IAF hits Gaza Underground Missile Launch as it Attempts to Fire

The IDF has released this footage from a drone of the Israeli AIr Force hitting an underground missile launcher that is located in a residential area. You can see a missile firing just after impact and landing at the edge of some houses not far away.

If some civilians were injured, can we expect the local reporters to admit that it was from “friendly” fire… as in this case from the previous day, where two Gazan girls were killed by a Palestinian missile? (HT Solomonia)

Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza girls
Palestinians misfire rocket, two Gaza girls killed after Qassam hits home in northern Strip; earlier Friday, Palestinian man wounded by misfired rocket taken for treatment in Israeli hospital

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  1. Solomonia says:

    Video of Gaza Missile Misfire…

    Courtesy of Richard Landes, here is video showing an Israeli Air Force missile strike against an underground Gaza missile launcher. The missile, already prepped for launch, misfires. I’m trying to find out if it’s the same as this incident…….

  2. Solomonia says:

    Nature Takes Its Course in Gaza…

    Events are taking their course (previous: Unnatural Events in Gaza). Dave in Israel is live-blogging. The Flea notes an incongruous headline (And we need to care what these people think. It doesn’t matter what you do, they make up their……

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