Just when did Mahmoud Mashharawi die?

According to a list published in Al Jazeera, Mahmoud Mashharawi died on January 1, 2009. But the now infamous CNN footage of January 8, 2009 was allegedly about January 7. Vilhjalmur Örn Vilhjalmsson of Denmark noted this discrepancy, put it on his blog under the title Do children die twice in Gaza? and got a lot of hate speech. (By comparison, this blog is almost entirely troll-free.)

Does anyone have any suggestions about the discrepancy.

3 Responses to Just when did Mahmoud Mashharawi die?

  1. abu yussif says:

    maybe it’s like this:
    facts are just a means to an end. facts are only useful as long as they are beneficial to your argument. besides, in the end, what “facts” can possibly counter the reality of a dead child?

  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Maybe the dead child died from Hammas ordinance? After all, an errant Qassam rocket (such as the one that killed two Palestinian girls on Dec 26) would explain the rooftop damage much better than an Israeli missile. Sure, I’m speculating, but why let “facts” get in the way?

  3. Cynic says:

    There is no way of countering the death of a person, be it a dead child or an old lady. That is the unfortunate fact of life on this planet.
    Facts cannot counter reality, per se, but can be used to alter reality.
    The facts and the context of those facts are necessary to understand why a particular person is dead and from that understanding learn enough to prevent the event, if possible, from recurring.

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