McCain Website Behind the Times on Goldwasser/Regev

John McCain’s website has a section on his policy positions on the Middle East, especially Israel. But it seems that whoever is responsible for it is asleep on the job.

His site reads:

John McCain Will Bring More Attention To The Kidnapping Of Three Young Israelis In 2006. In the summer of 2006, Hamas and Hezbollah kidnapped three young Israelis and have held them ever since. John McCain has met with the families and will bring attention to their situation, insist that the Geneva Conventions are observed, and call for the swift release of these men.

Of course, on July 16th of this year, the bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, kidnapped by Hezbollah, were returned to Israel. Gilad Shalit’s plight remains urgent, and one that might especially interest McCain because of his experience as a POW.

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