Pallywood Alert: Bruno Stevens on the Gaza Beat

Rudi Roth writes from Belgium that Bruno Stevens is in Gaza. In a comment to an article in HLN.BE on anti-semitic graffiti on a French synagogue, Anti Volkenmoordenaars, Tervuren writes:

Bruno Stevens, is fully occupied in Gaza. He’s the only journalist who can get in despite the fact that the Jews [sic] tried to hide the truth by blocking the journalists. [Note, no comment about why the Egyptians have blocked them.] His first messages and photos can be seen in HNB. Soon also in NW, PM, and Stern!!

Rudi writes:

That is the same guy who took the photo of the never shot F16 above Lebanon…

and “knows” everything about Al Dura, just everything.

We can expect a lot of pallywood with that guy..

I am ashamed that such a man has my nationality.

I’ve discussed Bruno‘s work and his analysis in the Lebanon War, also available in French.

Keep an eye for his photos.

UPDATE: It’s started. Here’s one:


Here he is on TV.

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  1. E.G. says:

    Not looking forward to any photos.

    But this reasoning, from veteran reporter Lorenzo Cremonesi, is revealing.

    “You want balanced reporting of events? Then it’s necessary to ensure the freedom of the press and restrict censorship. With no possibility of directly checking the veracity of facts, and against the background of the inevitable frustrations that stem from the censorship restrictions, journalists (particularly those from the Western media) will tend, almost by reflex, to adopt the most dramatic versions, the most shocking stories, and the most extreme explanations. The logic behind this is simple: If you hide something from me, that means first and foremost that you want to hide it, and secondly, that you have done something wrong. ”

    Censorship is definitely applied to “things to be kept hidden” such as military ops and means (e.g., weapons, tactics). In Israel, there’s also the delay in reporting casualties, deemed necessary to make sure the family/relatives get the news first. Otherwise, it seems the rules are not worse than those of the US. or GB.
    But who ever said the motive for preventing journalists from entering Gaza was “to hide things”?

  2. Solomonia says:

    The MSM is the Enemy…

    How can you trust the press when they don’t even report on their own limitations? A revealing look at Augean Stables: BBC Silent about being Terrorized in Gaza: Discretion or Cowardice? Note Richard’s description of being “saved from a lawsuit”……

  3. Deze reeks fotos vind ik wel schitterend:
    fotos vanuit Gaza. Hij lijkt populair te zijn op op Google nu zijn fotos van nog brandende fosforbommen gaan gebruikt worden om Israel aan te klagen voor schendingen van het oorlogsrecht.

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  6. Rudi says:

    For the moron who posts in his local accent on this site, I recommend the reading of:

    though I guess that he might nit understand what it is all about.

    For the others here don’t pay any attention to the guy.

  7. Bruno Stevens says:

    Dear Rudi,
    Thank you for your positive comments as always. It so happens that I was indeed the first western journalist to manage to enter the Gaza Strip during the recent operation (on Jan 11 to be precise); it was done perfectly legally from…Egypt! I have all the visas and documents to prove it, including from the Belgian Embassy in Cairo. It has been documented by countless interviews and reports. It also allowed more journalists and humanitarian personnel to get into Gaza, as I explained publicly how I had done it. A good source to document you about my trip, would be the Israel Government Press Office, or the IDF spokesman office: they had tried very hard to keep Gaza closed to any journalist, and this against the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court; you can imagine that they were not very happy to know I had been able to break their unlawful press embargo, but they will confirm it.
    So next time, before writing, apply the first rule in journalism: check your facts. Thank you for posting a link to my pictures on this website.
    Bruno Stevens

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