Jutland it isn’t: ISM Boat vs. Israeli Navy, Part Two

After the Israeli Navy refused to take the bait and surprisingly let the ISM’s two boat slip into Gaza and back out without incident, there appears to be a rematch taking shape. The ISM plans to set sail Thursday from Cyprus, aiming once again to arrive during Shabbat, in order to increase the inconvenience of the Isreli sailors.

The ISM is upping the ante this time as well, attracting higher profile supporters.

The organizers of the boat said about 20 protesters will be on board, including Balad MK Jamal Zahalka, 1976 Irish Nobel peace prize winner Mairead Maguire, who has been involved in the protests at Ni’ilin, Palestinian Legislative Council member Mustafa Barghouti and human rights lawyers and monitors, as well as five doctors.

2 Responses to Jutland it isn’t: ISM Boat vs. Israeli Navy, Part Two

  1. Eliyahu says:

    An old story. Human rights but not for all humans. Jews need not apply. Where’s Mairead’s concern for Jonathan Pollard??

  2. Joel says:

    Where is their concern for Gilad Shalit, who is imprisoned right under their feet in Gaza.

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