Sky News Scolds McCain for What?!?

The New Republic’s The Stump  picked up on a strange comment in a Sky News article about the new footage of John McCain as a POW.

The video portrays the Republican as a hero but the message may be tarnished as he is filmed smoking a cigarette.(italics mine- lb)

Who would even think of criticizing a man who held out for his comrades against brutal torture for having a drag on a cigarette? I really don’t think that this would cause anyone to miss the emotional contained in the footage.

In the footage an emotional and shirtless McCain passes a message to his wife saying he will get well and loves her.

He also describes being shot down over Hanoi in 1967, and parachuting into a lake.

At times, when speaking of his family, McCain’s lower lip trembles and his voice breaks.

“I was on a flight over the city (Hanoi) … and I was bombing and I was hit by a missile or anti-aircraft fire, I’m not sure which,” he said, adding that his plane “went straight down”.

After landing in the lake, McCain said he “was picked up and taken to the hospital, where I almost died”.

McCain on the campaign trail

In the interview, McCain said he was treated well by his Vietnamese captors. Asked about the food, he told his French interviewer: “It’s not like Paris … (but) I eat it.”

French reporter Francois Chalais conducted the interview , which was first broadcast on French television program Panorama in January 1968.

The journalist’s widow, Mei Chen Chalais, is seeking payment from several television broadcasters in France and the US for the unauthorised use of the footage.

Her lawyers have even written to the McCain campaign as its website features a few seconds of the footage, which Chalais said was done without her approval.

Criticizing the man featured in the footage, whose personal bravery is the only cause for it to be worth anything, seems rather petty as well.

4 Responses to Sky News Scolds McCain for What?!?

  1. Abu Nudnik says:

    You can’t buy comedy like this!

  2. Windy Wilson says:

    Why am I reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s reply to the man who reported that General Grant drank whiskey?
    “Find out what brand and I’ll issue it to all my generals”, or words to that effect.

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    “Criticizing the man featured in the footage, whose personal bravery is the only cause for it to be worth anything, seems rather petty as well.”

    Hey, you know the rules, there is nothing too petty if you’re criticizing a Republican.

    This does hit a new low, though. Even greater than hounding Senator Packwood out of office for pecadillos he did 20 years earlier.

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