, than you are witnessing the obverse honour-shame behaviour of the dishonoured woman who reclaims her honour posthumously by blowing herself up. The twisted reasoning of killing Jews as a way to accompish something in death is a phenomena that elludes the “root causers” who think the motive is frustration and dispair arising the dreaded “occupation”.

  3. E.G. says:

    Lynne T

    What else than THE occupation could drive(!) a dishonoured YOUTH into a crowd? Perhaps apartheid?
    I’m writing tongue-in-cheek.

  4. Joel says:

    Not only did the early Zionists move into a ‘bad neighborhood’,they also moved next door to a mental asylum.

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