Israel and Hamas in the 80s

I am helping a terrorism expert in D.C. conduct research for his upcoming book on Israeli counter-terrorism. We are currently looking at Israel’s attitude toward Hamas in its formative stages. Everything that I have found indicates that, in contrast to what many claim, while Israel allowed Hamas to operate in Gaza before it became a violent group, it gave Hamas no active aid.  Has anyone come across any evidence that Israel did indeed actively help or cooperate with Hamas in the 80s?

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  1. Pierre Lurcat says:

    Shalom Richard
    I’ve read a good book (in hebrew) concerning Hamas
    and Israel’s attitude toward Hamas in the 80’s.
    It’s more complicate and ambivalent than what is usually said and writte about it, as you can guess…

  2. lazar says:

    Shalom Pierre,

    Richard is not working on the book, I am. To which work are you referring? I’ve probably read it, but if I haven’t, I would welcome your suggestion.



  3. Pierre Lurcat says:

    “Hamas, me-Emounah be-Allah le-Derekh HaTerror”
    by Roni Shaked and Aviva Shabi
    (Keter Publishing)

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